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  1. I believe those are pics from Ask the Dust 2006 She fattened herself up a bit in real life to take that role.
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  3. Thanks all got one more in the bull pen warming up. Be online couple days.
  4. Looks like she has had arthroscopic procedure or two. Maybe gall bladder or appendix? Either that or there are bullet wounds,,,,
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  6. Epilog He went down the hall and handed the slip of paper to Jason. He in turn picked up the phone and recited it twice over the voice mail. Then he hung up and destroyed the phone. Wilberforce asked. “None of this can come back on us?” “Nope-prepaid phone. It’ll be over by tomorrow morning, latest.” “Good. That asshole killed two of my agents.” Jason nodded. “One of my best operatives too. But he whacked a lot more guys in Cali and Sinaloa. Their friends are just as eager to settle the score with him face to face. And they don’t have to worry about jurisdiction.” “About the woman?” Wilberforce shook his hand. “You sure you want to speak with her? You don’t have to...” “It’s okay, I need some closure on this.” The pair walked down the corridor again and Wilberforce cautioned. “5 minutes.” The door closed and Jason looked her over. Even wearing prison orange scrubs, he could see how fat she had gotten in such a short time. There was pizza box on the table and the lone occupant was busy devouring the last piece. There was a companion box on the floor. In spite of himself he snickered. That got her attention. “Oh good. You’re just in time did you bring the third one? You said if I talked...” Jason shook his head. “I think you mistook me for someone else? Have another try.” She looked at him again and the light blinked on. “Jason. It’s you. I didn’t recognize you.” “Hello Amber. I might say the same.” She blushed a bit. “I got fat after all. You like?” “I have good instincts. I knew you’d look better this way.” He cleared his throat and looked down a bit. “I just wanted to say that I bear you no ill will. I think you got dragged into this whole thing by accident.” “All I wanted was someone to love me.” She began to well up a bit. “Can you get me out of this? You wanted kids, right? We can still have a life together. Look-I even have boobies now. I’ll get even bigger if it will help.” Jason shook his head. “Sorry honey you are off my list. I’ll put a word in for you, but that’s the best I can offer.” As if on cue, the door opened and Jason followed Wilberforce wordlessly out the door. When they were out of earshot Jason asked his companion. “What’s going to happen to her?” Wilberforce shrugged. “Probably nothing. We’ve got what we want now. All we have on her is a sketchy conspiracy charge. She didn’t really break any laws. By rights she’s a victim, not a perp. We’ve got a doc coming to look her over. I think she needs hospitalization for a while, until those meds wear off. Who knows how long that will be?” Jason nodded. “You know a casual observer might say that we fattened up two women for nothing.” Wilberforce glared at him. “Then a casual observer should stick to their own knitting. I’ll have a driver take you home.” He was met in the lobby by a young woman. She looked to be about 25. Long red hair, green eyes. A figure that was beyond voluptuous, but not quite fat. Her uniform did not fit well, especially in the seat and bust area. It was obvious that this uniform was about 20 pounds out of date. She looked him over too. “You Mason?” “The one and only. I take it you’re my driver. Officer..” “Cook. My full name is Cynthia Cook. But my friends call me CeeCee.” “CeeCee it is.” “So-where to? The hotel?” “For now, I guess. I don’t even live here. So I’ll figure it out from there.” The ride went silently for a while, until she opened up. “You don’t say much.” “Sorry, I got a lot on my mind.” “You worried about those women?” “Only one of them...wait a minute. Does the whole department know about this?” “Of course not. Need to know, as the saying goes.” He looked into the mirror and saw the flash in her eyes. “You’re part of this.” She started by saying. “I been doing this job five years. Been passed over for promotion twice. Got the experience, the arrest record, the whole nine yards. I could even see if it was a glass ceiling thing; but both times I got passed over by another woman. It’s because they think I’m too fat to be a cop. I’m packing it in at the end of the month.” She continued. “I actually lost weight to get on the force. I weighed fifty pounds more when I graduated high school. Nevertheless, I was head cheerleader. And dated the captain of the football team. Missed being prom queen, by one vote.” “Really?” “No, of course not. They wouldn’t even let me try out for cheerleader. Didn’t have a uniform big enough anyway. Never went to the prom. Never had a boyfriend, or even a date for that matter. Everyday life doesn’t happen for fat girls.” He felt he should say something. “I wouldn’t call you fat. I think you’re beautiful actually.” She did not react to that and simply carried on. “Let’s suppose some woman decides she wants to find a husband and start a family. Let’s suppose that same woman has no luck, so decides to try a dating service. And that same dating service tells her she’s too fat, soon as she walks in.” “So she Googles them for reviews and finds out there have been many similar complaints. Let’s suppose she can do a little digging and finds out that the owner has a bit of a shady past. If she passed it on to the right people, who knows what would turn up?” Jason added “Those same people might look at this as a revenge thing? Person could lose their job for that.” He realized this was the height of hypocrisy, coming from a man who had just sanctioned a mob hit on someone who had killed a friend of his. But she carried on. “Hey-crime is crime. If you start making it personal, you go insane.” “But...once the hypothetical police found out who she really was, they could have scooped her up. There was no need for this elaborate sting op.” “Perhaps that was the original plan. But maybe the Feds found out who she was and wanted to use her as bait to find her father? What better way to create a scenario where she would ask for his help?” “Pffft. There was no need for that. She folded up like a cheap suitcase to save her own skin. This whole thing could have been over six months ago.” “Yes but we-they