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  1. Catch my latest on Vimeo? Watch here: Soft-focus Slo-mo


    1. Gosha32


      Beautiful belly❤️

  2. Lounge a little with me.

    Like what you see? Find more in my thread.

    1. chucklehead2


      Your belly fat KNOWS that music belongs with it

    2. Billy Goat

      Billy Goat

      Wow! This is sooooo well done!

    3. Miss September

      Miss September

      @Billy Goat Well thank you!  Glad you enjoyed :) 

  3. 🥰 blushing to my toes! My words sure are failing me now!
  4. Hey honeys, Before you get whisked away by the workweek hustle, slow it down and soak up the last moments of the weekend with me and this soft-focus slo-mo. xx Miss September
  5. Currently craving a bag of 🥐 the size of a car.

  6. Hehe, oh I have some things in the works. 😈
  7. Heyy girly, welcome to Curvage 🥰

    1. Miss September

      Miss September

      Thanks, chica!  Happy to be here 😊

  8. 😮 My first 100 followers!  Ya'll makin' me blush. Thank you so much!☺️

  9. I like my lingerie frilly and my censor blocks 8-bit. Check my thread for the full pics.


    1. Maverick500


      Girl your flabby belly is absolutely beautiful 🥰🥰😘

    2. Miss September

      Miss September

      @Maverick500 Thanks!  As I like to say: I made it myself! ;) 

    3. Maverick500


      You look amazing 😘🥰

  10. The window before pretty underthings get too tight is short. Underneath it all, I dress to slay every day. xx Miss September
  11. Hmm, I might have to rewatch the Great British Baking Show to be sure. It's so hard to choose! I love the delightful density of a good pound cake, but also the delicate airy-ness of Angel Food. But if you want layers (which of course I do, I'm a complex girl), you can't beat a classic sponge. And Princess Cake really plays to my penchant for artistic flourishes. Then again I'm crazy for coffee, especially when accompanied by its namesake cake, but then you're getting more into pastry. So in short, the answer is: all. I'm all the cakes.
  12. Omg, are you a Nabokov fan?
  13. I am the cake and my hair is my frosting 😋
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