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  1. Getting ready for work on just a few hours of sleep is something I should probably get used to. 

  2. I can not say enough about NYC. World class food from every culture, NY pizza and bagels, delis that shame every other deli on the planet, Broadway shows, comedy clubs, museums, sporting events. Chinatown is blocks from Little Italy, so you can load up on pizza and cannoli and waddle to WoHop for all night dumplings. It’s expensive as hell here, but visiting with an agenda and having a good plan makes it doable.
  3. The dogs and I want to know if it’s too early to drink?




  4. It’s Monday morning, I was barely here this weekend and I have hundreds of notifications. Y’all were busy 😂 

    1. Chunky Vixen 73

      Chunky Vixen 73

      Good morning! Happy Monday!! 

  5. I miss this place when I’m not here and yet I’m actually trying to spend less time here. Weird little headspace I’ve crawled myself into. 

  6. Oh man, I grew up the fat kid, and always knew I’d be the fat kid, so I didn’t want to be the smelly kid too. I have been washing and using deodorant and cologne since I could. Can’t be 2 kids. Also, BO is a HUGE turnoff so I’m with you on this. I guess I’m petty 😂. Actually, I’m very petty. Here’s a list of petty reasons: She liked me too much (I’m not that great and she like refused to see my flaws) One girl said, “Hi, how are you?” To everyone in a room. No switching it up on her greetings. In a crowded room, you might hear it 50+ times in an hour. A wedding? Nightmare. Speaking of weddings, I took a friend as a plus one once, and she said she had been waiting for me to ask her out for years, and ** told me at a wedding that I needed to shit or get off the **. I got off the **. One girl was mean to waiters. That was our first AND last date. I have a ton more. Before my wife, and my ex before her, all my dating relationships were short because I’m a whole problem and think everyone else is too.
  7. I think we can all agree that food is love. I hit 275% of my move goal today, rough day. But my wife, who I love with my whole heart wanted ziti. So guess what just went in the oven? 

    Update: I included a photo of the finished dish.



    1. LusciousNichole


      Omg this just made my mouth water 😍

      drop the recipe!!!!🤤

    2. Wishuwerebigger


      It’s really simple:

      canned crushed tomatoes, 24 oz

      Enjoyable red wine, just a splash out of a bottle, rest is for drinking (never cook with anything you wouldn’t drink, and never drink anything you wouldn’t serve if you were trying to impress a date. Life is too short) 

      pound of shredded mozzarella

      box of pasta (1 lb)

      8 oz freshly grated parmigiana

      16 oz ricotta (the better it is, the less water it will have when you open it) 

       large onion

      large pepper

      3 cloves garlic

      olive oil


      like 3 leaves of spinach

      parsley, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper all to taste

      Oil into a bigass sauce pan, medium heat, when it sizzles, onions in, give it a couple minutes, sweat them down, add peppers, good sized knob of butter in, think like 2 tablespoons. Always cook with butter and oil, oil keeps butter from burning, butter keeps oil from smoking. Add garlic. Don’t brown any of this, just soften and sweat. Splash of red wine here to deglaze. Season, and then add tomatoes after everything has a tiny purple tint.  Chop spinach and herbs as small as you can and add, I like the iron and the bitterness it provides but you can pass it up too. Taste as you go, you’re gonna want to lower from its medium heat once it boils to simmer for at least an hour, stirring frequently and seasoning. Taste the whole time. When you get to the 10 minute mark, preheat your oven to 425, then boil water for pasta. Salt the water, just as it boils, not before, you’ll scratch your pots. Pasta water should be briny. Cook pasta for one minute less than it recommended, box says 11, do about 9.5. While pasta cooks, add half your parmigiana, half your mozzarella and all your ricotta to your sauce. When pasta is Al dente, pull a healthy scoop of that pasta water toss it into your cheese sauce, strain the rest. Don’t rinse your pasta. Combine sauce and pasta in tray, cover with remaining cheese and herbs to season the top and throw the whole thing in the oven for 20 minutes. Keep an eye on it, but cook time was EXACTLY 20 minutes in my stupid unreliable electric oven.

    3. LusciousNichole


      Thank you! Can’t wait to make it 🤤❤️

    4. Wishuwerebigger


      LMK what you think. If you’re not big on a chunky sauce like I am, just use a jar of your favorite! 

  8. To all my fellow big people: if you got good knees, be thankful. Holy shit, getting older sucks.

  9. I’m just throwing this out there: St. Patrick’s Day should be a 3 day weekend every year. 

  10. I have barely been here. Hope you’re all doing good and being good to one another! 

  11.  I really and truly fucked my knee up today. Home icing and resting it. I do not give my legs enough credit for never letting me down before. Also, major props to my one functional leg hauling my 340ish pound body around like it ain’t shit. Went up a ladder with one leg and everything. 

    1. German Hotcakes

      German Hotcakes

      That's rough! My left knee sprains every few months. But my right knee has never failed me. I relate to appreciating the good knee! May it never know pain! Heal soon!

  12. Me: kills it at work all the damn time, gets promoted effective 9/1.

    also me: on Curvage, OF, Facebook and texting my friends and family to share the good news while in a zoom meeting with my camera off because everyone else is old as hell and can’t do that or mute themselves

  13. Hope you’re all having an amazing day. Been trying to work on limiting screen time for personal reasons, just know you’re loved, missed, and appreciated. 

  14. We’re all going to miss the baby bump, but it’s not like you can’t get another one. I’m sure we’d all love it if you did. And the Kardashians may have billions and butts, but they also lack your heart and soul.
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