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  1. Unfortunately there seem to be no pics on the web that show how chubby she really was. The following might be worth recalling, from a time without "body positivity" in the media: During an interview that appeared on television, the reporter asked her: "We are a little chubby, aren't we?" (German: "bisserl fest simma schon, Judith, oder?") She did not reply, but was obviously annoyed. After winning a tournament, she cheered and then lay down on the court, on her back, relaxing and enjoying the moment. She had her feet towards the camera; when she lay down her thighs wobbled, and her skirt rode up a bit. The camera man made very sure to get a good view of this, and it was precisely this scene that appeared in the evening news when it was reported that she won. After she lost a match, a sports reporter said, "certainly also due to her physical state", in a condescending tone. From a newspaper, about some grand slam tournament: "In the 'slow motion tennis' of 1995, physical fitness seems to be no longer important. Amazed, the audience sees chubby ladies enter the center court. Austrian Judith Wiesner hauled her excess weight into the third round, and US player Lindsey Davenport even was number 5 of the tournament. At least, the "wide" (German: ausladend) American knows about her condition: 'If I lose some weight, I could become faster'. She is behind Brenda Schultz in the list of heaviest female players." Then the weights of Davenport and Schultz were given; I do not remember, but I think they were between 75 and 79 kg.(German: "Die Österreicherin Judith Wiesner schleppte ihr Übergewicht in die dritte Runde.") I remember another article where it was mentioned that it was a "running gag" among reporters to ask Davenport about her weight in press conferences.
  2. That brings back a childhood memory I had almost forgotten. A long time ago, I read the following in a newspaper: The opera singer Montserrat Caballe, who might have been 50 back then, was singing an aria in a kneeling position. At its end, to everyone's surprise, she started singing it again. The orchestra quickly followed suit. During this repetition, two stagehands came and helped her up, as it had turned out that she was too fat to stand up by herself.
  3. Recently on the subway: I was sitting right next to a young woman, to which I had not really paid much attention. When the two seats opposite of us became free, she changed seats, and only now I saw how fat she was. She had apparently pressed herself close to the window, and was now spilling 10 cm into the empty seat beside her, when sitting relaxed. As for her appearance and style: She was in her early twenties, and it was clear that she paid attention to her looks, but was not ashamed at all about her fatness. She wore nice makeup and had dyed her hair in some gaudy color, but the best was her choice of clothing. She was wearing a crop top that showed several centimeters of skin on her upper belly. Her lower belly consisted of a lovely, huge roll, and her pants did nothing to hide its shape. Second scene that comes to my mind: I was meeting with some people I had not seen for a few years. Nobody changed that much; most are still slim, and the only fat woman of that group is still fat. She has been obese since her teenage years, with some ups and downs, but always very confident and easy-going about it. Now on that evening I really saw how confident she was about her size: some people had had starters, and everybody had a generously proportioned main course, and so nobody voted for dessert -- except her. She waved to the waiter and ordered a dessert variation. It was marvelous to see her enjoy a large plate full of desserts, when nobody else was eating anymore.
  4. I always enjoy seeing fat nurses and other medical staff, and at my pediatrician, there were two of them: a fat and a very fat chick doing office work. Both of them usually wore leggings that hid nothing of their big thighs and butts. There was a nice scene that could -- almost -- have been even better. My kid was weighed by a young guy doing his community service at that place. Both of them being very skinny, my kid joked about being too fat, the young man played along, and they were having a good time joking about weight. A few moments later, the fatter of the office gals entered the room. She had to walk past the desk at which the young guy was now sitting. Although he moved his chair forward, the space between the chair and the wall was almost too tight for her. It was lovely to see how her fat hips were compressed as she squeezed through, and her face showed how she was struggling. That was the bad timing: Had she entered 30 seconds before, she would have had to listen to that funny, weight-related discussion while almost getting stuck with her fat ass.
  5. I think that many FAs like this, including me. It publicly exposes somebody else's weakness (failing to control their diet). It draws attention to fatness, which is an issue of shame in our society, best to be hidden under baggy clothes. When I walk past a fat chick on a staircase taking two steps at once, and she holds the handrail and breathes heavily, we will both think at that moment that it is her obesity that makes her so slow, and we both know that the other one is having that thought, too.
