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  1. My Feeder has been keeping the fridge stocked with heavy cream for me! 😋 He loves playing with my jelly rolls and watching them grow into massive lard sacks. he loves putting food in front of me even when I'm not hungry because he knows I have absolutely no self control and will still devour it in moments. 🐄 I look massive next to him and he disappears underneath me when I lay on him. our weight difference is one of the best pats of it al! Feeling his lightly toned frame against my squishy one is heavenly! 😋


  2. Every waking moment I'm grazing like a cow and making more lard for you to worship! 😋  Becoming incredibly More greedy while making more fat to hypnotize you with.🤭🐄



    1. SomeGuyNamedChad


      Keep grazing. You need more hot lard, goddess.

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Fantastic love handles.

    3. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I’m always hypnotized just loving that belly and thighs 

    4. RipvanX


      Mmm grow that belly to your knees! Eat and grow more and more.

    5. RoundIsBeautiful


      Your fat is growing well! I'm very proud of you! I'm very proud of you! 😍

  3. This ass is bigger and louder then ever before! 😘 Keep feeding me and turn me into a fart machine!❤️


  4. First half of the video is me grazing while standing like a real cow! 🐄 I love the feeling of my belly swaying in front of me when I walk! I'm literally spilling out of my panties with every step and with all this fast food I've been eating I really doubt my panties will be able to contain all of my awesome lard for much longer! 😋 my fupa has started to peak out from my panties and ended up being visible in parts of the video. 😅 all my panties are starting to dig into me and I'm gonna have to start getting some a few sizes bigger to grow into because of how fast I've been plumping up recently. 🐽


  5. My obesity is really getting out of control! 🤭 I'm becoming just a mass of squishy rolls! 🥰



    1. SomeGuyNamedChad


      You mean you're becoming more sexy? Let's hope it gets more out of control.

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I think it’s perfectly under control. And I love rolls so become a bigger mass of them 

  6. My thighs have been really blowing up with lard recently. 😋 my thighs have always been a very juicy part of my figure. now that I'm a 100lbs heavier from when I first started gaining they have become huge sacks of lard that are always pushing against each other and slowly transforming my walk into a waddle. I honestly can't wait to see what they look like when I get even fatter! 🥰 I love how they jiggle with every step and every movement, I love how my thighs rub together and make a small sound when I walk, I love how my thighs destroy pants because of how these lard filled sacks rub together. the thing I love most is that this is only the start of how big they are gonna get! 😘


  7. Thats some quality fat folds forming right there! 😍 



    1. JDArg93


      Sure looks like it. Very nice there

  8. My birthday is tomorrow! 🥳 Hopefully I'll be 300lbs before my next birthday! 🥰


    1. BombshellKiKi


      Good luck!  I hope you make it!!

  9. there is no way I could ever deny what a total pig I am! there is so much proof of my gluttony online and on my ever softening body! 🐽 not that I would ever want to deny it. I've fully embraced my real piggy self and I'm never gonna stop gaining! 😘 every night I stuff myself before bed and hope that my belly will be hanging lower by the next morning. sometimes I lay in bed just hoping that my body will hurry and turn all the useless calories I consume into new lard. 😋 there is a little bit of walking in this video witch is probably more exercise then I've had in a very long time! 🤣


  10. Keep making me huge! 🥰


    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      Keep getting huge 

  11. While you're down there you should really give my soft under belly all the kisses it deserves! 😘



    1. Fisherman07


      So sexy

  12. I love the sound it makes when I plop my stuffed belly on a countertop. it feels so good not having to keep the weight of my belly up for a moment and letting it rest and spill on the counter like soft uncooked dough.😋 I love eating fast food and watching my belly slowly turning from a cute heart shape when I stand to a full on saggy apron of fat that will hopefully drop down past my knees someday.🥰


  13. Just look at what all this lard is doing to my thighs! 😘



    1. ExponentialGrowth


      Doing wonders 😊

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty


      Making them nice and juicy 

  14. So much softness to grab and play with! 🥰😍



    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I’d definitely love to play with all the softness 

  15. there is a little bit of fat talk in this video before I finish my food! 😘 I walk around for about a minute witch to me is like running a marathon. 🤣 it gets to draining trying to waddle around with this massive gut swinging like a pendulum. I say waddle because my thighs are getting to big to walk normally anymore.😋 I ate 2 meals worth of food and probably could of eaten even more. it won't be to long before this is considered a small snack. 🐽


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