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    Really dug the role playing and thought annasane's presence in front of the camera was great!
  1. Big Cuties has her listed as retired. No idea why she left but I'm sure her absence here is related.
  2. All I can say is WOW. Amazing! Please keep eating, getting fatter and sharing!

    2 beautiful women being greedy together. I would have liked some interaction between the models, maybe some encouragement or teasing. Overall though it was really fun.
    Would love to hear your voice more. Really liked the video overall though!
  3. Hi...pic looks very  nice:)  I hope you find your head someday!

    1. loppy2154


      Thank You itisreallyme! :)  I bet you are beautiful!

  4. $25 for a 4 minute video is way too much. just something to consider in the future.
  5. Agreed, it doesn't need to be a coming out. At the very least, it should just be a preference one has for a bit of chub on women. No need to be ashamed by what you like. The source of that shame you're feeling is just social/cultural norms. Let it go and just enjoy what you enjoy.
  6. Ya psychological manipulation is definitely the way to go.
  7. Amazing dude. You clearly have her best interests at heart. Start small and slow. There's ways you can make small goals just as exciting as larger goals, especially initially.
  8. Or you its pretty important that a potential partner have a certain body type, don't get into or persue a relationship with someone who doesn't have that body type. My 2 cents.
  9. She has a boyfriend (but they are open obviously), so she isn't necessarily looking for attention from guys again. She has told me that she noticed after gaining that guys were starting to ignore her and less random dudes were approaching her all the time. She actually liked that because she's pretty introverted. As for her looks. Her belly, ass, and thighs have noticeably shrank. She's still well endowed everywhere and there's still plenty to grab a hold of. Her face is noticeably less full. I had a moment the other day when we were hanging out where I noticed that her face is starting to more resemble what it looked like when she was thinner. Honestly, that excited me mostly because I know that she's probably noticed that too and that probably brings her joy. What makes her happy, makes me happy.
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