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  1. As a girl with a waist of similar size to your smallest.... You look incredible. So, so inspiring.
  2. You are right, I just meant that for me personally, I feel much sexier with a bit of weight on me. My sex drive and confidence kind of rocket 😊 I wanted to apologise for the break, its just that I'm struggling to keep my eye on the goal 100% of the time. A good friend suggested I find an interested feeder or mutual feedee, to keep my eye on the prize, as it were. If anyone were interested, and especially if you live in Scotland or the rest of the UK, do let me know! As much as my partner isn't into me being so skinny, he can be hesitant about encouraging me outright. Just because he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable, I think. But it'd be really good to chat to someone as into all this as I am and I am happy to mutually encourage etc etc 😊 For now, I've set myself a goal to gain 2kg in the next month. To me that is a huge deal, I know it won't seem so for lots of people around here, but that's 3-4% of my current body weight so it should be noticeable! Plus stretching my appetite would be helpful. I'm trying to explore foods I haven't had in a while and at the moment, it's mostly dessert, so that's great fun.... All of the cheesecake!! Anyway I hope you guys are all good, apologies again for the absence but I'd rather have meaningful updates to my thread than just doing it for the sake of it.
  3. Finally got a minute to take some pictures this morning... Working long hours in healthcare can be tough! But, I'm actually getting to the point where I genuinely like my life. It's been hard for me to post here because my weight is very slightly up (1kg since December). As much as I prepared and as much as I want this deep down, my anorexia is having a total strop, telling me the more space I inhabit, the less I am worth. That the more beautiful I see myself, the more deluded I am. The less bones I see, the more of a failure I am. Anorexia is fucking hard. But I've been trying so much to distract and remind myself that there are many strong and beautiful women who have done this before me. I won't lie, @HungrylilKitty's progress has given me a huge boost of inspiration this week. I've had a huge amount of pressure from my family, growing up, but she is giving me hope that, if she can, I too can overcome even the most difficult setbacks. I really like this community and there are some wonderful people here. @goodgirlgrow Was another inspiration for me, even years ago as a lurker / relapsed feedee. Plus, of course, the many guys and girls observing and reminding me that being curvy/ fat/ chubby/ comfortable is one of the sexiest ways to be. Hope you guys all have an awesome weekend. I'll post pics when there's any progress! And maybe in-between too. I do like sharing my cooking and baking 😁 Ps please excuse the state of my room. Scotland is bloody cold and I was in a rush to get pics before hypothermia set in 😂
  4. Just to say, as many others already have, you look truly stunning at whatever size. I'm in the early stages of my own gaining journey (mid-20s female here) and, like yourself, have a long history with an eating disorder. They zap everything good out of life. I'm really glad to see and hear that you're doing better and just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to keep going again, today. Look forward to seeing more of your journey!
  5. Somehow missed this! Being bi I am a huge fan of boobs in any form, but especially the bigger 😎 I also find bellies really cute and sexy. I like wide hips on women but have no idea how I'd be about that on myself. It'd take some getting used to, given my usual frame. The only place I'm really worried about gaining on in particular is my face. But I think a lot of people worry about that.
  6. Hey guys, Life has been a pain in the arse recently but don't worry. I've been making cookies. I'll update ASAP with body pics.
  7. Thank you! I feel excited and turned on by the thought of being bigger. I have done since I was a teenager, but due to my eating disorder (which came about, in part, out of shame for wanting to be bigger in a society where that isn't OK) I've gone through many phases of denying myself to even think about it as a possibility, or to pretend that it isn't part of my sexuality. Twelve years later and when I do let myself fantasise, I feel more strongly about it than ever, so.... I guess this is who I am. I think people will be surprised, honestly. But that seems kind of fun. I'm quite sensitive to criticism from my family for personal reasons, but outside of that, can find teasing or making remarks sexy. I hope that makes some sort of sense 😂
  8. A couple of my meals from this week.... We've been short on time and quite busy, which might explain why my weigh-in shows my weight is stable this week. BUT, my partner has suggested adding desserts in this coming week, so watch this space 😁 I had my first piece of cake in a long time on Friday and it was rather addictive.... Hope you're all getting through the dreariness of January.... It's my least favourite month but at least the weather here in Scotland is perfect for comfort food!
  9. The way she grabs her belly at the end! Too cute.
  10. Hey guys, hope you've all enjoyed your weekend! Because my partner and I both love to cook, we've decided that we are going to go back to something we used to do before the madness of Christmas. Each week when meal planning for dinner, one of us picks a theme, usually a certain type of cuisine, e.g. Japanese, French, Vietnamese and so on. It was my turn to pick this week's theme and normally I'd have gone for something as light as possible. Buuut, thanks to feeling a bit better and some encouragement from you guys and my other half, I picked Indian food! I've been craving creamy curries for months, so most nights this week that's what we are planning to have 😁 If it would be of interest, I could update you guys with pictures of our meals this week. Otherwise I can just take some pictures at the end of the week, when I might be able to see any effects of eating more freely 😊
  11. I have never had one, but was thinking about it the other day..... Scotland is pretty great for fried food in general 😁
  12. Unfortunately my mother is an angry tory 😂 but I'm past trying to please her. It's only brought me more than a decade of pain.
  13. Surely my being on this site, talk about previous gains and my sexuality around that, plus explicit mention of numbers a lot higher than where I am now would kind of indicate that I'm into this whole gaining thing? I get that it might seem a weird place for me to come, but as I said, I've been around here for years, on and off. I know what to expect. Plus, even if I were to use my thread here as some body positive encouragement, what's so wrong with that? Everyone here has different preferences, we're not all into ssbbws. Some people do like slight curves. And regardless, it's been good for me before to know that no matter how much I might struggle with a changing body, others will still appreciate it. I hope that clears some stuff up.
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