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  1. these polls were a good idea. great job!
  2. how is it you somehow look MORE like Zooey D with the extra weight? haha. thank you for sharing your curves with us. You look like an absolute delight.
  3. That last pic is great. Glad to see her smile too. She must be enjoying life
  4. amazing! is this a teaser of you doing a bath video? that would be 🤯
  5. stunning before and after. so delighted you have shared your blossoming with us. all your reasons to attempt to control your gain make sense, you don't want it to negatively effect your life, especially if an aspect of your lifestyle you value is being active.
  6. you have a gorgeous figure. really appreciate you and your bf sharing y'a'lls fun!
  7. that last pic is great. they all are. appreciate you sharing
  8. I think I remember stumbling into that subreddit. It was a trip. Pretty morbid. Probably for the best that it doesn't exist anymore.
  9. considering her body is a pretty significant asset to her fame, I'm pretty surprised she never got that fixed. it's be fucky like that for years.
  10. probably an unpopular opinion, I don't think the weight suits her very well. What do I know, I'm just a random dude on the internet. Hope you can get back with her and enjoy this though!
    one of the best vids of this genre out there. lauren is a treasure
  11. She's gorgeous. You're a lucky man. And yes, I think I remember you posting her sometime earlier, glad to have you back! She kinda reminds me of my current gf (have not posted any pics of her yet). She carries her weight similar to your gal, the best kinda of gain IMO. No idea how much my girl weighs but she's definitely smaller than 180. Best of luck to you both and I hope you keep sharing updates with us!
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