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  1. Don't forget to drink a lot + your meals this is a perfect combination. It is more easier to drink than eat, the same calories. For example beer (300klc), coke (500klc), red bull (500),milk shake(900 klc) so on.
  2. You need to drink a lot of weight gain shakes and a lot of fat carbs like pizza and burger. You also need to eat more than, 7000 klc a day, and don't move that much. If you want to gain 30kg.
  3. For day 9 you can stuff you the whole day with weight gain shakes or other shakes. At day 11 you can stuff you with Christmas meals and Christmas candy's 😊
  4. I missed you 😞 how are you? What changed with your body since the last time?
  5. How much did you gained since the beginning and do you have some pictures of your gaining story?
  6. What do you like the most about your body now than the body bevor and what is more difficult? 😁
  7. What are the biggest adventages and disadvantages about gaining and beeing chubby?
  8. How does your view look like? Can you even see your feet?
  9. What is your actual clothes size and your actual weight?
  10. What was theast reaction of your family and friends of your body? And how much have you gained since then?
  11. You can do a Christmas calender: Stuff yourself every till Christmas. 24 days if stuffing At the end a weight in video?
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