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  1. shes cute but the name association is a little weird to find any amount of sexual lol
    Already a noticeable difference from her recent return. She definitely conveys a sense of authenticity in her interest to grow more. Excited to see where her journey takes her this time.
  2. I got a fun little story from a party I attended last night (NYE). The party I attended was a sort of underground rave/kink friendly party with music, fire spinning, and drugs run by a local "burning man" affiliated group in my city. Lots of scantily clad women (and men) and large dancefloors both inside and outside of a warehouse-esque space. At one point in the evening, I was looking around just taking in the "sights" when I witnessed (I think) something peculiar. A couple was interacting near the dancefloor, making out a bit and just holding each other close. The girl was particularly curvy and had a similar build/outfit as this, with a belt on the jeans: (screen capture of a lmbb stuffing vid) Possibly a different colored shirt, but that's besides the point. You get the image in your head. Anyway, I was just admiring her for a few seconds when the guy she was with grabbed ahold of the belt and kinda shook her, making her belly/torso jiggle a bit. The girl almost seemed to blush in emarassment. They seemed to say something to one another and then continued to make out. After witnessing this, I built a story in my head that he was teasing her about gaining weight and her outfit being a bit tight. Regardless of whether he was actually her feeder of just admirer of her chub or none of the above, it was an interesting situation to witness. Possible FA interaction out in the wild.
  3. I also like the idea of short spurts that are agreed upon, even if the weight isn't necessarily permanent. One hang up I always have about this fetish is that I'm an active person and want a partner is also active and values an active lifestyle. That doesn't exactly mesh with being attracted to people who are overweight or attracted to the idea of a formerly fit person gaining a bunch.
    Really dug the role playing and thought annasane's presence in front of the camera was great!
  4. Big Cuties has her listed as retired. No idea why she left but I'm sure her absence here is related.
  5. All I can say is WOW. Amazing! Please keep eating, getting fatter and sharing!

    2 beautiful women being greedy together. I would have liked some interaction between the models, maybe some encouragement or teasing. Overall though it was really fun.
    Would love to hear your voice more. Really liked the video overall though!
  6. Hi...pic looks very  nice:)  I hope you find your head someday!

    1. loppy2154


      Thank You itisreallyme! :)  I bet you are beautiful!

  7. $25 for a 4 minute video is way too much. just something to consider in the future.
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