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  1. I noticed when I use a new browser or computer and type "curvage.org" on my address bar, the site doesn't seem to redirect me to using https. This minor improvement can prevent user(s) from sending their stored credentials in plaintext over the internet.
  2. I’m curious, what inspired you to gain and what keeps you going? You are gorgeous!
  3. If anyone watched US presidential debate, Trump called her "Miss Piggy" after she gained 60 lbs? That's insane and she's quite beautiful! Wonder if anyone has pics of her chubbier self in a bikini or other scant clothes, as well as nice before and afters. Best I could find are below:
  4. My deepest condolences. Do what will cheer you up and take care of yourself. Pics would be nice, but you need to be a little selfish and make sure you're okay first!
  5. My wife has asked me about this a few times It can have 3 meanings: 1- she wants a threesome (but then there are the pitfalls Queen Vic mentioned) 2- she's bored in bed (still, same pitfalls but many ways to fix this issue) 3- she's testing or asking if you're bored in bed but doesn't want to directly ask More often than not, I suspect it's been number 2, since after spicing things up she's dropped the subject - it's inevitable to fall into a routine or doing things you like better than others often, but both need to become aware when needed and mix it up. Every now and then, I am certain it's been number 3.
  6. You guys are funny! My wife (and I make sure she's always treated like when she was my girlfriend) is well aware of my preferences and recently decided to give gaining a try, been about 5 lbs in 3 months and I'm ecstatic about it!
  7. And for a longer version of that: http://gawker.com/get-the-full-weiner-experience-with-sydney-leathers-s-1027124812
  8. Here's the Howard Stern interview: Howard Stern Show - Sydney Leathers Interview (Anthony Weiner's sexting partner) 07/30/13
  9. According to wikipedia, Herrero was a Plus Size model in Spain before she did Gordos and it doesn't seem like she's done any acting before / since then.
  10. just eating and rubbing. i'm not into food penetration; that's why I came here to ask, because google had either no creative ideas or tons of ideas about cucumber penetration
  11. Grapes work really well; not messy, get to play with textures, cold (grapes) and warm (tongue) feelings, and won't cause any infections for her. I was wondering what are the best foods to use. Discuss.
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