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    A perfect video! I couldn't look away at any point! ❤️
  1. This is by far the messiest you've ever been and I am in love!
  2. Sending support for you! I just had my appendix removed a week ago after a trip to the ER. Hospital trips are stressful, get well soon and I hope things are alright!
  3. Just wanted to say I am a 25 year old Feeder who helps as often as I am able to when it comes to feeding and encouragement. Gonna be honest, I can't feed ya 24/7 but I can definitely help with at least 2-4 good stuffings a month.
  4. I am so incredibly excited to pick this clip up tomorrow! I can't wait to see how bloated and greedy you are! And I can only imagine the burps! ❤️
  5. So excited to see the aftermath of over a week of food stuffed in that growing sexy belly!
  6. God I remember seeing you on Reddit during the 30 day stuffing. It's so sexy to see the bloated blob of a goddess you've become in such a short time!
    A great stuffing video! I'm excited to see what the future brings!
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