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    Phenomenal video! And I just wanted to say that I also absolutely love your hair in this video!
  1. It's possible a thread like this already exists and I apologies if it does but I've had this on my mind recently: 'If you have come out about your fetish to someone how did you go about it? What did you/ they say?' I'm hyper aware that my fetish can be considered unusual and weird by some to the point where I am extremely private about it and don't talk about it to anyone irl. The only time I found I was able to reveal it (through great difficulty mind you) was when I was at a small party of friends and we all got drunk and went around the circle to share our fetishes and kinks. I was the last person to reveal mine which helped as someone else had a much crazier fetish that brought the attention away from me. But that was a really specific example. I'm just interested in hearing your stories about it, when did you decide to reveal it to them, what was their reaction, were you nervous? If I ever find myself in a long term relationship I want my desires to be known early on but I have no idea about how I would go about that. It's kinda funny how private I am about it and how much anxiety it gives me to reveal that part of my sexuality, to the point where it was actually easier to come out of the closet lol.
  2. I've mentioned it before in another post but for me the number one thing I find attractive is actually the process of gaining weight rather than just the size or number. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer bigger women, I really love big bellies and in a way the bigger the better for that. But yeah really I find any kind of weight gain attractive, I think I find a small girl going from 60kg (132lbs) to 64kg (141lbs) almost as attractive as someone who is 136kg (300lbs) to 140kg, (308lbs) just the idea of the process turns me on. Although If I HAD to choose I guess I prefer girls from anywhere between 80kg (176lbs) to 110kg (242lbs).
  3. Hmm I wouldn't say I've ever been conventionally 'attracted' the skinny women. Yes I've always been able to see the beauty in thin women but I find for me the most attractive thing is the process of gaining weight, so really I guess they could potentially be any size (although I definitely prefer them to be bigger lol). So for instance, say there was a skinny girl that I knew who was stick thin with nothing on her. I wouldn't find her attractive. However if she gained just a little bit of noticeable weight, like just a tiny little pudgy belly or perhaps some clothes that don't quite fit as well as they used to but are still considered very thin, then I would start finding them attractive. However that's really fueled by the idea of them rather than their actual looks.
  4. Yaaay!!! I'm proud of her, this should be exciting! (Plus she also looks as though she struggled to put that dress on!)
  5. I'll admit I kind of agree, I've followed this thread for a long time and I don't think she's necessarily lost weight but I really don't think she's gained much either, at least not in a long time. She's plateaued it seems for now and has been roughly this size for a while. I fully think she has the capability to easily gain more especially as she gets older but for now she seems to have reached a pause in any substantial news in regards to her weight, gain or loss.
  6. I mean hey I don't see why we can't post stories from comics here unless there is another thread dedicated to it? Otherwise this thread could be just straight up "weight gain in media properties" or something like that, I'd be down.
  7. Yeah she posted a bunch of clips from her live show today, this is another good one:
  8. Well if you like her boobs jiggling this is the video for you lol, lots of nice full body shots here as she moves and dances around in different style reminiscent of songs throughout the series. Additionally she wears a white dress near the end of the song which is clearly a little too small/ tight fer her, as her back fat spills out a little. I'm not sure if shes worn that dress before, if she has it might be interesting to see a comparison
  9. Can't help but feel like that's bait for her to insult people who send dic pics idk
  10. ehh I will say that knowing or observing that someone is gaining weight does indeed make it sexier for me, I would even say that my kink is more the process and transformation of getting fat than just being fat. But I also agree that sometimes it can get pretty out of hand on how determined people are to point it out
  11. Oh and also a gif that I figured some of you might enjoy as well!
  12. I noticed nothing has been posted as of late but there seems to be new episodes? from what I've seen there is nothing much to write home about but eh figured I'd post stuff anyway, I mean one common thing is that her boobs are as huge as ever lol and screenshots as well
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