had no way of knowing that would happen, right? If they tipped their hand and she kept schtum, her father’s in the wind again.” The car pulled up to the lobby of the hotel. “I guess this is the place?” She turned around and looked him in the eye. “We had you wired for all those date interviews for a reason. No one gave you a script. All the conversations between you and those women were your own words. Your own thoughts. We sometimes use tapes like that, to show undercover agents how to lie better. But we were watching as well. You had no tells. It was as if you were actually telling the truth. So either you are really good at this, or...” “You got me. I really do like women like that. In fact, it was hard not to ask them to turn Amber over to my custody.” “But you didn’t? You married, that it?” “Not even close. But she needs help that I can’t give her.” He looked at his driver who was giving him the once over as well. “Hey-I don’t know if this is allowed, I’m actually looking for an office manager. One with police experience, would be a shoo-in. Money’s real good, too. If you know anyone like that, maybe have them give me a call?” He handed her his business card.” She looked at it and nodded. “I’ll be sure to put it on the bulletin board at work.” He sighed. “All right I’ll come out and say it. I really am attracted to you, but I do have a real job offer. What time do you get off duty?” She giggled. “I’m off duty now. You think the police dept runs a taxi service on city time? And yes I’ll have dinner with you on one condition.” “Name it.” “You let me buy breakfast in the morning. Room service though.” He added. “I hear they have an all you can eat buffet here.” She snorted. “Not all I can eat, sunshine. I hope this place has insurance. They are going to be bankrupt by morning.” The End
  7. Chapter 21 In twenty minutes, she was ushered into the basement of the local police station. Millie was spitting mad and looked at Wilberforce. “What the hell is going on here?” The agent pulled out some documents. They looked to be booking papers. “This is you, yes?” Millie looked at them. The woman in question was being charged with running a house of prostitution. “No, of course not. That’s not even my name. It’s Millie. Millie Peterson.” He snickered. “You said it was Mason. Not good at this marriage thing?” She shrugged. “We only been together a while. He was deployed, you see.” Wilberforce nodded. “Well it wasn’t easy for us to put this together. You certainly have changed since the photos were taken. But prints don’t lie. This is you. Lyudmilla Petrovskaya, formerly of Sverdlosk. You’ve lived here since you were quite young though. Don’t imagine you’d remember much of it.” She sighed. “What if it is me? I did my time for that. It was a long time ago. I moved on.” He nodded. “So you did. Your little dating service. That was pretty lucrative. Your girls would hook up with powerful guys, some of whom were married. Blackmail those ones of course. But the real money maker was this.” He placed half a dozen forms in front of her. “Let’s see...Millie Porter, Millie LeCroix, Millie D’Antonini. Shall I go on? You married at least these men and divorced them for half their money. Some of your girls did the same.” She shrugged. “Maybe it’s unethical at best. But not illegal. My Jason works for the government and he’s rich. He’ll straighten this mess out.” “Oh, but it is illegal my dear. A marriage is a legal contract and knowingly entering one in bad faith is a felony. But we will skip that for now.” He placed another document in front of her. It was in Cyrillic. This is a Russian marriage licence is it not? You would have been about 18 at the time. She sighed. “My father’s idea. He had contacts in the USA so he asked him to go to Russia and marry me so I could get a green card. He was 45 years old! We only met once. Plenty of fat old American men have foreign wives. If that was illegal, you’d have to arrest the president.” Wilberforce nodded. “Yeah we are getting a lot of that. But you see if you had come to the state dept or ICE, they could have got you an annulment. You didn’t divorce him, making all the marriages since then illegal. And invalid. Including your current one, by the way.” Sensing she was up a creek she tried another tactic. “I’ll deny everything. You have no proof. Not really.” “Ah, you’re wrong again. This Amber who works for you? You should have paid her, like you promised. By the way, we picked her up and the doorman, just to keep them out of harm’s way. ” He played a recording which outlined her entire plans to clean up her loose ends. Without denying it she shouted. “You tapped my phone. That’s illegal.” Wilberforce laughed under his breath. “Bit of a gray area there. Mr. Mason is a high level government defense contractor. His house is completely wired for security. He also asked us to keep an eye on you. So we wired your apartment too. You know for your protection. We also have video. And I must admit some of it was pretty...compelling.” Millie blanched, then blushed. “You have videos of my sex life? Oh my God...has Jason seen them?” “They’re bringing him up to speed right now. At this point I wouldn’t count on him too much now. No one really cared about the shenanigans in your so-called marriage until you called for help. We had no idea who you were until then. Your father is Alexander Petrovich, yes?” She stared at him coldly. “I’m sure you already know that is true.” “Ex-KGB assassin. While he was active, he was responsible for a number of rather gruesome deaths of Western agents from half a dozen nations. They called him Sasha the Slasher back then. When the Soviet bloc collapsed, he disappeared for a while. But he re-emerged as a hit man for the Cali cartel in Colombia. And when things got too hot there, we figured he went to Mexico.” “Where do I fit into this?” “Glad you asked. Mexico is a pretty big country to look for someone who is skilled at not being found. We need to know what city he’s in. His banking details for your scam. You help us set this up and you’ll get a plea deal.” “And if I don’t?” “Do I need to draw you a picture?” Millie only needed a second to ponder. “If I tell you where he is, you will not just kill him?” Wilberforce nodded. “You have my word. We will not harm a hair on his head.” She wrote down an address for a home and bank in Culiacan. “He moves around a lot. I would not waste time.” Wilberforce took her at his word and left her alone in the room.