  6. I am not Australian, but hope you like to read about some memories from a trip down under, a while ago. We were swimming at some place in the NT (Gunlom maybe), and when I walked towards the water, there was a fat Australian girl taking off her pants and showing her large bikini-clad rear. That is one of my first memories about Australia, and it put a huge smile on my face, because in my young, naive mind this was a nation of trim, surfing people, and it was great to see that there were fat chicks here as well. I was on a guided tour with a group, which included several Australian people. One of them was an obese girl, her first name beginning with K. At that time it was still allowed to climb Ayers Rock. Some of our group opted not to climb it, and after dinner, our guide asked everyone about their reasons. Respect for the aborigines, of course. K said that, too, but before she mumbled something about her physical condition. Indeed, there was no way she could have heaved her fat ass up that incline. One night we were all sleeping in the same huge room (IIRC it was at a cattle station). K was lying next to me; when we woke up, she said, "in case I snored, I apologize". Don't remember if she did, but it was certainly due to her obesity to have a snoring problem in her twenties.
  7. This is about a girl I dated a long time ago. We never had sex or a relationship, but I still had some very enjoyable times with her. She wore a European size 50; nowadays, I see girls like this every other day, but at that time, she was extraordinarily fat for a young woman in my country. One afternoon, she invited me to her apartment. We were chatting on her couch, and she allowed me to rest my hand on her thigh. It was amazing to see how small my hand looked compared to the width of her thighs when seated. I did not really feel her softness, because she was wearing a sweat suit that was a bit too tight, so her leg felt rather firm. The advantage of the suit came when she stood up from the couch: I could see every dimple of her huge ass, right in front of my face. I was wondering if she was wearing this sweat suit deliberately, as if saying, "do you really want to date me? That's what I look like." It was also enjoyable to see her stand up, because she had to do a little "gaining momentum" move to heave her ass and thighs, since she was so bottom-heavy. She showed me some pictures from a few years back. I said something like, "you are not on that picture". She replied that she understood me well, and pointed to a slim girl. "I have not always been so big", she said softly. Later in the evening, I tried to make her talk about her weight again, and asked, "so you were not always so big, you said?" But she was not inclined to talk about it any more, and simply said, "no". She also told me that she used to have a lot of one night stands in her slim years, and that she was not interested in casual sex. Once I spent an evening with her and some other people in a pub. Late in the evening, we were a bit dr*nk, and she didn't mind me fondling her thigh rather intensively. This time, she was wearing non-tight pants, and I still remember how lovely the fat on her leg felt. Another time, I invited her to a cafe. When we entered, I realized that she was looking around for a bench, because the chairs had armrests (I had no experience with dating BBWs), and she would not have fit. During our stay, I again tried to mention her weight -- again, in the blunt, immature way of a very young lad. We were talking somehow about aging and wrinkles, and I said, "I don't think *you* are likely to get wrinkles soon." She understood very well that I was alluding at her fatness, smirked and said, "well, you know, *everything* can change." When I was visiting her once, she was looking for me, standing at an open window next to her apartment. She did not know that I had already entered the building and was standing right behind her. This being only a few years after our childhood days, I made a move with my hands as if I was trying to throw her out of the window, pushing up both her ass cheeks from below. She found it somewhat funny, too, and smiled. It was great to feel her ass cheeks, and to see how far I could move them up because of all the fat on them. Another time, we had a picnic with a friend of mine and a female friend of hers, let's call her Nicole. Nicely, Nicole was fat, too, but not quite as fat as the one I am talking about. I am a tall guy, and somewhat athletic back then, with a corresponding relatively high calorie intake. When I was quite full from the picnic, both chicks were still eating for a while. I could not have downed the amount of food they ate, and it was quite hot for me to see them stuffing themselves. Later in the evening, Nicole got rather flirtatious with my friend, putting her hand under his shirt and fondling him. He was not into fat girls, and did not really react. I regretted having brought him; although I was more interested in "my" girl, I would certainly not have minded to be fondled by Nicole in this way, and fondling her fat belly in return. Both girls were nursing students. Nicole made a joke that she did not want to work the following day, and that I should replace her. "You won't have troubles fitting into my scrubs", she said and smiled. There were several reasons why I stopped seeing her (or them), but I guess it is not important to explain them.
  8. No, sorry. It was a long time ago, and she was sitting. It might be possible to find pictures of her standing beside other people whose height can be googled.
  9. There were two great moments in that show about dieting. Right at the beginning: "Are you familiar with this? blouse a little bit too tight, hip fat visible, breathing becomes more difficult at each floor you climb?" I wonder if she wrote this introduction herself, or if somebody else had a great time making her say that. It is especially enjoyable how slowly she pronounces the word "Hüftspeck" (hip fat). Towards the end: "Früher war alles leichter, ich auch". In German, "leichter" means both "easier" and "lighter". So, she said "In former times, everything was easier, including myself being lighter". BTW, many years ago I saw her in person at a store. This was not a time she was at her peak weight, but she still looked a lot fatter than on teleevsion.
