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  1. Your figure and face were designed for gaining! I agree with your DESIRE to become HUGE! You are going to make an Beautiful Obese superstar!!
  2. Chubbygirl6, you are SEXY AF! I love HUGE SSBBW like you are turning into! I can not wait till your ass and thick fat thighs are both clapping with every motion, that is your bodies way of showing how happy and proud it is to be a big fat gorgeous piggy BOD! You have such a beautiful face for gaining too, you fat face is going to be Renaissance masterpiece sexy! ❤️ Keep piling on the LARD!
  3. You have an Amazing Ass! You have such FATTENING potential - Definitely keep those Panties around as you transform! Just imagine in a few months once your figure has porked on several layers of soft Plush sexy Fat and your newly thickened thighs are poking out of those now tight red lacy panties like exploded tube Pillsbury dough! Then to celibate what a good little piggy you have become, Eat one of those small round cakes like a slob letting frosting fall down onto you bloated fat belly which is folding over you pantie's waistband. I can't wait to see your progress you have so much potential! I plan to follow you so eat up Chubby girl....
  4. Hi Alleia, You very beautiful. SO what made you decide to gain weight? And how much are you looking to gain? Chunky? Chubby? Fat BBW?? SSBBW??? Anyway you are super sexy!
  5. Veelynn you are Beautiful as ever! ❤️
  6. OMG Check out I think Beautiful Ashley Greene as Sexy Gluttony in this Thriller about the devil creating a drug that makes you give completely into your darkest urges and desires. it's like Fantasy Island meets Limitless.... Anyway I feel like Ashley's cake gorging character would be super sexy as the eight hundred pound Goddess of this Island in the sequel where she hords the drug and gorges herself into a huge fat sexy pig queen!
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