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  1. Look how thick and sexy is this somewhat shy girl :
  2. Et "en prime" il y en a un autre, ici ! 😉
  3. Gilles

    Amber Nova

    I volonteer to arrange it so that : one has to "devote" himself, isn't it ?? 😎🙂😉
  4. Morgan Louise is an extraordinary woman : combining a smiling charming and "spiritual"face with insane curve and chubiness. What more could we ask for ? Merely a paradise girl for all feminine cuves lovers ! 😍 😍
  5. Ok, maybe in this case should you have named the topic "Contribution from Heisenberg" to make it clear at first sight ? Anyway, I try to move my post towards the topic "An actual contribution from Gilles" and if impossible thanks by anticipation to one of the forum administrators for doing it 😉
  6. To me, her original " generous chubbiness" has gone too far (now to a real morbid obesity). What a pitty, she was by far more attractive, more sexy, when she was like this, 3 years ago, shaped like a very generous Coke classic glass bottle (just a personal feeling of course, I repect all 2way of feelings" regarding this) >
  7. Hope this is the good topic for posting these (randomly found on the Web) few photos, and that you will like them >
  8. Her smile is really charming 😎 (and so her curves, although she would be even more attractive with 10kg / 22 lbs more, especially filling her hips and breast !)
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