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  1. Because all movies have to be larger than life or no one will pay to see them. And movies like this don't really appeal to Ward and June Clever types anyway.
  2. Just for the sake of closure on this, I did PM the member. It was not a glitch-he locked me out. No biggie lots of other fine posts to see.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I hope this doesn't spread.....
  4. Been a member and content contributor for some time now. This week I noticed that posts from one member (unnamed for now) will not open. Not Authorized apparently. Begs the question... can members exclude other members from reading their posts or is this done by admin/mods?
  5. Why don't your threads open for me any more?

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Lmao, "why"?? 

    2. maltesefalcon


      I reported the situation to the admin staff because I thought it was a glitch in  my software. It would seem this is intentional on your part. Fair enough I will respect your decision, but may I add life is too short to hold a grudge.

  6. Thus far you have stared two threads and the remaining 4 of your 6 posts are bumps to these same threads. If someone is interested in helping you they will. Begging just makes you look sad.
  7. If you scroll back in this thread I think someone already posted this. It may be in the video subforum, but its definitely posted.
  8. I noticed this am that some of the features were beginning to switch off. The galleries would appear but the pictures would be a black blank. Today got the notification that my browser (Safari) was no longer supported. I'm using an IPad 2, which is becoming increasingly useless for web browsing. So, its a hardware issue I guess.
  9. That Mercedes is well upholstered! Nice padded seat....
  10. No this is recent but I will update. It seems to work fine on desktop or laptop. But I only get a single page of content in both gallery or favorites if I'm using my IPad. Until ten days ago everything worked fine no matter what device i was on.
  11. New format now. When you used to open either galleries or favourite links. you got multi page options. Now you only get one page with no links to proceed from page to page. Anyone else notice this or am I missing something?
  12. Going Global by yours truly is an office setting: https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/24241-going-global-reposted/&tab=comments#comment-314207
  13. If you like a long story with multiple characters try this one of mine: It might be the longest story on this site, at least the longest one I've ever written
  14. She seems to have Sawalha a lot of food lately. 😀
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