  8. Chapter 20 The big day finally arrives. Couple days earlier, Millie had already dismissed her “employee”. She sulked a bit, but agreed a temporary relocation to her former apartment would be smart. It would hardly be appropriate for Jason to see she had been living there. Luckily, she had kept her rent up to date. But the building super was so shocked at her new look, he’d asked for ID the first time he saw her. It was nice to get acquainted with all her old stuff, but she sighed when she realized none of it would fit her now. At first, Millie had considered getting all dolled up to impress him. But she didn’t have the energy. Besides, there really wasn’t any sexy clothing in her size now. After using the washroom and brushing her teeth, she pulled a MuMu over her frame. It was still skin tight and showed her ample curves for all to see. No hairdo or makeup. Loverboy was getting his fat wife, but the Walmart version. She was so fat she needed a HandiVan taxi to get to the hotel. Already tired from the journey, she waddled into the lobby, with the porter trailing along with her bag. Jason was already there. Bearded, a bit and more tanned than before, but it was him. She approached and snickered. “I barely recognized you.” He smiled. “Um yeah. Pot, kettle, black, my dear.” She shook her body as she realized everyone was staring at her. She didn’t care. “This is what you wanted. I hope you don’t mind that I went a little overboard?” He looked her over. “I’m more than pleased actually. In fact...” He searched his carry on and produced his copy of the pre-nup. He tore it up into small pieces and tossed them in the recycle bin. “Let’s not start our marriage like this. Your copy?” She nodded and did the same. “Any regrets about this?” She shook her head. “Not at all. It was kind of fun actually. Come on let’s get a room.” “No luggage?” “Can’t travel commercial with luggage that would contain the items I need to do my job. Be here in couple hours. It’s on a truck already courtesy Uncle Sam. Least they could do for basically drafting me for six months. Cheque I got for this job was too good to turn down in any case.” She smiled at that. As he approached to take her hand, three men approached and pulled their weapons. By now, the crowd was alarmed and rushed back. Jason held up his hands and sighed. “Honey what’s wrong. What did you do?” He shook his head. “Nothing far as I know. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.” The three armed men looked at him and one advised. “You Mason?” He nodded. “I am. What’s this all about?” “Relax sir. We’re after her. You ma’am what’s your name? Millie blanched and offered. “Millie Peterson.” Jason corrected. “Actually, it’s Mason. We’re married.” The first man shook his head. “My name’s Wilberforce. I’m sorry to tell you Mrs. Mason. You need to come with us.” Jason tried to intervene. “Come with you? Where? Why?” “She’s under arrest. We’ll give you the details, once we have her in custody. You can ride along in a separate vehicle, but please don’t interfere or this will end badly. We good?” He nodded and watched helplessly as Millie was dragged out kicking and screaming as much as her extra pounds would allow.
  9. Chapter 19 Millie was awoken from a sound slumber by her cell phone. The voice at the other end jolted her out of whatever fog remained. “Millie baby. It’s me Jason.” “Oh...hi. It’s so nice to hear from you.” “Well I’d probably get spanked if anyone found out I made this call. I’m just letting you know I‘m coming home a week from today. How are things back home.” If that’s your way of asking if I lived up to my end you’ll have to come see for yourself. Shall I pick you up at the airport? “Mmm no thanks. I can get a ride. Meet me back at the same hotel? We can pick up where we left off.” That’s probably for the best. Driving’s becoming problematic now. He retorted. Oh? How so? “You’ll see in a week sugar. I can guarantee you’ll be surprised.” “Okay hon-gotta go before someone traces this. See you soon.” The line went dead before she could reply. Millie looked up to see her feeder standing there with her pills and a cream shake. “Oh. Saves me from waking you.” Millie took the proffered pills and handed them back. “I think I’ll need to stop with these. That was my husband. It would hardly do for him to see me leaking from these like a garden sprinkler would it? Turns out I have seven days to dry out.” Amber pouted. “Once more? Please? It’ll fatten me up a bit more.” Millie nodded. “In that case drink that, too.” Amber downed the drink, not telling her that she’d already had two. She had developed an insatiatable hunger of late and could not figure out why. Millie knew all too well. She’d been tapering off the ghrelin pills for two weeks now. Instead she’d been slipping them into as many of Amber’s drinks as she dared. She routine had been hard on the younger woman’s figure. Her belly was nearly always full and had swollen to 38”. It had passed the point of being dome shaped and was creased with two folds that buried her navel. Her hips of course had greedily absorbed most of it. Her thighs were 40” around and they blended nicely into her 66” butt. The twin globes made a 12” shelf and the whole effect really was to make her look like a human bowling pin. If you had seen her from the waist up, there was almost nothing to indicate she’d gained at all. Millie pointed out the one obvious improvement. Two actually. As her lover drained her for the last time she stroked her counterpart’s breasts. Yes, breasts! Finally the young woman had blossomed. Millie suggested. “I’m going to need some alone time today. Get things ready a bit. I’ll give you my credit card. Pamper yourself. Get some nice clothes, hairstyle, nails. While you’re at it might want to pick up a bra. Hmm B cup maybe?” Amber finished her “meal” and shook her head. “C-cup actually and 38”. I’m gaining so fast now. 22 pounds last week. I’m up to 276 pounds already. I’ll catch up to you soon.” Millie smiled “Yes. Maybe you will. But make yourself scarce will you?” The younger woman cleaned up the kitchen a bit, changed and was gone within half an hour. Millie rolled out of bed. Literally. She sat up slowly and went to the mirror. My God she thought what have I done to myself ? Unlike Amber, her adipose gain had distributed more evenly. For example her face was unrecognizable now. Her cheeks had progressed from sunken, to plump, to puffy, to bloated. Now the extra flesh hung down in floppy dimpled jowls. Her neck had swollen so much, that her chin actually disappeared. It sunk into the belly-like ball of flesh that had become her throat. From the side, the overall look was that her neck was slowly swallowing her head. At their widest, her arms were 31” around now. The “batwings” on the back of her upper arms sagged down so much it looked like she had no elbows. Her boob flesh started to puff up above her collar bone. Her bust was 80” around now. Any bra she wore, would need to be industrial strength; to fight the kind of gravity that 45 pounds of beach balls generated. The biggest monument to her gluttony was her belly. The constant filling had stretched its expanse to 69”. When she stood sideways, she had to move back and forth to see her entire profile in the mirror. Forget about seeing her feet. The paunch now hung so low she couldn’t see her crotch any more. In fact when she sat now, she couldn’t even see her knees. Millie stepped on the scale and it stopped at...397 pounds. Surely Jason wouldn’t mind that she’d overshot the mark by 47 pounds. Oddly enough her hips were 1” smaller than Amber’s and she outweighed her by 130 pounds. But she was sure the magnificent, stippled globes would be just what the doctor ordered. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth but there was a knock on the door. Slipping a bathrobe on as best she could she opened it to see an old friend. “I was just thinking of you-well sort of. Never thought I would see you again.” Her doctor was carrying a satchel this time. “Are you going to invite me in?” She stood aside and beckoned him in. “By all means. To what do I owe this pleasure. No more courier?” He shook his head. “No more product. I can see for myself they have worked better than expected. Any unwelcome side effects?” Millie stroked her belly and sighed sadly. “Besides this?” “Ah. This makes you unhappy?” “Miserable in fact. The sooner I get rid the better.” He nodded. “I had anticipated that. Once you are ready, I can prescribe some medications to help you. I need to advise you the hormones will remain in your body for some time. That will somewhat hamper your efforts.” “Define “some time” please.” “Oh-six months to a year. You have a lot of tissue there.” “What about surgery?” “Yes. I actually recommend you get some of it off via liposuction. Larger areas like belly, thighs, arms, butt. We should be able to remove 150 pounds or so, with minimal risk. Nothing on the face or breasts. They will have to reduce naturally.” “You said we?” “Along with my team I would be happy to perform the procedure myself.” “So why are you here today specifically?” “Would it be unprofessional to say that I missed you? I enjoyed our previous...encounters. In any case I need to give you a thorough physical? At least blood pressure, heart, blood sugar. You have gained enough that I’d like to ensure your physical health. The rest is up to you. I assure you that you would enjoy it as much as I will.” She pondered a moment to the last time they met. “What are we waiting for? Amber wont’ be back for hours.” He reached into his satchel and handed her a vial of pink pills. “Take one every six hours. These will dry your milk in two or three days.” She blushed. “How did you know? Has this happened to anyone before?” He snickered. “It happens to everyone. With the amount of hormones in your system I could get milk out of a statue. Besides the evidence is right there.” Millie looked down and the front of her dressing gown had two large damp circles. He offered “I will help you express it. Where is your pump?” Millie blushed. “I-don’t have one....” The doctor nodded. “I see. You little friend was helping you in this regard, yes?” Millie smiled evilly. “She’s not so little anymore.” He nodded. “I should have warned you about this. The ghrelin hormone is passed in your milk, but it changes in the process. I’m afraid your companion will have little chance of regaining her original proportions.” Millie shrugged. “It was her choice. Can we get on with this?” The pair retired to the bedroom. After an hour the doctor re-dressed and stood at the bedroom door. “Take one of those pills and sleep a bit. I trust we shall see each other soon.” He blew her a kiss before she could say another word and slipped quickly out into the corridor. Millie took three of the pills. Her boobs hurt and now she had no way to fix it. She took an Ibuprofen and was ready for a well deserved nap when her cell rang. What now she thought, but answered. Before she could even say hello, the voice on the other end started in. “Is the doctor still there?” “He just left. I was actually going to call you earlier. Are you free to talk?” “Of course. What is on your mind?” I’m thinking of the end game of this little plan. I’ve done some thinking. I offered you 10% of my divorce settlement. And 10% to Amber. I’m sure your doctor friend will want something for his part in undoing this...process. My end of this is getting chewed up pretty quick and I’m the one who took all the risks. I’d like to renegotiate our agreement. The voice on the other end became a little more menacing. “Go on. But be careful...” “Relax this is good news. I’m not going to settle for 100 million in a divorce. I want it all. He’s worth 4 billion.” “There is no divorce court in the world that would award that.” “Right. So I won’t ask for one. Let’s assume I act as if everything is hunky dory between us. Honeymoon, house, picket fence, the whole schmear. Then 2-3 months later he dies suddenly. According to him his occupation is dangerous. I’ll leave the details to you. As a widow, I’d inherit it all.” There was a prolonged silence at the other end. “I’m assuming that would be my part of this new...arrangement.” She added. “That’s up to you. I’m offering 10% of 100 million or 10% of 4 billion. Are you in or out?” Another short pause. “I’m in, of course. But there will be other loose ends, yes?” What was it Amber had said? Wipe the slate. “Amber. She thinks she’s splitting the whole thing with me.” “Oh-is there friction between you now?” “On the contrary. She’s quite delightful and I am fond of her. But not fond enough to share that kind of money. Make it quick with her but I don’t want her to suffer. It has to look like an accident...” “Please, what do you take me for? I think a car accident will suit our needs. She will not feel a thing trust me. Anything else we need worry about?” Millie pondered a moment. “Doorman maybe? He’s a little too nosy and he saw Amber and me together too many times.” “I see. He is well known to you?” Hardly at all. “Perfect. Then if he just disappears, no one will think to point the finger at you. We will arrange to have some evidence planted that would indicate he was selling drugs from his apartment. When would you like these additional transactions completed?” “Wait until Jason gets back. I’ll talk him into taking me on a honeymoon. That way I can be out of town when this goes down.” Suddenly, there was rustle as a key was inserted in the door. “That’s her gotta go.”
