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  1. Flat tyres, curvy rider. Cute Bianchi city-bike
  2. There’s another thread: http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/23246-moloweez/
  3. Don’t know honestly, before starting the thread I did as usual a word search for “moloweez” here in the forum in order to make sure that no older dedicated threads were open, but the only find was this post of yours: http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?topic=36.msg172350#msg172350 If there is another dedicated thread with a different nickname they can get merged, as usual.
  4. I’d say it’s intentional, as you say she seems to be too comfortable with her body, I’d also say too narcissist to lose control of her weight.
  5. I saw it, but you know what? Her face is so outrageously cute that I could not post a photo with her face cropped
  6. The latest pictures were taken by a professional photographer, therefore I think she is going to start a career as plus-size model, or at least to try it. Anyway, no info are available in her Tumblr.
  7. Take a deep breath, my friend, 2015 photos are coming, and this is serious stuff
  8. One of the prettiest faces seen so far, with long, brown, and sleek hair, two green eyes to die for, explosive breasts and round buttocks. http://moloweez.tumblr.com/ Pictures, in chronological order, are from May 2011 to now. In 2015 she went through a massive weight gain: I hope it’s not a problem for you
  9. About Courtney’s article, I especially loved this passage: I'm someone who struts around the house most days in only my underwear and a crown :
  10. Last week I read an article in the Italian main newspaper “Corriere della Sera” about plus-size modelling and, together with several pictures of famous plus-size models, there was one of BigCutieBritt. As you can easily imagine, there were tons of disgusted —and disgusting— comments (Italy is the country of fashion and skinny ladies). Of course, it was impossible for the article’s author to understand that one thing is plus-size modelling and another is adult webmodelling, as well as curvy, chubby, or BBW are not the same thing. For her they were only obese ladies without any sense of ridicule. Anyway, I was surprised that she posted a Britt’s photo instead of Courtney’s, not because Britt isn’t cute enough, but because the queen of BBW webmodels, the most legendary of all, is just Courtney.
  11. Her name is Karina but she asked me to take her Northern Goddess page down since she didn’t want to share anymore her photos . It was a shame, as she is one of the most impressive beauties of the web, and by starting a professional career with BigCuties, BigHotBombshells, MercedesBBW, or even with Manuel Barrancos’ women, she might have gotten one of the most legendary BBW webmodels :. Hence, as an act of loyalty towards her I can’t share any of her pictures, however, since the video is not hers but Aventura’s and she just has an appearance in it, here it is :
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