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  1. If your looking to fill some time then here is a short video of me making pin up art.


  2. if your bored then my chubby vampire is more then happy to help you fill some time even if it’s just 3 minutes 😁👍


    1. FeederDave


      I’ll check it out, thanks! 

  3. My Isabella is looking plumper these days


    1. ButtonBuster


      Great art, man! Keep it up! 👍😉

  4. Isabella doesn’t seem to be enjoying her new job 


  5. My OC Isabella trying some new swimwear 




  6. My oc trying some new swimwear
  7. I know that there are a lot of great artist on this site so I wanted to share my Valentine draw this in your style challenge. The twist to my challenge is that you have to pick between the good and bad Isabella to draw. 


  8. This is a bit different to what I would normally post but I thought it might still be worth sharing anyway. 


  9. I posted a speedpaint of my Christmas illustration yesterday but here is the finished jpeg if anyone is interested in saving a copy.


  10. It’s a bit late but I made a Christmas video 


  11. Isabella is loving the new season of My Hero Academia so much she has decided to cosplay as her favourite character Ochaco.


  12. Sounds like a good idea. I look forward to seeing people’s interpretations.
  13. some drawing practise with my OC


  14. I did post the finished version of this illustration last week but I thought people might be interested in watching the speedpaint. 


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