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  1. Too Fat For Yoga







  2. Summer is here and everyone has been trying to get in shape and get a summer body. I've had some requests to film some more workout struggle videos so I thought I'd start off with some yoga for this video. I'm the fattest I've ever been and so out of shape, I really struggle with these yoga poses. I follow along with an online video, and huff and puff, fall down, groan, complain about how out of shape I am while I try to do what I can. You can really see a big difference from my oldest workout videos (2013) and now. My big belly keeps getting in the way! Just imagine how much more out of shape I'll be with another 100lbs on me! (Note: there is audio from the Yoga clip I'm watching while doing this video) [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] If you like this video then you may also enjoy: Too Fat For Normal-Sized Chairs How I Got So Fat November 2019 Measurements & Weigh-In Click HERE to view all of my clips


  3. Too Fat For Desk Chair








    1. Jonjo11


      I need new desk chair so if u haven't broke it I'll take it x



  4. It's been a few months since I've filmed but I've been keeping up with my appetite even in quarantine. One of my roommates recently moved out and one of the things she left was her desk chair. She was tiny - about 140lbs. At more than double her size, I wanted to see how I looked in her small chair. I show off my big belly, my stretch marks and then squeeze my fat ass and hips in the chair. It squeaks and groans under all of my weight and I can barely fit my huge butt into it, even getting stuck. I hope the chair doesn't break! [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] If you like this clip then you may also enjoy: Return Of 6X Corset: 50lbs Later Way Too Fat For Little Black Dress Too Fat For Normal-Sized Chairs Click HERE to view all of my clips


  5. My recent video with @AslynFaye - we loved stuffing each other with whipped cream! 





    Check out my hot new videos with AslynFaye, only available on her page! 





    1. Chimaira10


      I love big happy growing girls like yourself 🥰🥰

  7. I have a beautiful fat belly that I love showing off. But do you know what else I love showing off? My navel. I've gotten fatter over the years and my belly button has gotten deeper and deeper - it's so sexy. Just another deep hole to tease you with. Look at how deep my finger goes when I push it inside. It feels so good to play with my navel, it even turns me on. I caress and rub it, slather it in lotion, then finger it faster so much that it makes me moan. I tell you how I want you to pleasure yourself, and how I want you to pleasure my belly and belly button. [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] If you like this clip then you may also enjoy: Belly Goals Big Hanging Belly Double Belted Bellies & Fat Chat (w/ AslynFaye) Click HERE to view all of my clips


  8. And hayden, about corona, everything is ok in the place that u live?

    1. HaydenBlue


      I am doing OK. We are encouraged to stay inside and they are talking about shelter in place laws. Besides the grocery being out of food and TP I’m just staying inside trying to keep myself busy. Thank you for asking :) Hope things are ok where u are too. 

    2. Roma22a


      The better for us. I have a strange feeling to see the streets emptys. God help us. But also, I have an opportunity to play doom eternal. Great game.

    3. HaydenBlue


      Yes thank god for video games. They are a great distraction to me right now. I'm playing RDR2 and just got Animal Crossing. :)

    4. Roma22a


      Thank lord. Animal crossing is great. Besides Doom I am trying to play silet hill again. Love terror.

  9. U are so lovely fatty :3

  10. New video is up and on sale for a limited time! ❤️ Enjoy and I hope it brightens your day! 


    1. RobertMcmanaman


      Why limited time?

    2. HaydenBlue


      All sales are usually within a short window of time. After the sale the price goes to regular at $19.99. It’s a 19 minute clip and it’s at a great price right now. :) 

    3. Mcquade3000


      Miss you 😘

  11. It's a BBW burping contest. I sit down with my BBW friend AslynFaye and we both chug soda until we're completely bloated. This is a candid video of both of us downing as much soda as we can to burp and belch as loud as can - short ones, airy ones, smelly burps, and loud bellowing belches. We also snack on chips and queso to make sure our bellies are full and tight from the bloat. Who do you think is going to be the winner? (Includes: Burping, soda chugging, eating and light belly play) [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you like this clip then you may also enjoy: Messy Whipped Cream Stuffing Cupcake Stuffing Stuffing, Burping & Belly Play Click HERE to view all of my clips


  12. Should I upload another video??? 😬🐷 





    1. Mcquade3000


      Yes please 😍

    2. GodBless22


      Yes in jeans or shorts to see how tight they are;) 😍😍

    3. jackal27


      Definitely yes 😍

    4. Thechad


      Yes!! We’ve missed you!

    5. grateful


      Yes!  😍🥰❤️

  13. New video on @AslynFaye model page.


    1. grateful


      ❤️you guys!😍

      Very hot update! Thanks!  😁

  14. Las Vegas Weigh-In


    🐷 I'm looking hot and fat in my newest video. 🐷

    ❤️ Please leave it some love if you enjoyed it! ❤️








    1. grateful


      Fantastic update!  😍❤️

      Very hot!  🥰🔥

      Thanks! :D

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