  10. Chapter 19 After they had sated both their appetites for food and passion, Amber put her head on Millie’s plump abdomen and stared into her eyes. For her part, Millie was drifting off into contended slumber, but was jolted back to reality by Amber’s revelation. “Remember when I told you that I’d never been with a man?” Millie nodded. “Was it true?” Amber moved her head further down and caressed the softness of her lover’s belly. “Totally true. I really was saving myself for marriage. Guess that ship’s sailed, no matter what.” She now had her lover’s full attention. “What do you mean by that?” Amber lifted her head a bit and added. “Why us, silly. I enjoyed that little romp today and would have welcomed a repeat encounter. I’m sure you feel the same?” Millie sighed. “Oh yes. He was a very good bad boy. Where is this going?” Amber paused and raised her head a bit. “I was going to ask the same thing. I came to you to help me find love. I never thought it would turn out like this, but I did.” Millie corrected her. “No dear. You came to me to find a husband. A rich husband. There was no mention of love at all.” “My point exactly. I’ve put my life on hold and look at me. I’m getting so fat. There’s no chance I’ll get married to anyone now. You actually did find a rich husband and you still aren’t happy. We need to plan for the future together.” Millie was not happy with how their conversation was progressing; but better to get it all out in the open now. “Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this.” Amber shook her head. “Not really. Once this is all over and you get shed of what’s his name, I think we should wipe the slate.” Her bedmate probed a bit more. “And what does that entail?” “Fresh start. Maybe move to a new city? It sounds scary when you think of it at first. We’ll certainly have the money. More than we could spend in our entire lives.” Millie nodded. “Fresh start. Wipe the slate. Yes I agree. It’s not scary at all though. Now enough talk. Please make me a snack. I need to take my pills.” Amber nodded. “I have a dozen éclairs all set for you. Sorry I mean eight. I ate the others already. I’ll feed them to you?” “Sounds delightful. I think I need a double helping of that cream, to wash it down. Now shoo!” Amber strolled out and Millie admired the jiggle of her butt as she turned the corner. Millie sat back realizing this mess had been of her own doing. She didn’t want to split the money with her own husband, let alone a ne’er do well ingénue. But for now she would go with the flow, until she came up with a better plan. Her thoughts were interrupted by a long rumble in her belly. “Amber honey. Let’s hurry it up a bit.” Good as her word, Amber returned with a tray with the éclairs and two helpings of her now-famous cream drink. This time she had whizzed them in the blender. This, in an effort to disguise the fact she’d adjusted the recipe a bit. She was determined now to ensure their conspiracy succeeded. The ploy fooled her “cow” who sucked it back greedily. “Mmm. I like that. But you aren’t fooling anyone.” Before Amber could reply, she added. “You broke up the éclairs, so I wouldn’t notice there’s only enough there to make up six. You ate the other two didn’t you?” Amber nodded, as she fed the pieces to her lover one at a time. “Forgive me?” Millie nodded. “This drink makes up for it. Got enough ingredients for two more?” Amber nodded “I think so. Let’s get this into you first.” Millie devoured the last pieces and passionately sucked the remaining whipped cream of her roomie’s fingers.” A small drop of fluid emerged from Millie’s breast. Amber licked it off in her turn. Millie pushed her away gently. “I need my pills, first off. Then you promised me two more of those drinks.” Amber sped off and used the remaining ingredients to make two more. She carried them in and put them on the table. First, she gave Millie her pills and a glass of water. Then she added. “Special treat.” Millie smiled. “You mentioned some time ago about feeding me and milking me at the same time? I think it would be fun.” Amber gasped. “Really.” “Mmmhmm. But first I have a question. Are you really attracted to me?” Her lover paused half in and half out of the bed. “Of course. Why would you ask?” “Well I wasn’t sure if it was just this lactation thing. It was an accident-a happy accident, as it turns out. But you know it has to end eventually, right?” “Of course. It’s fun, but the end result...” She patted the plump rear she had acquired. “If it goes on much longer, I’ll be bigger than you.” Millie smirked as he ingénue opened the door. “So...are you attracted to the old me or what I’m becoming.” Amber confessed. “Both. Neither. It’s hard to explain...” Millie patted the bed and Amber sat. “No need. I’ve already figured it out. Tell me the truth-what is in the drink?” Amber’s mouth quivered a bit as she stuttered “I’m sorry. I was just trying...” Millie put her finger t her lips to shush her. “It’s okay-just tell me.” “Quart of heavy cream, cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup Quik, dash of nutmeg.” “And...?” “And a pound of lard in each one. I’m sorry I just wanted you...” Millie took her hand. “You were trying to say you want me to get fatter, but it’s not just for the money. “ She caressed her own bulging belly. “You really like this?” Amber nodded. “Not at first. I was a bit weirded out. You have to admit it takes a little getting used to.” Millie added. “You told me your mom was fat and busty.” She hefted her massive glands and probed. “This isn’t some Freudian thing is it?” “Freudian?” Amber sighed. “I fell for a former friend, that became an employer; who asks me to fatten up for a sham marriage? That’s the very definition of weird. But the honest I think I do have a bit of a boob fixation, because I can’t seem to grow my own.” Millie raised and eyebrow. “My original plan was to diet this off. I could just get lipo and leave these if you like?” Amber whitened. “No. Please...?” “I’m thinking I’m coming around to the idea that I may change my mind and stay this way. For you. But you need to say it out loud. If I stay fat will you stay with me?” Amber smiled. “That would please me so much, you have no idea.” “Then I’ll do it under certain conditions.” “Name it.” Millie picked up one of the drinks. “This is probably pretty fattening right?” Amber nodded. “New recipe-7000 calories each. About two pounds of gain for each one.” “Well down the hatch then.” Amber was shocked when Millie did not bring the glass to her own lips. Instead, she put one hand behind Amber’s head, and held the glass in front of her, ordering “Open up.” Amber was about to protest, but was cut off. “I’ll get fatter and stay that way for you, but you need to do the same. And you have some catching up to do. From now on, things will be different between us. Amber took the glass in both hands and sucked it back without protest. Millie felt her belly and smiled. “You still have room. But it’s my turn.” Millie arranged herself so that she could place Amber’s head in her lap. Then she took her own drink and advised. “Now we start.” Amber took the hint and began to suckle greedily as Millie tasted, then downed, her third uber-fattening drink. The tasks completed, Amber drifted off into slumber but her newly appointed feeder lay back and wondered how to unscramble an egg.
