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  1. I joined curvage in 2008, I think, and at the suggestion of my real-life friend S77. I had always hated my body and felt that I was only attractive because of my thin and pretty face and big boobs, and that anyone who liked me must like me in spite of the rest of my body. He was a good friend, and we talked on the phone for hours, and one day he suggested that I check out curvage. I was shocked at first by the open nudity of fat girls, and it took me a while to stop judging them and start appreciating them. Eventually I even stopped thinking that the other girls were sexy but I wasn't. I had to make a conscious decision to let go of my beliefs that fat was ugly. I was afraid to accept myself as sexy; afraid that I was allowing myself to be a deviant. I wanted to reject anyone who admitted what they liked as if it was wrong, like a taboo. I realized life was too short to live in constant denial of myself and I took the scary plunge into body acceptance. My thread on curvage.com was a map journey showing me at the beginning full of apprehension and disbelief, headless body shots in black and white, carefully edited to be as flattering as possible, and later on really enjoying all the compliments, seeing that the members were not crazy rejects with a fetish, but awesome guys who knew what they liked. I made so many friends, and had so much fun taking pics and sharing them. I chatted with fellow forum members on msn and yahoo messenger, then on skype, and I even went on some dates with local guys. It was the most liberating and awesome time of self-discovery for me. I told my family what I was doing and while they were a little shocked at my boldness, they were supportive because it made me so happy. Oh, and video chat! I don't remember when that started, but it was so fun to hang out with people from all around the world. God, I loved that time!
  2. ^^^ This. Thank you for your post, primitive. I post my content on free forums because I like compliments. If I was selling my content, I don't know that I'd get as many. I post because I like seeing myself as sexy, and I like the community's support and validation. I am honestly afraid to sell my content because I don't want to be a porn star. I think that remembering that we "models" are real people, with real lives is important. You are not entitled to anything. Appreciate what we're sharing and don't be a douche bag.
  3. Thanks, J! I noticed the automatic embedding and was very pleased not to have to figure out the embed code for dailymotion.
  4. Very well said, SHTMLF.
  5. You don't have to get on camera... there is a chat box, and most people use it.
  6. Thank you! It was great!
  7. maela

    Video Chat

    Haha! That's funny because J doesn't drink! Oh, Vennie, that's cute. :
  8. maela

    Video Chat

    Ohh, well, I was annoyed that I got banned in the great hippy freak out, so I asked if I could be a chat mod. Once I told him of my laissez-faire philosophy, he was all for it.
  9. maela

    Video Chat

    Actually Vennie, Tripp and I were indeed made Chat Mods. We will be there to assist with technical issues, answer questions, and close cams that violate the Tiny Chat rules if need be. Moderation will be pretty relaxed and it's up to the discretion of each mod how they want to handle banning people for trolling and whatnot.
  10. LOL nope. That's the rub. Apparently, some 18-20 year old guys think a 33 year old is automatically a MILF just for being relatively old.
  11. Hahaha! Thanks, Vennie! I'm such a MILF and a cougar now.
  12. Hehe! Thanks for the verse, Wilan!
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