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  1. Wow I'm so excited someone bought my video! Whoever you are I hope you will leave a review and let me know what you loved and what you would like to see in the future.

    When I was out today doing errands I bought some treats!
    I am gonna make some shorter, cheaper clips to  sell
    I also got some new makeup which I LOOOVE so Ill look SUPER EXTRA pretty for the clips as i DELVE into these delicious snacks.

    swiss rolls, jaffa cakes, cupcakes and CREAM SODA or scream yoda as I like to call it :) an absolute feast!

    Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

  2. So I'm in the process of making my first clip. I'm deciding on all the details. Everything from whether or not this will be a talking or eating clip(chocolate or vanilla) to what I'm gonna wear! It's pretty exciting. It's a little intimidating because I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing but I have to think of it as a learning experience, whatever I do wrong, best to get it out of the way now and learn from it and not make the same mistake in the next video. and it's done!! I finally uploaded it and everything. There was a bit of a delay because I was seeing someone at the time who decided he didn't want to share my sexy body but now I'm single and ready to mingle!! (with cake mostly) The craziest thing is I gained fifteen pounds making these clips and others over the last month! I cant wait to start making more videos for you. I hope ill get lots of feedback and ideas for new videos too I wanna start doing this a LOT more if this goes well. and I dont see why it wouldn't, I mean whats better than a cutiepie who LOVES TO EAT??
  3. I did it! I submitted my first video and boy is it ever a good one. Fifteen minutes of me LOVING a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, strawberries, popsicles. MMM I enjoyed making this so much!

    I really hope you'll enjoy it too.

  4. Version 1.0.0

    Your newest buxom beauty Curvage Model VIOLET BEAUREGARDE in her introductory fifteen-minute multi-clip collage of clips There is something for everyone here. You will NOT be disappointed!! Watch as I get comfy on my plush bed wearing a super sexy negligee to dig into a really delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese icing! Plus bonus clips of me enjoying Popsicles, and fruit - mm My fave! Multiple angles, and positions. Belly rubbing, shaking and fingering. Super sexy and cute looking girl LOVING these sweet treats for your viewing pleasure I gained fifteen pounds making these clips!! One pound per minute of film lol ❤️ -Violet


  5. That’s great!! I’m so glad it’s working out for you my relationship ended but now I am free to upload vids! Lol always a silver lining
  6. I have strong legs but slipped a disc at the gym so i definitely cant give any piggybacks atm
  7. power dynamics are hot nothing wrong with exploring that side of your sexuality as long as it is consentual for all parties involved im a sub masochist my bf and I roleplay some fun stuff
  8. i look good without fters but i wod like to retain some element if privacy people onli always make these xomments about filters or makeup with the impliction that perhaps it is a decieving trick on my part except years of real life affirmation from being followed down the street to having obsessive admirers to jealous comments from other women would to indicate this is not the case i have the bone structure of margot robbie/alicia silverstone/helen bohm carter am compares to these women frequently like really frequently nd its true clear skin perfect hip to waist ratio high cheekbones big lips i kniw how to dress i stand and wqlk with confidece im photohraphed randomly frequently etc etc i could go on and on i think people who make these implications about filters should be more self aware about the projected insecurity they show when they make these comments it says more about you than me
  9. love love love this reply! ty got being so indepth apologies for felay in response im visiting my bf in anothet country
  10. thats always been me people under guessing my real weight by a lot becausr muscle weights more than fat and im a big eater but im also into lifting and being active and am quite competative i recall as a teenager a mean girl insulting me by saying i looked like i weighed 180 and i said thanks im 220 and she said it wasnt a compliment i laughed and said i know, thats why it was more of one. lol i was on a date a few yeara ago and was given a heavy duty paint bucket to sit on. it just bent under my weight. the guy who ws 6'2" 250+ himself with no problems sitting on it said it was impressive that i broke the bucket He didnt mean it in a nice way he was into humilition but he also loved fat girls sitting on his face so *shrug* there is no accounting for personal taste
  11. and those guys go on and on about what they love, firmness, flat stomachs, healthy, more energy, smooth skin etc etc they can tell you exactly what they like about fit bodies why is it difficult to say what you like about unfit bodies? some guy the other day mentioned liking to grab the back fat see thats a great thing to hear instead of being self conscious about my back fat i can think of it as more more thing to grab
  12. I am preparing to make my first clip, I'm really OCD about how I want my room to look and what I'm gonna wear etc :) I have several cakes to choose from. Getting excited

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