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  1. Can I chime in here and just say that you’re just so 🔥🔥🔥 these days?!
  2. Bull. Amazing how some people can be so wildly afraid of ‘catching fat’ from us. You should be frustrated but not sorry. Fuck internet bullies and self-anointed Propriety Police.
  3. I’m usually a fan of basics like a pint of Tillamook frozen custard with milk and chocolate and rum. It comes out over 2-3k calories easy and it’s not as heavy as the cake mix/cream ones some people do. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Sounds awful, CC! 😥 Get well soon! ❤️
  5. You really know how to set up 2021 for success! ❤️
  6. You know what’s crazy? There is a tiny part of me that LOVES the idea of gaining past what assholes like you think is “too big.” Byeeee
  7. May your 2021 be your favorite yet!
  8. @dml123 Have you thought about taking up bicycling? Perhaps a musical instrument? Maybe some volunteer work might help keep things in perspective.
  9. I’m looking forward to the finale—but I’m going to grieve such an epic story coming to an end! Great chapter, Fish!
  10. No, the way you were treated is not the norm. I’m amazed you’re still around and super glad that you’re sharing your journey with us. 🥰💖💋
  11. Aw! Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier. How did the trip go? I can’t imagine being SO FAR from food!! 😬
  12. Here’s to hoping they’ll be both kind and astonished! 😇👌🏼❤️
  13. That episode was a fun one! The fat suit was not distracting, and the storyline was cute.
  14. You’re beautiful! What an amazing journey. And personally I just LOVE that you’ve got a lady feeder. ❤️❤️
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