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  1. Wish I had more info, don't even have a photo, not even 100% sure her username was lizz. But she was on one of the other fat fetish sites, the one that you might assume is about paying fees to bees. She posted numerous before and after photos and had gained a ton of weight, at least 100lbs. She was a very good looking blond. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but hoping someone else knows what I'm talking about. She ain't on the bee fee site anymore. If she's still posting anywhere I'd love to know where. I think she mentioned having an onlyfans or a premium snapchat or something. If you have a photo to post that would be great too, might help others identify. She probably left the community due to creeps as so many do, but just wanted to check if she only left the bee fee site and is still posting somewhere else.
    GGG is so sexy in these fat talk videos that I loved them even when she was considerably smaller than what I usually prefer. Really believe no one is better at talking about this fetish. Lol her at 130 lbs talking about how fat she was getting worked for me. To watch these videos now that's she's gotten so fat... just unreal hot.
  2. After college I worked for a time as a personal trainer ironically enough and I'd always tell people not to worry about what the scale says. It's about how you feel and the work you're putting in. I think the same goes for gaining weight. Don't be discouraged, you look incredibly fat. 😍
  3. I don't know what everyone's problem is, a super hot chick with some extra chub beating the shit out of me sounds like a blast. 😂
  4. lol we get it, you don't like empowered women. Just share the photos and the spare the commentary incel 😂
  5. Just sent you a PM. If the problem is on my end, I don't want to discourage people from buying this model's videos for no reason. Seemingly the only place I can watch the videos and have them look normal is on my iphone, so that makes sense. Even if I download the videos to my desktop, they're still washed out. Anything I can do to fix this on my end? Lol I'm assuming you're a pro with video issues, all of your videos look incredible... and the filming quality is good too.😉
  6. Nope. Been using chrome. Just tried edge, same issue. Oddly enough, on my phone using chrome the video appears fine. It also only seems to affect videos from one model I've purchased videos from, all of her videos are washed out when I view on my desktop. All other models videos appear fine.
  7. Anyone know what's going on with paid curvage clips appearing all washed out with light, so that you can't really see them clearly? I watched them fine previously, so it's not something inherently going on with the videos.
  8. This photo is unreal. I'd say this is the ideal female body, but undoubtedly you'll prove that theory wrong when you gain even more.
  9. Wow. Difficult to imagine there was ever a time you weren't fat at this point. The weight looks so natural on you.
  10. If you look at the size you were when you started, I feel like your belly has outpaced the rest of you in growth. Obviously you've gotten fat everywhere, but you look fattest in your belly to me, to the point where if you had a more average sized belly, you could probably still pass for chubby with the right clothes on in the right pose. Your hanging gut is what makes your obesity undeniable and your weight gain so shocking. Saying you're belly dominant though? idk, seems rude to every other part of your body which are all plenty fat in their own right. Your belly may be winning, but it's hardly dominating, it's facing a lot of stiff competition. Definitely wouldn't call you pear shaped though. As large as your bottom half has gotten, pear shaped implies your bottom is significantly wider than your top half, and with your enormous sagging breasts, I just don't think pear is the right term. Pear shaped, top heavy, hourglass figure... not sure which fits you best. These might just be terms for thinner women, at a certain point I think you're just fat.
  11. Lol that was my thought. Though, the way your weight goes to your belly, you might be passing as pregnant for a long time. Honestly, you'll probably eat your way out of the standard for plus size modeling well before the rest of your body catches up with your gut enough for you to not look pregnant. Too fat to be a plus size maternity model seems like an achievement you're a few months away from reaching. 😂
  12. Fuck, you're beautiful. You could seek out a temporary career as plus size maternity model. Don't think there is a person on earth that would assume that you weren't pregnant with that enormous gut.
  13. I think you gained more than just some followers 😍
  14. wow. that museum story is the hottest thing I've ever read. And then those photos... At this point I'd have to say you're... suspiciously hot. And you're gaining weight... suspiciously fast. It all just seems a bit... too perfect. Is it possible someone well in the future analyzed 100 years of curvage posts and used them to construct some sort of weight gaining bbw terminator to send back to the past and take over curvage? Seems unlikely, but then, so does the idea of someone so conventionally hot deciding to intentionally blow up to the point she was so fat that no one that wasn't specifically into fat chicks would even give her a second glance and she had a giant belly overflowing onto her lap. The only question is what you've been sent back to do... Lol. I'm so high.😂
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