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  1. Even better than before, thanks all!
  2. I was catching up on some reading in that thread. When I went to the next page I got the error code below. Now the thread looks like it's gone. It's not in "women of curvage" anymore. 😞 2F173/H
  3. Is it just me or does this pic look a little stretched?
  4. I'm not sure if she's what thomas is looking for, but she's perfect! thanks for the link!
  5. As the title says, she is lovely. A pretty girl, big boobs, curvy, has become more conscious about hiding her tiny belly at certain angles. I'm sure she's too skinny for most of you, but I think she's incredibly attractive. I only discovered CB recently, but in that short time she looks to be a little bit softer than a few months ago. Other than bigger boobs I'm sure most of her chatters don't realize her slightly softer features. The only old stuff I've been able to find of her has been her twitter. I love what happens to girls getting into their mid 20's. Anyway, since I'm apparently no good at interneting, was wondering if anyone else out there is a fan or her or has some content, or if anyone could make some comparisons from her published stuff? I've seen her go by X_Lily_X and Lily Adair. Thanks yall!
  6. Do you know why for the past month or so all the newer zip photo sets go to an error page? Can't seem to download any of them since late NOV early DEC. Searched the site all over yesterday and didn't see any links for support. Makes me sad.
  7. ^ if that ain't one of the sexiest damn pics I've ever seen. So freaking hot. It's amazing that she just keeps getting better and better. Wowzas!
  8. Is it just me or does she look different? Maybe it's the hair or the makeup. I dunno. I guess it doesn't matter because she looks absolutely phenomenal!
  9. Good luck, these are the only 2 pics I've seen of her and they've been online for more than 5 years. Probably just a random candid someone posted. Would love to see her now.
  10. Did we really need 8 posts full of pics from the same event? Seems excessive.
  11. Did she really get this fat or is it a fat suit and makeup?
  12. link contains malware virus... be cautious!!!!
  13. looks like a 2012 Extra Special Nuts
  14. Is she done at social glamour? It's been a few weeks since her last update, meanwhile sarah and jennifer have both had multiple updates.
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