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  1. It's nice to see some Asian beauty in here. Drink heavy cream (2 quarts daily) and eat 2 pounds of M&Ms daily and you'll gain the amount of weight you desire. How about using these as props in your photos?
  2. She's gonna mount red safety lights on that ass. When she backs up they will flash and a sound will be heard "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP".
  3. THANK YOU for communicating with your Fat Admirer fandom to let us know you're OK !!!  I've been watching for you in Curvage and C4S.  To say you're so hot you steam up my glasses is putting it mildly.  One word of unsolicited advice: Always Pay Yourself First.  SAVE at least 10% of each paycheck.  It builds up and will empower you !!!  For example, I did the saving and built up $800 for my Galaxy S9 smartphone.  Next, I saved 10% until I'd purchased a training program that will create self employment income no boss can control.  In time, I'll work from home only for myself to keep the profits.  Like a massive  weight gain, your finances will grow much BIGGER. BTW - keep EATING baby girl, you turn me ON - I want your hubby to hear the floorboards creaking under you when you REALLY get big !!!💕😊👍


  4. I must confess that I've been a little skeptical about your "staying power" on this weight gain scene. But when I saw you sitting between 2 super fatties my heart rejoiced. They were putting their weight gain "blessing energy" into you. I've seen this magical energy transfer twice before and each time the recipient gained a spectacular amount of weight. And when I read about how you told your family you'd gained more than 100 pounds ON PURPOSE it drove me wild with desire for you. I want to watch you grow even bigger than Reenaye Starr. You're gonna get so fat your lover will have to reinforce the furniture with bricks to withstand your heaviness !!! 💕😊👍
  5. She stole my heart in the first Spider Man movie.
  6. This lovely young woman is WIFE material. I'd love to take her to church and invite her over for Sunday dinner to meet my folks. They'd love her too !!!
  7. I'm REALLY happy to see you posting this!!! You are so mysterious. I've been so curious about your weight gain and lusting for MORE PIX. Anyway, THANKS for the 40 Pounds fatter- and know that you are loved by many many Fat Admirers !!!
  8. Thanks - this is exciting news !!! Until your BigCuties site comes online, where can we new Fat Admirer fans see/learn more about your weight gain ???
  9. I've wanted to see a Fat Morph of Bryce Dallas Howard for years. THANKS for such great and realistic work !!!
  10. I'm really grateful to you guys who are in the know about these matters who can EXPLAIN the terrible events of TUMBLR. For months I've endured the SAFE MODE tyranny. -- not knowing where to turn for explanation of any kind. As a Fat Admirer and Feeder I've downloaded TONS of big fat women on TUMBLR. My only hope is that some NEW website(s) will be created for our favorite NSFW content. Hey you guys --- THANKS again for your help understanding this. 😟😡👍
  11. She looks like a skinny girl who found out her new husband's fantasy was to fatten her up. She put him in complete control of her body and this weight gain is the result.
  12. I've had strong feelings for BDH since she was in Spiderman. So very pretty with pale blond hair. Her most alluring was in the Terminator movie. I'd LOVE to FATTEN HER UP !!!
  13. rotwang

    Nicki Minaj

    I just found the term "FAT TRANSFER" at a plastic surgeon's website. So I even more strongly believe that "mega ass" models like Myesha Boulton are artificially made. Any COMMENTS?
  14. rotwang

    Nicki Minaj

    I think NM is gaining her own fat to have it RE-injected. The goal is to grow super huge ass/hips/thighs. Like the mysterious Myesha Boulton who "somehow" transformed from an apple shaped fatty into the tiny waisted giant assed model. QUESTION- I've searched in vain for this type of plastic surgery. Several other models of all races but Asian have exhibited this steatopygia look. Does ANYONE have INFO about such plastic surgery ???
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