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  1. i had an ex that used to smoke all the time. she had serious munchies from doing so too. if you keep her favorite snacks and treats around when she gets the munchies, it's only a matter of time for the weight to pile on. my ex gained probably about 25 lbs in a year without really trying.
  2. i've met up with a couple people from feebee who were relatively local to me. And I had an ex that was willing to explore feederism. Most people just don't talk about their kinks much irl so it's possible there's more of us out there than you'd think.
  3. or learn to love her as she is. another alternative, try talking to her? don't secretly sabotage her weight loss.
  4. not necessarily a "push" to get fat, but definitely a reason in many cases... depression.
  5. shes cute but the name association is a little weird to find any amount of sexual lol
  6. From what I can tell, even if you wanted to stop, I bet you couldn't.
    Already a noticeable difference from her recent return. She definitely conveys a sense of authenticity in her interest to grow more. Excited to see where her journey takes her this time.
  7. yeah that pinch is something else, hehe. looking forward to the rest of your journey!
  8. If I recall correctly this is one of the better views of her backside in this thread. I say more views of that.
  9. I got a fun little story from a party I attended last night (NYE). The party I attended was a sort of underground rave/kink friendly party with music, fire spinning, and drugs run by a local "burning man" affiliated group in my city. Lots of scantily clad women (and men) and large dancefloors both inside and outside of a warehouse-esque space. At one point in the evening, I was looking around just taking in the "sights" when I witnessed (I think) something peculiar. A couple was interacting near the dancefloor, making out a bit and just holding each other close. The girl was particularly curvy and had a similar build/outfit as this, with a belt on the jeans: (screen capture of a lmbb stuffing vid) Possibly a different colored shirt, but that's besides the point. You get the image in your head. Anyway, I was just admiring her for a few seconds when the guy she was with grabbed ahold of the belt and kinda shook her, making her belly/torso jiggle a bit. The girl almost seemed to blush in emarassment. They seemed to say something to one another and then continued to make out. After witnessing this, I built a story in my head that he was teasing her about gaining weight and her outfit being a bit tight. Regardless of whether he was actually her feeder of just admirer of her chub or none of the above, it was an interesting situation to witness. Possible FA interaction out in the wild.
  10. cool guess I'll see how that develops and support her eventually.
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