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  1. Holy fuck. When I started this thread I didn’t expect it to blow up like it has. Yeah life kinda went crazy literally right after I posted the thread. And then it kept being crazy. Though I’m fairly active on this site I don’t usually have a lot of time to sit down and write. So I’m really glad that y’all have kept this thread so alive and even some authors rediscovering their old works. Ill try my hand at it again eventually. But as you know especially now the world is moving pretty fast. So once it slows down I’ll take a crack at it.
  2. I bet you can’t wait for all that chocolate and candy to go on clearance.
  3. Yeah man. Pregnancy can do weird shit to the body. I know a woman who was flat chested her whole life then got pregnant at 24 and BOOM she got 32DD’s out of it, which stayed about the same size after pregnancy. Good thing she had a bit of an ass already to balance it out a bit because going from no tits to big tits with no real time for back muscles to get used to the new center of balance would have probably been hell yeah man pregnancy and the hormones that come with it. They do strange things.
  4. There’s gonna come a day where you may have to special order a certain pair of jeans because a store doesn’t sell your size.
  5. Heys it’s been a while since I posted. I haven’t really been doing much. I just wanted to share some observations I’ve had through the pandemic Ive noticed one of my neighbors has really put on some weight. She would go on runs before but then during quarantine she randomly stopped. Then in like September I saw her again and she had gained probably around 20 pounds. She was walking this time though. And her old workout wear wasn’t fitting the same if you know what I mean. ive seen a lot of that this year. I don’t blame them. With all the gyms being closed fitness is hard. I mean even for people who are doing it for health and not necessarily to be skinny have had a hard time. But still. Watching her walk up the street made me laugh. Like that makes all the “un realistic” weight gain stories/ erotica that people gain really quickly in look a lot more realistic than they usually would. another example is when I go to the grocery store. I see so many people wearing clothes that are tight. I mean yeah before there were a few people but now it’s a large amount. It’s a wild time.
  6. Damn. Santa might scoop you up and make you his new mrs claus looking like that.
  7. Oh shit I just noticed look at the carpet in the back. I wouldn’t have noticed. I hadn’t seen the set before so I didn’t think to check I thought it was new
  8. Damn. This bunny can have my carrot any day. Lord have mercy 🥵. I wish I was young Hugh Hefner, I’d keep you in the mansion and give you all the food your fat ass could eat. Which I can see is increasing by the day
  9. Damn. Sounds like you need someone to destroy your Death Star.
  10. The thought of having all that ass in my hands made me completely hard within seconds
  11. I mean if I was in the gym with you love I’d be fantasizing about doing that and more. If consenting (because fuck sexual harassment and assault) , my hand would be on that ass in seconds.
  12. I love how Mal lurks on her own forum and only talks when she has to. Like when something comes up that if she doesn’t say something it’ll snowball. Something about that makes me laugh a little.
  13. Welp. I’m hard now. God damn you’re incredible.
  14. I was at Officemax the other day and one of the employees was helping a very large woman get a chair. And she asked about the weight limit and he said 275 pounds. She looked at the kid and said “yeah I’m a bit more than that. My fat ass would break that.” and she wasn’t wrong. That ass definitely would have taken that chair out
  15. God what would you weigh by next year? If you kept this pace going? Like you got big quick so You gonna be a wide load I’d imagine with that ass and belly and them titties growing at the speed they are now.
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