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  1. With that note, here is her tumblr: https://www.tumbex.com/bigbellylover919.tumblr/photo
  2. Funny Instagram video of Cecily, that is parodying the recent "Permit Patty" video. (For context, Permit Patty is this viral video about a lady in San Francisco calling the cops on a young girl who had been yelling outside her apartment for hours trying to sell bottles of water.)
  3. She posted this picture to her instagram, saying that she has never seen a more accurate picture of herself.
  4. Since the beginning I’ve continuously thought she’d quit any day now. She posted so many updates at first that I thought she’d burn out. Then as time goes on I kept thinking “oh I bet that will be as big as she’ll ever get and then level off.” But time and time again I’ve been proven wrong. And I’m certainly not mad at that! 😅
  5. Happened upon this gif from what appears to be a couple episodes back according to the above posts. Anyone have more screenshots of this? Or a gif that doesn't have superimposed text?
  6. And here are some screenshots I gathered from the first two episodes of Legion. Let me know if I should continue on through the other episodes getting more. Nice arms in the above picture.
  7. Definitely a big fan of Rachel's body. I had planned to do a screen shot series of Legion back in January, but looks like DanishFan beat me to it a little bit, lol. Here are some random finds I found through Google.
  8. As well as a few other ones of her that I've found since my last post in July. Looks like there might be a couple older ones, so these aren't in chronological order. (But the ones that are would be a reverse from newest to oldest since July 17)
  9. Just found a new picture of her that is pretty great. Looks like she might be filling out a little bit again, which is nice to see. Edit: Looks like it was from last fall. But still a great one of her.
  10. I posted a few screenshots of that interview last September.
  11. Her face is definitely a lot more fuller than last years picture. The double chin has definitely grown. But to be all CSI like... I downloaded the two images and measured widths. First by trying to get the ratios of things that wouldn't change like the distance between eyes. Surprisingly was roughly the same for both. And then measured the width of her at a couple points... She was definitely bigger; roughly 10% increase in width. (I spent maybe two minutes doing that, so who knows how accurate and realistic the CSI-ing actually is)
  12. Yeah, the camera angles didn’t add all the weight she gained. But she is right that the angle of pictures people take from the audience will make her face look fuller than when compared to if the photographer and camera is coming from a higher angle. A low angle will squish the face vs a high angle will stretch and thin out the face and neck. And I’m sure there are angles in still photography that are more slimming overall. But the camera doesn’t add weight. And filming doesn’t allow for slimming since it is in motion.
  13. Here are a few screenshots from the Ellen video
  14. What is the time difference between the pictures?
  15. Yeah, I’ve always found her pretty attractive. Which surprises me since in TFA she was much skinnier than I usually prefer. But I definitely enjoy the slightly thicker version of her as well.
  16. Yeah, I thought she would have still had a couple months to go. Surprised we didn’t get more pictures of her during her pregnancy.
  17. Just started watching The Gifted, and one of the main characters is rather thick. She reminds me a bit of Hayden Panettiere and Chloe Moretz. Here are some pictures I found from a google image search. I tried to make sure that they were all from when she was 18.
  18. Now she has always been quite thin. But the other night on Colbert's show she was noticeably pregnant. And had gained quite a bit of weight in comparison to how pregnant she actually is. I couldn't find out how far along she is... but if I were to guess I would say about half way through? Seems like her appearance on Colbert's show was the first reveal of her pregnancy.
  19. Seems even bigger than a month ago... But again, at that size and unique shape it is hard to tell.
  20. Saw her on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night. Can't tell if she has actually gained weight or not since dress is a little poofy as well. Seemed like she might have after checking out a video of her on Jimmy Fallon's show from a month ago. I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea, not really mine either. But thought people would be interested. Especially since the character she plays has gotten WLS.
  21. I feel like Abbi has lost some weight while Ilana looks like she has gained some weight.
  22. A couple more I just found, not recent ones though.
  23. Thought she would already have a topic, but couldn't find one when searching. She isn't particularly curvy, but she definitely has shown potential. Also for those that like pregnancy bellies, she definitely had a nice big belly.
  24. Nice little update on Milana! Here is a link to the gif if it isn't cooperating, since it is over 7mb.
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