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Cheerleader Hazing (Ft. CurvageCasey & ItsJenniesBody


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Girl On Girl-Hazing-RollPlay-Fat Chat 

Cheerleading Captains, Candice (MSPF), Casey ( @Curvage Casey) sit down with their new recruit Jennie ( @itsjenniesbody) to discuss the weight expectations for being on varsity. They tell her she needs to get big and fat like them if she wants to stay apart of a team and even offer to help her stick to a strict diet of fattening foods and snacks so that she can support the boys in the best way possible; by getting as big as she can possibly be! 


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If you loved Jennie's Fat Girls Club video, this is a MUST buy. Curvage's Super Trio are back with another amazing collab in the wealth of collabs we've been experiencing lately. If you're wondering which one to choose, put this one at the top. These three models are masters of roleplay and will make you believe in a world where cheerleaders compete to be as big as possible. Casey and Candice play the perfect queen bees to Jennie's wannabe as they tease her for being so small. The fans don't want to see skinny cheerleaders after all. The horror! No curve goes un-jiggled as all three models take their time admiring and critiquing, teasing, and admiring each other's growing bodies.

The scene shifts from the group to some one-on-one time with Casey and Candice taking their turns with encouraging Jennie by having her feel their plump, wobbling bodies. The chemistry between all three is palpable as the fat chat becomes more and more romantic. Stick around for the end to see what a world with well-fed cheerleaders doing their routines would look like and marvel at why anyone would want to watch anything else. It's a fattening fantasy you won't want to miss!

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I have to admit, being European means that I have never had the experience of seeing or meeting any cheerleaders in real life. But the concept of 'standard' super-slim cheerleaders having gorged, and grown, and gained so much that it affects their performance completely, has become a staple of weight gain erotica. Even so, all such videos that I have seen so far show the chubby cheerleaders now either "admitting" the "fault" of having become obese, and trying to be more dedicated to lose it, or *denying* the very *idea* of their body being bigger, even with the obvious evidence all over their bodies. Never till this video have I seen people play the ultimate cheerleading fantasy: the whole team are feedee cheerleaders, shaking and jiggling and wobbling their fat for their fans, and even threatening not to keep the new girls on if they can't fatten up at least as fat as they are, if not fatter...

Amazingly sexy premise, made even sexier by all three of you.

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Super hot! The three of you together is amazing!

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Jennie is sure to make the team with Candice and Casey as role models. She is already fairly plump with a chubby belly, but is going to have to really pack in some calories to transform that chubby belly into the bulging overfed gut required to make the cut. 

There is so much combined sexiness and fatness when these three gorgeous girls get together. They definitely make the hottest cheering squad ever. I'm looking forward to watching them fatten up Jennie into competition size. Candice and Casey clearly know how to fatten a belly. Just look at them especially in side profile. Their bellies stick out so far in front of them just completely packed full of luscious bellyfat.

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You always have such creative vids! The cheerleader outfits are really sexy, and I loved the jumping part at the end!

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The rate you 3 are gaining is just astonishing. Those streach marks on MSPF 😍 

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OK, I'm starting to think Candice hacked into my porn apps and now she knows all my private search words. She always seems to know exactly what turns me on most. To begin with, let's consider Candice as The Casting Director. There's lovely Jennie, with her smoldering, glamour model good looks. She is breathtakingly pretty with a voluptuous curvaceous figure. She's just gotta be the star here, right? Well... kinda. Because Candice also enlisted the spectacular superstar Curvage Casey. Casey has literally developed herself to obscene proportions. It's hard to even see any other girl while Casey displays her ultra feminine physique on camera. Casey's Belly has no equal. It is big, perfectly round and always stuffed plump and full. Her full fat breasts dwarf little Jennie's bosom and she is eager to compare her level of perfection with anybody. But of course Candice is the real leading role here. It's a Cheerleading plot, and Candice is the embodiment of the Buxom Blonde Bombshell. With her overdeveloped curves exploding out of her cheering outfit, she is a natural Captain. 
But the narrative is what slays me. Hyper-sexy Candice and Casey flaunt their fully manifest, idealized female bodies in front of the comparatiively slim Jennie. They don't hold back at all mocking Jennie for being so skinny. Meanwhile they are flexing their own proudly fattened bellies and enviously huge boobs right in Jennie's face. Jennie knows they are right. They have everything she desires. She just admires and worships their succulent bods even while the two massive beauties bully her. But what can she do? These two girls are obviously the most beautiful women you've ever seen. They know it, You know it, and skinny little Jennie knows it too. But there is hope for our teeny little underdog! With the support and obviously successful training from these two overdeveloped Mega-Cheerleaders, maybe Jennie can someday proudly cheer alongside them. But for now, the comparisons remain a shocking showcase for Candice and Casey to present on the tip-top of the food chain.  
Get this one right away, or why do you even visit this website? 
IMG_8047.jpg.f481f11eca0f4d4ac1f04b1c7e7 Just look at these voluptuous bombshells proudly flexing in front poor skinny Jennie! Yet she still envies and Worships them. 

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