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  1. I wanna see the outfit from "You turned me into a pig!"
    1. Do you mind me speaking so much in my videos? I am fine with that. 2. What would you like to see me do? More eating clips and body angle changes at the beginning ,middle and, end 3. If you don't mind me talking, what topics should I talk about? Where do you see your relationship with curvage. How many languages do you speak. Is there a weight barrier you won't pass. What makes you smile. 4. What foods should I eat in the future? Anything that you would be willing to eat a hefty portion of. The bra is pretty nice is that a 🥝?
  2. Watching in 2018 the change in size is beautiful. Sorry, you had to go through something like that. P.S. Your sexy
    Love watching how body shakes and jiggles. Can we get "Come Play with me too"?
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