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  1. Honestly, you just look stunning. 🫦
  2. Hey, I just wanted to publicly thank you for being you, and being present with us. Your fearless way of living into your sexuality is really influential, and means a lot to a lot of people here and beyond. How “out” you’ve been over the last few years, your maturity, your vulnerability, and your relentless bravery with it all has had really positive impacts. Thank you. I really hate that there are toxic people with their own issues who seem to have no idea how to see beyond themselves. I’ve been around this community and the LGBTQ community for a long time, and it is disturbingly unfortunate that we can’t seem to escape that. That said, people like you who have found a way to persevere in the face of that are just incredible to me. And without you and people like you, the sexuality would be far worse off. I want to acknowledge that in order to give you an even bigger ‘thank you.’ Onward and outward. 💕
  3. Siempre somos parciales a las formas con más 🥰
  4. You’re amazing! So glad to see you here. 🙂🥰
  5. Look at that little chonk! You look amazing—I love seeing real life snippets like this. 😊
  6. Wow, you’re gorgeous!! Bienvenida! Que lindos uds…que pareja 💕 Kiero tener un feeder así algún día. Felicidades en los 50kg! Ojalá que uds tengan tanto éxito en los años que vienen 🥰
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