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    This fattened belly looks so hot and how she turned herself into such a fat piggy in less than a year 🥵 So much overhanging belly fat. You need a funnel in your greedy mouth to fatten you up with fattening shakes 24/7... 🐷
    How could a former skinny dancer let herself go to such a fattened piggy? 🐷🥵 pure jiggly lard on your overfed belly - and you are only getting fatter and fatter...
    To see the pics of the skinny version of you as a former dancer and then seeing this overfed piggy with this huge, jiggly belly is so hot 🥵 you've gotten so fat in such a short time - and now you are much more fatter than on this video... 🐷
  1. 50,000 calories would be enough for more than 10 pounds new, jiggly fat 🥵
    This is one of the hottest videos I've ever seen - funnel feeding clips are mostly hot but to see the comparison is a new level of greediness 👍🏻 To see the difference in only one year and how she fattened up is really sexy 🥵
    This video is really hot - to see your fattened belly, this overfed mass of jiggly fat and all of these hot stretch marks 🥵 Even your fingers are looking chubby. What have you done to yourself? A former skinny girl fattened herself to this overweight fatty with this hanging belly...
  2. You really look hotter with every new pound on your growing belly 😊
    It's hot to see your fattened belly and how you are fattening yourself up with heavy cream to make you fatter and fatter. Including more sexy stretch marks 😊
    Really one of the hottest videos of curvy women I have ever seen. So sexy with these hot stretch marks 😊
    Gut gemachtes Video - und in deutscher Sprache hat es Seltenheitswert. Bin gespannt, wie erfolgreich du beim Erarbeiten deiner Bikinifigur bist 😅
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