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  1. A joy to have you back. You look so much bigger. Any thoughts on new videos?
  2. holy fuck she had type 1? how did she manage that while getting so big? I can't imagine...
  3. i thought about seeing her but fuck going to see music indoors with mask mandates and such. She's looking really good though. Those thighs are something else!
    cute video. fattiebaddie seems to really genuinely love her new luscious body and can really put away some food
    Holy cow (haha) what a gain! I'm excited to see what those look like on you when you hit 300
  4. welcome back! i remember seeing you here and there years ago. you were (still are) a legend imo.
  5. itisreallyme


    that's exciting! happy for you both. don't forget to check in with each other often to make sure your both happy with how things progress. like all things related to relationships, communication is key!
  6. hella thiccc. treat her well and pounds will pack on.
  7. appreciate you putting these polls together. it's interesting to see what the community thinks about these things
  8. dude i tried a delta 8 edible the other night that I got at a headshop. I felt like I was gonna die. My heart was racing and my gf who had one too had a panic attack. I'm no noob when it comes to thc, but delta 8 definitely took me for a ride I wasn't expecting.
  9. these polls were a good idea. great job!
  10. how is it you somehow look MORE like Zooey D with the extra weight? haha. thank you for sharing your curves with us. You look like an absolute delight.
  11. That last pic is great. Glad to see her smile too. She must be enjoying life
  12. stunning before and after. so delighted you have shared your blossoming with us. all your reasons to attempt to control your gain make sense, you don't want it to negatively effect your life, especially if an aspect of your lifestyle you value is being active.
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