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  1. Hi could you make a other way to buy your clips? do you have a other website where you sell your clips?

  2. okay this is what is happening, i put in my card numbers and that you need to do, then i press that i want to pay the clip and everything seems fine, until i come to the checkout, it says that the payment processing, and then nothing. so i check the order. it says this: Pending. i from Sweden but that should not change a thing, right?
  3. RobinKungen

    Pay Pal

    I want to pay with Pay Pal because i can't pay for some reason i can't pay with my card? so please add Pay Pal as an option. What do you think about that?
  4. Hi how do a buy clips from you? ❤️

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    3. Jordan


      Go to your account and go to my clips 

    4. RobinKungen


      yes, I know now i just waiting for the checkout to be ready so i can get my chip. but now i have waited for few days and nothing is happening. I don't know what to do.


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