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  1. I just hope he isn't a dick and won't trade her in for some skinny supermodel bitch.
  2. I for one would love it if there was an easier way to quote part of a post without going through and deleting all of the pictures/text that you don't want to quote. Not sure if it's even possible but that would be awesome.
  3. It is almost unbelievable that the woman in this picture was crowned Miss America just a few years ago. She looks more like a cute soccer mom who can't put down the cookies.
  4. Well, I hope this comes true. If I'm going to have to see and hear this insufferable young woman everywhere I go for the foreseeable future, then I guess she might as well have a chubby belly and a fat ass.
  5. Or you have a very good imagination.
  6. You know, if she got chubby then at least she would have one redeeming quality. Eat, Lizzie, eat!
  7. Lt. Chubs

    Female wrestlers

    Which wrestler is this?
  8. Lt. Chubs

    Frankie Essex

    Beautiful belly, but face? Eh, not so much.
  9. This is truly a good story. Actually has a bit of a plot and the characters are believable and likeable. So much better than 90% of these stories where they are repetitive, unrealistic, and boring. Not to mention that you actually have bothered to use correct punctuation. It should be interesting to see your plans for it going forward. Just out of curiosity, and it's fine if you'd rather not say, what kind of work do you do?
  10. Seems like an accurate assessment. Well done.
  11. Lt. Chubs

    Selena Gomez

    Do you know her personally or something? Anyways, she is looking pretty soft and toneless here. Perfectly doughy.
  12. I'm curious what I am missing here? Is there some kind of backstory that I just don't know? Why do these people hate you and want to kill you? I'm very confused.
  13. Emilia Clarke is the only one I recognize, but if the others are of a similar quality then you are really quite good.
  14. Lt. Chubs

    Frankie Essex

    Looks like it might be time to update my profile picture before too long. Never figured she'd slim down for long. She seems too lazy and greedy to keep the weight off.
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