  11. Chapter 19 Twenty minutes later. Millie tapped her lover on the shoulder. “Come on sunshine. Feeding time.” Amber nodded and strolled into the kitchen. A moment later, Millie’s phone rang. On the other end, a voice offered. “Can I come over in an hour?” “Umm make it two will you. The place is a mess and Amber needs some time.” The voice at the other end simply said. “Two hours. No more.” Amber came in with her cream drink and a blueberry cheesecake. “Here you go.” Millie let her feed both of them to her and wiped her mouth greedily. Amber slid over. “Room for dessert?” She shook her head. “I have a surprise. My visitor is coming. I think you should stay this time.” The pair quickly cleaned up the apartment and each other. They sat patiently waiting. 10 am, 11, 11:30am. Millie finally threw her hands up in annoyance. “Son of a bitch! How dare he stand me...us up! I guess we might as well eat something.” As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Millie sighed as she opened it, scolding. “It’s about time...” She stood transfixed staring at a very handsome, but completely unknown young man. “Pizza?” Millie looked at Amber who shook her head. “Nope sorry . You must have the wrong apartment.” It was his turn to disagree. “You are Millie, yes?” “How did you know my name..?” He opened the pizza box. There was no pizza. Only two vials of pills. “The doctor was unable to come. I am here in his place.” Millie nodded. “I see. A subcontractor?” She took the vials and stood blocking the door. “Was there something else?” He smiled slyly. “Well there is the matter of my delivery fee. Unless you wish to complete our transaction in the corridor? I have no objection, but your neighbours might.” Amber snorted. “Fee? How much is it to do deliver no pizza these days?” Millie shushed her and pulled him in. She sized him up again. “So which one? Her or me?” Wordlessly, he started to disrobe. He motioned them to do likewise. Amber was naked in seconds, as was her boss. They eyed their visitor in anticipation. For his part, the young man was tall slim, well muscled and with all the equipment needed to do the task at hand. Millie waited for him to make the first move. When he made no effort to do so, she approached. “So who do you prefer. Me or her?” “Both.” “I was hoping you’d say that. Who’s first?” “Both.” He looked at Amber and nonchalantly offered. “I will be gentle with you, as it is your first time...” Before she could reply he added. “...with a man.” Millie blanched as her roomie blushed. “Really-is that true?” Amber shrugged. “I was saving myself for the right...person.” The young man crept closer. “Am I that person? Perhaps I should leave?” “And forfeit your fee?”Millie stood behind him and pressed him forward, until he was the meat in a feedee sandwich. “I won’t have word get out that I don’t pay my debts.” “Then perhaps we should proceed to the bedroom? And if what is trickling down my back is what I think it is, this is getting more intriguing by the minute.” That was the last thing he said for two hours. As he was dressing to leave, Amber pouted a bit. “You drank it. My milk.” Millie snorted. “You mean he drank my milk? And for my part, it was worth it.” “Maybe...”Amber stood and walked over to him and purred. “It was wonderful otherwise. Thank you.” He smirked.”I would say the pleasure was all mine, but that would not be the case. Now if you ladies will excuse me...” He opened the door and nodded in salute. Meanwhile, the ladies blurted out simultaneously. “Will you at least tell me your name? Will you be back? He looked at them one at a time and replied. “No and no.” Without another word, he closed the door and left. After a sigh, the next words were. “We are going to make a ton of food and you are going to feed me and fuck me, till I beg for mercy.” But it was Amber who said it. Millie walked over and kissed her on the cheek. “My pet. I think you have crossed over. I was thinking the same thing.” But the door had no sooner closed, when the phone rang. Millie had a good idea who it was, so began the conversation with “I’m only not cross with you for your tardiness because your substitute... The voice at the other end cut her off. “Shut up you fool. I’m not that Mexican errand boy.” “Oh...sorry.” “He will not be back. You were instructed to meet him alone for a reason. He is a valued asset and we must not let outsiders get a glimpse. From now on, your medications will arrive by courier. Get your head together." Millie tried to explain but the line went dead. “Well that’s me told.” Millie looked up to see that Amber was already in the kitchen getting their next round of gluttony prepared. She rubbed her breasts, advising. “Better save some room. Our new friend did not quite finish the job.”
