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  1. Hi folks ! I have recently found out this lovely all chubby ebony lady (she must be around 35 Y.O) who has a Youtube channel dedicated to "plus-size clothing" fashion. She likes to wiggle around in lovely dresses, lovely skirts, and as a result I think she is really promoting these outfits for BBW girls who want to be sexy !... I especially love the 3rd (the most recent one) video, where she is swingin'herself in a pretty fancy and very exciting way 😛😍 >
  2. Wooh, I really fancy this all chubby and charming lady 😍, all the more that she seems being humble, not being presomptuous like so many pretty curvy girls are nowadays... In this short video, some another nice views of her >
  3. Wow, stunning mature woman with very generous curves and pretty smile ! 😍
  4. How could we resist to this sexy all chubby "plus size" fashion model when she is teasing like that ? Well... I can't...
  5. Well, I don't know exactly in which topic posting theses ones (and don't have enough new material to start a new topic), so I share these few photos of Russian BBW girls here. I guess you will probably love them anyway >
  6. From XLAsians.com website > Perfect generously shaped Japanese girl, whose name I don't know >
  7. Wooh, she's tremendously desirable... The living dream of all BBW fan men we are ! P.S : I definitely LOVE "Semantic"
  8. Same Dominican girl in video, at the top of her thickness >
  9. Don't know their names, but wow, they are just "quietly hot" >
  10. And also (mostly I would see) bigger (natural) boobs !
  11. Chesty girl ! (Although her arms are proportionnally too thins guess no one would say "No" ) : Classic (almost vintage) looking and so charming curvy blond woman :
  12. She looks so sad, who would like to consolate her ? (me, me, as a start !...) > Her eyes send an appeal, no ? > ...And with these ones, guess we would also be happy...>
  13. Couldn't find a topic about this all chubby charming ebony model, so I create one, she's really gorgeous, the living dream of all chubby girls lovers ! >
  14. Wow, she is a genuine dream BBW girl ! Nice lingeries wear vidéo > http://hmongbuy.net/video/4qSQVFyOHUA A few screen captures I did from her Instagram account >
  15. Think Tess Holiday has gone really too far since her pregnancy and the birth of her baby : from a generous and sexy Chubbiness she was perfectly depicting to a real Obesity... I don't exactly know her personnality but don't like some political ideas she's pushing forward on her Facebook page... Wasn't she, by far, more sexy and physically attractive 3/4 years ago when she was like this ? >
  16. What an ass ! This girl is Jasmine Valonia, somteimes nicknamed "Jasmine Jakarta" because she's Indonesian > Can't see if she has a cutie face, but I especially love the "all chubby" body of this girl, with generous arms perfectly matching with her very generous curves >
  17. Hey man, this has been just a few months I joined this forum, and I just see your thread now. I love Allie Pearson and have collectionned a few free pics of her taken out from XL Girls or Score in 2014 ans 2015 (as far as I remember). Check them out > The last one being dedicated to "fat arms lovers" (like me) >
  18. Could the forum's staff merge this post with previous one please ?
  19. Don't know her nicknames, but...Woww, no real need of it to admire their generous "chubbiness" in fact !...>
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