  10. There was a lovely BBW who used to cut my hair for a long time, before that hair salon closed down, unfortunately. Some memories: Many years ago, we were both younger, and she was a bit smaller than in later years. One time, the owner had decided that the hairstylists should wear uniforms. I commented on her new look, and she replied, "yes, we are all dressed in black now." The nice thing was that the outfit was totally unflattering, and apparently a size too small for her. I had not really noticed before how big her belly was, but now it was clearly visible, protruding a few centimeters in her tight black top. She gradually became much fatter. Her belly developed several rolls, and it seemed she saw no reason to hide them with her choice of clothes (the uniform had just a short stint). The place was small, and she moved around carefully in order not to touch anyone or throw things over with her large belly and ass. I have wide shoulders, and she had to assume a somewhat funny position to cut my hair, with her arms almost horizontal, in order not to touch me with her belly. Not that I would have minded it, but it felt not right to tell her to come closer, so I never did. Now comes the best. I casually told her that I would like to lose some weight (not much, mainly said it to trigger her). She replied, "Me too." A short communication about weight loss followed, and as I knew her for such a long time and knew how down-to-earth she was, and sometimes even blunt herself, I said, "You have gained some weight recently, haven't you?" That was not precisely correct, as her large gain had been gradual over the years. But, she softly replied "yes" with a small sigh. She then told me that she grew up slim, and that relatives sometimes even said, "give that girl something to eat". Then, she had some surgery that required her to stay at home for a while. "At that time I only ate and ate. That's how I gained weight."
  11. I recall two such incidents; I cannot say if the girls enjoyed it, but at least they did not object. 1. At a pool, a slightly chubby girl was lying, tanning herself in a bikini. Her boyfriend approached her, put his foot on one of her ass cheeks and made a fast motion that caused her ass to wobble like crazy. She just lay there, unperturbed. 2. A rather fat girl was struggling with her stand-up paddling board, at a lake. Her boyfriend was swimming close by, and told her what to do. At one time, she was on all fours on the board, trying to find her balance to stand up, and he had the paddle in his hand. He patted her ass with the paddle, making it wobble nicely.
  12. I have been to many scenic river gorges in my country, which are equipped with bridges and ladders, and are a very popular family activity. The nice thing is that many people go to these gorges who are obviously physically totally inactive and have no idea that it can be quite tough. Ladders and stairs have to follow the natural surroundings, and they can be very narrow and steep. On Lailani's Clipsforsale site, you can find a video where she is navigating one such gorge. I was at a similar place recently. There were no really fat women this time, but two chubby ones. One was climbing a steep ladder in front of us, and immediately stepped aside at the top to catch her breath and let us pass. Then we passed a German tourist family. The mother was sitting besides the path. She was chubby, too, with a belly that was not extremely large, but formed a few visible rolls under her tight top. For some reason that family overtook us later, and we met again at a section that was quite demanding: Very steep, large steps, and no chance to let someone pass. She had several people behind her, but still had to stop for a few seconds, huffing and puffing, because she was clearly at her physical limits.
  13. When I was a kid, it was fairly common here for women to go topless when swimming. Nowadays it has become rather rare. Still, some girls cover up only their bottom half when changing bikinis. But I have never seen a really fat woman showing her breasts at a pool or lake, until last week. She was sitting within 50 meters of a changing cubicle, but for some reason preferred not to use it. I guess her weight at 120 kilos. When changing from bikini top into bra, her enormous, sagging breasts and belly rolls were on full display, and she gave zero fucks about it. They were by far the largest breasts I have seen naked IRL. She then took off her bikini bottom, lying on her back with a towel on her midsection. When she had pulled her panties up on the front side, she dropped the towel and stood up. I do not know why; maybe her fatness made it hard to lift her ass from the ground to pull them up fully, or she just did not care. In any case, from the other side (not my view unfortunately), her naked fat ass must have been visible. I also liked the fact that she was changing into her underwear. While technically the same as a bikini, it is of course not so common to see an unfamiliar chick in her underwear.
  14. Another one: After a 2021 team building activity, we had lunch at a restaurant. Our waitress was a gorgeous blonde: Self-confident and very talkative, but in a pleasant way, beautiful face, and pleasantly plump. Her black pants and top looked like they were one size too small. I was sitting next to a column, and even if I moved close to the table, the space between my chair and the column was fairly narrow. She moved through it several times, and I had the impression that she could just barely squeeze her hips through that spot. Fast forward to our team building from this year, which ended at the same restaurant. I was pleased to see her serving us again, and that she had gained at least 10 kilos, if not 20. Both her belly and hips looked larger than the year before. We were seated at a different table, but I doubt that she could still do that "between column and chair" move. When one (young and handsome) colleague had finished his meal, which was a rather generous portion, she took away the plate, and said, "If you eat such large portions, why are you so slim? I just look at food and then have it on my hips." (That last part was an expression that is hard to translate. For the German speakers: "Ich schau's an und hab's oben.")
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