  12. Chapter 18 The next six days redefined their relationship. First of all, there was no question of them sleeping apart from now on. Often, there was no question of them sleeping at all. Millie’s “condition” was in full force. By evening, she had become engorged 3 times-each time the pressure being relieved by her new lover’s eager lips. Since Millie had to wake up at midnight and 4am to take her medication, they scheduled her lactation routine in synch. At night, the pair would curl up together and Amber would drink her dry, as Millie purred in ecstasy. Then both sated, they would pass out in each other’s arms. Millie realized that she could actually lose weight doing this, so they needed to compensate. Doing a little online research, they figured she should produce about a quart of milk per day, totalling 700 calories. To compensate, at each of the five milkings, Amber would feed her a quart of heavy cream, mixed with brown sugar and Nestle’s Quik. Any one those drinks would have replenished her fluid and calcium loss. But with each serving, she also ingested 2500 calories. So, the net result was nearly 12,000 calories just from that. If she ate nothing else, Millie would gain 3 pounds a day. Amber was concerned that these drinks would spoil her appetite for solid food. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her metabolism was changing. The matchmaker was always hungry-her intake was really only limited by how much Amber could shop for and prepare and still allow a modicum of sleep. As a result, in those 6 days Millie gained 26 pounds. Her belly was stretching even more, so it had now swollen to 44”, a 4-inch improvement. But now, the rapid and repeated overfilling had striped her front and side with a series of stretch marks. Her butt had followed suit, adding 3” to its previous 49” tally. It was up top that the gluttony and unexpected “motherhood” had enhanced her breasts even more. They had grown to 66”. Her nipples were red and sore but a little cream would help that. For her part, Amber had only half-heartedly agreed to join her employer’s road to feedism. She enjoyed the attention, but really was not on board with the rest. If she had truly wanted to be bigger, she would have accepted Jay’s offer in the first place. The young woman was about to learn the difference between good intentions and reality. If she had been a better student, she would have paid attention in biology class. If b**s drink only mother’s milk and b**s are fat, it stands to reason that mother’s milk is fattening. The 700 calories a day she was sucking out of Millie had to end up somewhere. On top of that, she was sneaking a cream drink of her own at the midnight and 4 am feedings. Not to mention, she usually stopped for a burger and fries or a 4-piece chicken dinner for herself every time she went shopping. Which was every day, at this point. Amber could not understand her sudden and insatiable desire for food. But if she had paid attention in science class, when they discussed osmosis; she would have known better. Millie was not just expressing her life giving milk to her new lover. The grehlin-inducing hormones were fat soluable. That meant they were persistent in a woman’s body. Sweat, urine output would have no effect and normally the hormones would build steadily in her adipose tissue. But they could be excreted in her milk fat. Neither knew it, but Amber had already absorbed about 10% of Millie’s accumulated appetite supplements. By day 4, she would have eaten a phone book, if you put chocolate sauce on it. Suffice it to say that the reluctant apprentice gained a few pounds of her own in the same time. 11 pounds, to be precise. As in the past, it mostly landed in one place. At 26” her belly had added another inch, as it began to take on a decidedly hemispherical shape. Still no boobs yet; though. As before, her butt had absorbed the bulk of the caloric intake. As a result, her nether globes had swollen by another 3”, to 46”. As they curled up in each other’s arms, Millie sighed as the alarm went off. 8 am. “What is it this time? Feed me, milk me?” Amber toyed with her nipple. “Both. Maybe we could try to do them simultaneously?” Millie looked skyward. “My God! I feel like a cow. And I’ve got the udders to prove it.” Amber rolled her eyes. “At least you’ve got them. If you’re the cow, I’m the milking machine and it’s making me fatter every day. To make matters worse, it all ends up on my ass. I’m starting to look like a human bowling pin.” Pulling away Millie scowled. “Fair enough. Be so kind as to get me a breast pump when you shop today. We’ll just dump it down the drain.” Amber caressed her breast. “This way is easier. And more fun. Who am I kidding- I can’t stop, no matter how much I try” “Then stop trying.” Millie guided her nipple closer to Amber’s lips. “Hurry-I need this.” Amber smiled. “So do I.”
  13. Chapter 17 An hour later Amber stroked her new lover’s butt. And what a butt it was. So soft and supple. Millie moaned as she stroked it, caressing the softness of her skin. It was now dimpled with cellulite, but she didn’t care. Amber patted it softly and watched it jiggle. They had done a tally just this morning. Millie was finally on schedule, at 230 pounds. She now measured 61H-40-49. “You know, it’s only 7” bigger than mine and you outweigh me by 85 pounds.” Millie turned over and sighed. “That’s because most of ended up here. She held up one of her enormous breasts to Amber’s mouth. Careful, they are still tender. Amber sucked gently on the now-hardened nipple. The other breast was so large and soft, it simply subsided into the void under her armpit. Amber pressed closer and whispered. “Not all of it. She caressed down the expanse of her new lover’s soft, supple belly. She felt the same tender spot where the Mexican doctor had “educated” her. But Millie reached out too. This time her partner had one too. Not as plump, but they could correct that with time. Another half hour passes. Amber finally breaks her passionate embrace and offers. “Time to eat. If not you, me.” Millie began to flip over in the bed but Amber put a stop to eat. “No. That is, maybe later. I need to feed you.” The pair went out in the kitchen completely naked. Amber pointed to a chair and offered. “Sit please” Millie did so and Amber took a new carton of strawberry ice cream from the freezer and put it in the microwave. Millie frowned as the timer went past 2 minutes. “What are you doing-it’s going to melt.” Amber nodded. “That’s the whole point. Ice cream has lots of sugar, fat, flavour, so it’s tempting. But it’s cold, so takes forever to eat. This way is better.” She stuck her finger in and licked it. “Perfect. Now you.” Millie sucked the fluid greedily off her finger. “No funnel this time?” Instead of answering, Amber sat astride her. Within seconds, both of them were wet with desire. But that would keep. “Open up. Now hold still. We don’t want to spill any.” Despite her best efforts Amber did spill a little. “Little help?” She pointed at a blob of the ice cream that had landed on her tiny breast. Millie gleefully liked it off. “Oh-missed a spot.” But quite a bit more had landed on the feedee. Amber offered let me clean it up. Even a cat could not have licked her employer cleaner. Millie herself was purring in ecstasy, when Amber finally pushed herself away. “Don’t stop. Please.” Amber looked at the floor. It was covered in pink droplets already. She offered “I have two more. If I have to clean the floor anyway...” Without waiting for a reply, she practically sprinted to the fridge. “Blueberry okay this time?” Millie nodded. “Hurry.” The routine was repeated. A little more frenzied, a little messier this time round. Amber smiled greedily. “I saved the chocolate for last.” Millie nodded. When her newfound lover returned, this time Millie quickly stood and plunked her assistant in place. Grabbing the container, she pleaded. “Your turn.” Amber remained tight lipped at first. “Please.” “It’s not good for me.” Amber shook her head. “I’m eating too much junk already. If I’m not careful, I’m gonna get fat.” “Face it kiddo. You’re already fat. Who are you saving yourself for? Get bigger for me. Please.” “This is happening too fast. I’m scared.” “That makes two of us. Do it for me. Do it with me.” Amber closed her eyes, leaned back and let Millie pour the contents inside her. The warm fluid was refreshing, as was the reaction when she began to lick the spillage of her boss’ breast. But as Amber sucked it clean, something else happened. A small drop of liquid squirted from her breast. Amber looked down at Millie’s cleavage. The brown chocolate residue had a rivulet of whitish fluid coursing down her belly. Amber gasped. “Millie! Is that...milk?” It was. The hormones had no effect on chickens because they did not lactate. But Millie was fully equipped to do so and the small droplets were evidence of that. Millie looked down and wondered. “Maybe the pills? No wonder my boobs were so tender.” Amber gawked again. “I’m no expert, but that needs to come out, one way or another.” Nodding in agreement, Millie stood, then sat on the floor. She guided her co-diner to the floor and placed her head in her lap. Next, she gently guided her nipple toward Amber’s mouth. “I don’t know about the “other” way, but this is the best one I can think of. Please don’t fight me on this. Help me-my boobs are really sore.” “Fight you?” Amber smirked. “Are you kidding? I would be delighted...” Millie cut her off by stuffing her nipple in as far as it would go. “Take it. Take it all! Please. Oh yes! God that feels good.” About twenty minutes have passed. Both women lay gasping in the throes of passion. They were now completely covered in three flavours of melted ice cream “soup”. Millie sighed in contentment. “What now?” “Well, hate to break up this party, but I need to clean up this mess. Why don’t you take a shower in the meantime?” Millie shook her head. “Nope. We do both of them together.” “As for my booty calls. I could arrange for you to be a part of that. Or even better...us?” “Does that interest you?” Amber nodded. “You know it does.” “Well, our friend likes girls who are a little plumper than you. Luckily, we have 6 days to work on it.”
