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  1. Maybe the fact that these girls (and guys, but a girl in this particular case) are naturally greedy and a bit physically lazy, so when they inevitably get fat, rather than workout or diet, it's much easier to just become "body positive" and thus suddenly become immune to criticism whilst remaining free to eat to excess.
  2. Dangerously anorexic to morbidly obese. This girl's poor doctor must be tearing out his/her hair. "Well Megan, the good news is that you're no longer in danger of dying from malnourishment. The bad news is that you're now a greedy glutton who is heavily overweight and only getting fatter! Seriously girl, couldn't you just have found a healthy middle ground somewhere?!"
  3. Hey, do you have any fresh pictures of your fiance?
  4. This is pretty hot, to the point where it almost seems like it has to be fake. Everything is just too perfectly sexy. But either way, it's pretty well-written and entertaining.
  5. Yeah, you ain't kidding there. That's quite the porky belly she's got. And I can see from your GIF that she's starting to waddle now, too. Like I said, I don't think this greedy little eater has gained her last pounds yet.
  6. This chick has been eating GOOD!! She's gonna have a full double belly within two years, mark my words.
  7. Nope, just tell the government that you're offended and oppressed. They'll fall all over themselves trying to give you free stuff. And everyone else pays for it. It's really awesome.
  8. Yeah, she’s a very attractive girl. Had no idea she'd gotten so chubby, but that only makes it even better. P.S. Sure am glad I am not a loser. And I sure do love winning. Not tired of it yet.
  9. Welp, at least she's got her looks and wonderful spelling/grammar to fall back on whenever she gets sad like this.
  10. This is simply something I'm curious about: would you guys/girls describe your political/social viewpoints as more liberal or more conservative, or just something you don't really care about? My views are definitely quite conservative on most things, but I'm curious about others with this attraction to bigger women/men.
  11. Well, I bet she can really box out with that fat ass. Running, on the other hand? Eh, maybe not so much.
  12. I just hope he isn't a dick and won't trade her in for some skinny supermodel bitch.
  13. I for one would love it if there was an easier way to quote part of a post without going through and deleting all of the pictures/text that you don't want to quote. Not sure if it's even possible but that would be awesome.
  14. It is almost unbelievable that the woman in this picture was crowned Miss America just a few years ago. She looks more like a cute soccer mom who can't put down the cookies.
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