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  1. Lovely face, with charming smile, big breast and wide hips with heavy bottom and chubby legs : how could we ask more ?? 😉
  2. Scene's nickname of this attractive American BBW, is an hommage to Alice Prin, a famous French artist (cabarets singer & dancer, painter...) of Paris-Montparnasse in the beginning of 20th century > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Prin Here is her website, with photos & videos Gallery > https://kikilachanteuse.com/gallery And her Instagram > https://www.instagram.com/kikilachanteuse/. She is also on Twitter > @KikiLaChanteuse And with this video on Facebook, you can check that she really is a singer ! >
  3. Super chubby streap dancer, Folks 😎. Third video is the one I prefer ! 😍
  4. Look how thick and sexy is this somewhat shy girl :
  5. Et "en prime" il y en a un autre, ici ! 😉
  6. Gilles

    Amber Nova

    I volonteer to arrange it so that : one has to "devote" himself, isn't it ?? 😎🙂😉
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