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  1. Actually, I am thrilled about all the curvage models including GGG contributing to Women of Curvage. I was not suggesting changing Women of Curvage at all. Just asking if there might be an unserved niche.
  2. Back in the day the "paysite promotion" section had women who were aiming to make money selling pictures and videos. "Women of curvage" had women who were looking for attention or perhaps relationships plus a few guys bragging about their girlfriends. Curvage has created a forum for women to sell videos, which has been a huge success at creating great content. But these women who are basically advertising their curvage (and other) vids have taken over "women of curvage". The occasional shy girl who finally gets the courage to post a pic hoping to chat with someone gets lost. Could we have a section for women who are not in any way trying to sell vids? It would be way less active than "women of curvage" but that is the point.
  3. Bingo arms. They bring good luck in addition to being sexy.
  4. lurkrul


    Makes sense to me. Fat girls are larger and easier to spot from way up there. Cool hobby. How long does to take to learn to do this?
  5. Anybody know what happened to Wilan. Wasn't he from Finland?
  6. You and your lady are smart talented people and you have a great future ahead of you. The immediate future future is not easy but we all are pulling for you. My deepest sympathy.
  7. And why isn't it Food Network more often?
  8. Could someone please post morphs of AOC at 200, 300, and 400 pounds? (in a bikini) I need to see these before I can comment on her politics.
  9. The weight loss sites always say it is impossible to spot reduce so it logically follows that it is impossible to spot gain. But getting fatter should everywhere including your belly fatter.
  10. lurkrul

    Lindy West

    She is promoting her books so has been on several shows. If you don't like her politics mute the sound. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/voukrg/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah-lindy-west---counteracting-dangerous-myths-with--shout-your-abortion----extended-interview
  11. For a curvage woman she is in top physical condition.
  12. Weight lifting builds conditioning and strength which helps a woman (or man for that matter) carry additional weight. Azimiss used to talk her weight lifting and I think it helped her looks too. So hit the weights Loey but don't skimp on the food. You look gorgeous. (Yes, I know she doesn't read this)
  13. In the video posted on 10/12 at 3:10 she notes that the buttons are fake so they don't pucker because " as a curvier girl I have problems with that" I'll bet she does.
  14. No but she looks a lot happier fat.
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