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  1. maltesefalcon

    Hannah Murray

    If you looked closely at Missendai she looked like she had a preggo belly as well. Wonder how they will write that into the script, as Greyworm is a eunich.
  2. maltesefalcon

    Hannah Murray

    We'll see if Gilly survives next week...
  3. AFAIK vore stories and pics are kind of discouraged here? Not sure if it's an official written rule though.
  4. How about a story based on Cinderella? She could be the gorgeous sister fattened up by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, to spoil her looks. Turns out Prince Charming is an FA. (Hmm I might write that one myself now...LOL.) That being said you would be well received to publish any story that was readable (punctuation, paragraphs etc) and more importantly...completed. That last part seems to be a deal breaker for a lot of potential contributors.
  5. The episode paralleled Delta's real-life emotional issues, not all of which were related to her weight. She had a rep of being somewhat of a diva on set, and did not get along well with key cast members. IIRC there was also a salary inequity dispute around that time as well. That being said, I am old enough to remember her weight gain and enjoyed watching her grow into a sexy bbw.
  6. There once was a model named Littie. Who FAs found rather pretty. Her boobs it was said. Were as big as her head.. And her ass was the size of a city
  7. True, but judging from her weight gain, she's gone to the dessert more often.
  8. Haven't been on the Dimensionsmagazine archive for awhile, but most of his BUF Magazine stuff was published there.
  9. I'm reminded more of Cindi Lauper
  10. Pretty sure this is the first time actual hookers have been posted on this site lol.
  11. On film, she gets dressed and made up to the nines. In public, she is often just this side of "Crazy Cat Lady" Halloween costume.
  12. Am I the only one who sees a resemblance to Demi Lovato in this one?
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