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I want to get bigger! With the new year right around the corner I talk about my gaining goals for 2020, what things I'm going to do to gain weight faster and I give my predictions about how much I'll gain and where I'll gain it. I also show off my new fat and play with my belly. 


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Howard Roark

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Hayden, I am worried that you have made a significant mistake in your projections for the New Year. In your video, while you bounce and play with a distinctive belly that may really be challenging your remarkable hips as a defining feature, you talk about getting to 400 pounds. First, I am a bit worried, since you are so already big with your weight taking a significant step into the 300 pound category. But then I checked your math. As you explained it, you are making a commitment to hitting 5,000 calories every day to start and then working your way to 10,000 calories every day. You make the assumption that 2,000 calories is a pound, but it is actually 3,500, although you accurately assume that you could be gaining around two pounds a day. However, you seem to be thinking that if you hit those caloric goals, you would achieve 400 pounds by the end of the year. At 5,000 calories a day, which is not that hard to hit with some commitment to a healthy appetite, and your "maintenance" caloric need of around 12 calories per pound per day, assuming that you don't commit to an inactive lifestyle, you need 3,756 calories a day to not gain nor lose weight. If you eat 5,000 calories a day, which is just one Burger King Double Cheese Whopper or Shake Shack large shake a day extra, 1,244 calories would go towards weight gain. That would mean gaining a little more than 10 pounds a month. Working against you on this is that, as you gain, more of the 5,000 calories is going to maintenance. For example, to maintain at 399 pounds you need 4,788 calories a day at the same 12 calories per pound per day. That means that it will take you more than 16 days to get from 399 to 400. BUT, you would hit the 400 within the year. In fact, when you hit maintenance at 5,000 calories a day, you would weigh 416 pounds.

However, 10,000 calories a day is a totally different situation. Where hitting 5,000 calories a day is really not that hard to do - I am surprised that more of us don't weigh 400 pounds given the availability of quick fattening food every where, 10,000 calories is a major effort. It is actually difficult on a regular basis. For example, assuming a typical Dunkin Donut at around 350 calories, you would need to eat almost 29 donuts in one day to get there. Double Cheese Whoppers are a bit more viable,  although similarly daunting: you would need to eat 9 to 10 every day. My experience is that if I were to eat 5 Double Cheese Whoppers in one day, I would not have much of an appetite for another one the next day. Same for the donuts. To achieve a consumption of 10,000 calories day in and day out would require a carefully balanced diet, with a heavy dependency on weight gain shakes mixed with ice cream. Ice cream is actually a good target for calories. You would only need to eat a little bit more than a gallon of Haagan Daz Chocolate Chip ice cream a day to maintain the 10,000 calorie consumption. But again, while maybe I could manage a gallon in one day, I am not sure what my appetite would be the next day. Have you ever eaten a gallon of ice cream in one day? Have you ever actually hit 10,000 calories in one day with any combination of foods? Maybe at the Vegas buffet, but did you have an appetite the next day?

And the impact of 10,000 calories a day would be daunting. Starting at 313 with the same 3,756 a day required for maintenance, the extra 6,244 calories would find their way to adding 1.78 pounds a day, at least in the beginning. That would be more than 50 pounds in the first month. At that point, your 365 pound body would require 4,380 a day for maintenance, leaving only 5,620 calories a day for growth. That would mean that by the end of the second month, you would have only gained an additional 37 pounds or so. But that would put you over your 400 pound target in two months. Now if you simply committed to the 10,000 calories a day for the year and didn't check your gain until the end of the year, you would find that you had far surpassed you original target of 400 pounds, topping out at around 833 pounds. Of course, that assumes the same 12 calories being burned each day. My guess is that by the time you hit the 400 pounds in two months, the lifestyle of bed and television would become the reality, reducing you caloric requirement to less than 10 calories per pound. That math is easier to figure: by the end of the year you would be tipping the scales at 1,000 pounds.

In your prediction, you talk about limiting your exercise so that you have an easier time gaining. I think you should rethink that. It doesn't look like you have had that much trouble putting on weight. As this video shows, you have gotten generously thick. My recommendation is that you commit to an exercise program specifically so that you can maintain your mobility and health as you expand. I realize that it may be a matter of personal preference, but I would be much more attracted to you at 400 pounds, if you could still dance, than a 400 pound you that had trouble walking back and forth to the buffet, at least until you have had your fourth or fifth plate, after which I would gladly do the walking. And, to be very honest, I think your 313 pound body already looks like it could fulfill every fantasy that I could have. Although at 400 pounds, it would be interesting to see if you affected the tides.

I think the 5,000 calories a day is a good target. Adding the 87 pounds over 12 months will give your body the chance to keep up with itself.

Thanks for sharing.

Response from the author:

Wow, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and review. What is that hashtag / subbreddit? #TheyDidTheMath :)


What you wrote makes complete sense, and I agree I think I got a little over-excited and thus over-estimated in this clip. I still have big goals for 2020 and beyond though. ;)

"My recommendation is that you commit to an exercise program specifically so that you can maintain your mobility and health as you expand." I hadn't thought of it in that way before, but reading your comment it made me think about a documentary about mass chicken houses - the chickens who get fed too much, too quickly and in such a short amount of time their legs can't keep up with how rapidly they put on the weight and stop working. :( Which is completely cruel to the chickens, but I imagine the same thing can happen to a person too. Your body still needs time to adapt to carrying the excess weight around. 

I definitely don't picture myself being immobile/completely bed-bound at 400lbs and there are many, many women / men that I see who are that weight and more who can still walk around, dance, care for themselves, etc. 

So I'll definitely re-consider doing some walking and re-adjusting my calories to something more sustainable long-term. Slow and steady is better than hard, fast then crashing and burning out. :)

Thank you again Howard! 

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Hayden is so stunning here as she talks about her goals. She has such a sexy soft voice to go along with that wonderful body and personality! Keep growing, Hayden!😍

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Most New years resolutions consist of goals that deal with losing weight, but not for this lazy greedy piggy. In fact, not only is Hayden not trying to lose any weight. She is trying to put on ATLEAST 100 pounds by this time next year. I think she would definitely be an SSBBW at that point.

Listen to her soft voice and watch her soft body in a skimpy bra and panties that are barely covering up her massive curves. She talks about her plan to "diet" with 5000 calories a day atleast. No nutritionist would approve that for sure. She also describes her plan to be even less active than she already is and to stay in bed. Also, frequenting more buffets to get more bang for her buck. I imagine more for her belly and butt. 

She seems to think that majority of her weight will go to her apron belly, but I have faith in her massive shelf butt keeping its lead.

If fat talk is your thing, check this out





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super hot to see where she is at this current point in your weight gain. As usually always fun to just hear from her. Love when she talks about her gain and body. So sexy and confident. ❤️ 

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So arousing to think about where that weight is gonna go.  A lot of good laziness talk in this one.  

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