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For a long while now, Kitty has wanted to do something a little messier than normal! She can sometimes get messy when stuffing herself uncontrollably but this time she REALLY wanted to have some fun.

Kitty has chosen all her favourite messy foods, shakes, creams and sauces to both eat and rub all over her whilst playing in her appropriately named 'Piggy Playpen'.

Come watch KP be more Piggy than Kitty in this messy show of fun with skimpy clothing, tons of mess and plenty of calories to fill up on.

It's Kitty's messiest stuffing yet, so come and watch for yourself ... 🐷

** If you like the Insatiable series clips then you will love this clip **

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OMG This is Amazing all of your content is a DREAM COME TRUE! You are exactly they type of Gluttonous SEXY Hog Our community needs! You Love Fat and glory in gaining and super Sexy Gluttonous behavior! I love buying your clips because they are like someone ripped them out of my own sexual fantasies! I hope one day to be with someone who will a least pretend to be ONE FRACTION Of the glutinous Pig you are ❤️ Thank you so much for all of your content and for being you!! ❤️


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You look like you put on a good 10 to 20 pounds since the last weigh in. Maybe I'm wrong but you're really starting to look almost more like an ssbbw. The weight looks amazing on you; exciting :);)

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