  14. Chapter 16 The three-month mark has passed. Millie took a moment to look over her “assistant”. The past twelve weeks had not been so good to Amber. She was obviously a high-maintenance beauty. Now, with no makeup, no fake nails and the roots of her natural brown hair showing through, she looked rather frumpy. The mismatched hoodie and track pants did not help. Amber realized that the outfit was not at the leading edge of fashion. But she was really trying to hide something else. Her current duties meant she’d had to forgo her former rigorous workout schedule. On top of that, she was surrounded by food day and night; often succumbing to a tasty temptation more than she should have. The extra calories were beginning to add up. In fact, she’d gained 25 pounds. Her face was still thin and her arms were still well-defined with muscle tone. Sadly, her bust line was only 31”, so he still had no breasts to speak of. But her once-flat stomach now had a proto pot belly, as her waist had thickened to 25”, a 4” gain. Even in her slimmer days, her hips had taped out at 38”. She’d always been careful to dress strategically enough to disguise her pear shape. But this was ridiculous! No sweat pants could completely conceal the 42” globes, jiggling underneath. Millie could not help staring, but Amber caught her. “What you looking at?” “I’m looking at your butt. How round and plump it’s getting.” “I know. I’m not really feeling all that great about myself lately. I’m lonely for well-you know.” “No. I don’t. Tell me please.” “I know you have been getting something besides pills in those weekly visits. You’ve been kicking me out to get getting booty calls. Don’t bother to deny it; your guy was here for an hour and a half yesterday. I saw the sign out sheet.” “Hmmm that was fifty bucks wasted I guess.” Amber wrinkled her brow. “Fifty bucks on what?” “Never mind that.” Millie scolded. “Aside from the fact you and my doorman have been spying on me, you’re jealous. Can you not understand how vulnerable I feel right now? I’ll ask again? Want to trade places?” She frowned, on the verge of tears. “In a way, I feel we already have. I’m actually getting better at cooking, but it’s too hard to make as many meals as you need and make a healthier one for myself. So I end up eating the same things as you, only less of course. It is getting harder to resist temptation though.” “On top of that, I’m not getting my workouts. I’m getting fat and it’s all your fault. At least my mom got boobs out of it but...no. It all ends up on my ass. Partly to thank him for his help, I actually propositioned the doorman yesterday, just to get some attention.” Smirking, Millie resisted the temptation to laugh and asked. “You and the ...doorman?” “Not exactly.” Amber began to cry a little. “I practically threw myself at him while I was waiting for your lover to leave. He turned me down.” That got Millie’s attention. “He what?” “Laughed in my face actually. What has my life come to? A billionaire rejected me because I was too thin and now a redneck doorman turned me down because I was too fat.” Millie could stand it no longer and giggled uncontrollably. “Oh honey, I’m sorry. It’s just the absurdity of this whole situation.” Amber pouted. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t see the humour in this? Besides, you’re one to laugh. Looked in the mirror lately?” Millie had a moment of clarity and sighed. “Amber, I need to tell you something. Once I do, you may not want to speak to me ever again.” Amber blanched. “What is it?” “This time I’ve spent with you has made me realize how important you are to me. As an employee, as a friend. Maybe more...” “More?” “I’m just going to come out and say it. I never married, because I wasn’t entirely sure whether I could be faithful, married to a man. I’m attracted to both sexes equally, but I’ve had to suppress it due to my business. I was drawn to you the moment you signed on with me and the extra pounds just make it more so. I think I’ve fallen in love with you.” Amber stood quickly. “I-think I need to go to my room.” She crept away as Millie started to well up. But her roomie was just standing there. Millie shrugged. “What?” “Well-aren’t you coming?” “What...me. You mean...?” “I’ve been trying to tell you this for ages. When I kept telling you to cover up-I wasn’t grossed out. It turned me on. Then, getting the chance to touch you when I fed you or measured you up... ” “Laying on your lap, getting fed like a queen was the highlight of my day. Then when you said you were going to your room...” “Yeah that’s because your bed is covered with cake crumbs and I haven’t had time to clean yet. Now hurry up. You’re overdue for a feeding and we aren’t messing up both beds.”
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