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  1. Still sick guys. ☹️ I know I promised the new video this week, I'm sorry. I wasn't feeling well and kept pushing through it anyways, then woke up worse this morning. New videos will come out when I'm feeling better and able to sit up and edit. Taking the weekend to rest. Really hoping I can kick this by Monday! - ❤️ Hayden

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    2. Mattlovescurves


      Take your time Hayden 🙏🏻

    3. magicman94


      Hope you have a speedy recovery, get well soon 😊

    4. grateful


      Please take all the time you need. Care of the goddess is what we want.  ❤️

  2. Woke up sick today and struggling but still working on editing 2 new clips for you guys. 

    Going to try my best to upload it by this evening, but if I can't it'll have to be posted tomorrow. 


    Here are the stills from the first video I'm working on: 'Fat Boyfriend: Our Agreement'  





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    2. Mattlovescurves


      Stay well rested love 😌

    3. grateful


      Awwwwww=please heal, don't strain.

      Next clip sounds exciting!  😍

      Thanks for updating!  😁

    4. HaydenBlue


      Still not feeling well. Going to try to get it posted on Wednesday if I feel better. Thank you for understanding ❤️

  3. 🐷 50+lbs difference 🐷

    Get both clips to see my struggle with the same little black dress. 





     🐷 Same dress...fatter Hayden. Check out the difference. 🐷


    click here to get the newest video as soon as it's approved



    1st video below: 






    1. gflono86


      Look at that sexy thickness 😁😍😍😍😍You definitely have been eating like a piggy!

    2. grateful


      Still wearable!~  😂

      Proud to have you on my arm!  😍❤️

      Looks great!  Thanks for the update!  😁

  5. Hi baby. Remember this dress? You bought it for me a few years ago and I had it tucked away all of this time...it was tight on me back then, but look at it now! It's almost a shirt! It doesn't fit around my hips or fat ass anymore, threatening to rip if I tug it down too hard. And my belly has gotten so massive the lace strains and stretches to fit around my bulging fat. But I know you like my growing body...does it still look OK on me? Will you still take me out in this dress? I want to go out to eat...take me out and feed me in it. Feed me. Make me gain for you. (Note: This has fat chat, fat fantasy roleplay, belly play and how much fatter I am since my "Too Fat For My Dress" video.) If you like this video you may also enjoy: Weight Gain Intimacy Struggles Too Fat For My Dress Return Of 6x Corset: 50lbs Later Click HERE to view all of my clips!



    🐷 From 2011 - 2019 | Showing Off My Weight Gain Difference 🐷

    click here to view all of my clips









    1. gflono86


      Hayden such phenomenal progess babe looking smokin hotttt 😍

    2. grateful


      😮unbelievable!  😍🥰❤️

      Thanks!  😁❤️

  7. ❤️ New Clip: Very Obese And I Know It ❤️

    click here to view all of my clips








    1. grateful



  8. Thanks guys! So happy you like this one! 😘
  9. I'm a fat woman. Big. Fat. Beautiful. Just look at me. Big hips, a big butt. A nice big, soft belly. I love it all. Some women are as big as me, but they try to hide it. Or they're in denial about how big they really are. But I'm not like those other women. I embrace every soft inch of my big body and I love it. I love being obese. I know you like it too. All of the struggles I have that come with being this big - walking up the stairs, tying my shoes, etc. Now that I'm at my heaviest weight ever, I love nothing more but to lay in bed, stuff myself full and be as lazy as possible. (Note: this video includes fat chat & gaining talk with some belly play) [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] If you like this clip then you may also enjoy: Return Of 6X Corset: 50lbs Later Too Tight Skirt Swimsuit Squeeze Click HERE to view all of my clips


  10. Ok, here's a question for you guys: 


    Would you be interested in seeing me do any cosplay or more creative roleplay videos? 

    Or would you rather I just keep doing what I'm doing and eat on camera? lol


    If yes to cosplay videos, who would you most like to see me dress up as? 🤔

    Video games, movies, tv shows, comics, book characters, etc...




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    2. HaydenBlue


      @BellyLover87 Thank you for the pic, I'll watch some episodes with her in it and try to put together an outfit :)

    3. HaydenBlue


      @Mattlovescurves thank you! I have some belly plopping videos but I can make a new one for sure :)

    4. grateful


      Hi, "what role play" great question and you caught me....many things...for me any role play involving the idea of  getting fat for a reason or purpose-where you are trying to gain, especially involving a partner or SO who may be overseas or in battle and you are working on making a surprise for them or an agreement where you are fulfilling a promise, but my favorite would be in a relationship and doing it out of love....I love couple stories....not everybody's cup of tea, but you asked and made me think it through. Thanks!  ❤️


     ❤️ New Clips: Small Clothes & Woke Up Fat Fantasy RP ❤️

    Click here to view all of my clips



    In this 17 minute clip, I squeeze into an XL dress and struggle to get out of it, and other too small clothes ;)

    On sale for 1 more day, then it goes back to it's regular price at $17.99!





     In this roleplay clip I wake up and find that I gained 170lbs+ overnight, and I'm so hungry...











    1. grateful


      All your updates are hot!  😍

      Thank you so much!  😁

    2. S77


      Very clever clip idea. 
      Looking amazing

  12. Thank you! So happy you like them! I do have a wishlist (its in my profile under the 'about me' tab) I'm working on getting it setup again in a few weeks. Will be posting some more pics and vids this week! Keep an eye out
  13. My alarm clock wakes me up and as I stretch and roll over I notice it's hard to move. I feel so heavy...Then I sit up...have my boobs gotten bigger? Wait...my arms are huge! What is happening? I move the comforter off my body...Oh my god, I'm so fat! I went to bed last night 130lbs and now I'm massive. What happened? I can't figure this out right now...I'm starving and need to eat. I eat chocolate covered wafer cookies, moaning with each bite - they're so good. Why did I ever want to be skinny and eat salads and count calories? I play with my fat belly, continue eating the cookies and relish each bite. I need to eat a lot more, I need to get full. I think I'm really going to like being fat. [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] If you like this clip then you may also enjoy: Return Of 6X Corset: 50lbs Later Standing VS Sitting Measurements Pear Shape Turning Into An Apple Shape Click HERE to view all of my clips


  14. You are so dope 🖤🖤

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