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  1. I'm gonna sound really non-committal here but buggrit oop the arse. As I've got older my range has become far more diverse, when I was younger and a larger myself I definitely preferred what I call "Sexually Plump", never been one for skin and bones there's always needed to be curves and some meat there. Those these days, I find the notion of size ridiculous, there's certainly an appreciation of all but the most anorexic body types and this one has been fortunate enough to have been involved with girls from all over the spectrum. If pushed, I'm going to go with... mid range. Was it really worth typing that out to reach such a conclusion?
  2. I guess they are, it's been a long time and you guys seemed to have it covered. Besides I'd only try and stick my oar in
  3. Old time, way back member going back the dark Yahoo days. I re-reg'd to the new site, spreading my stuff around, saying hello. Pleasure folks.
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