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  1. Right now she’s content to just relax and see where her appetite takes her. For my part, I’ll love and support her no matter what sizes or shapes are in store for her, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fantasize about how amazing she’d look at 300.
  2. Last thing from that set, just to give a sense of the kind of heat she's packing in motion Haha, I don't know if I can say it's wholly "accidental." Maybe the first 20 pounds were, but since then she's been consciously enjoying the perks of a more relaxed lifestyle and the growing body that comes with it. I think she really enjoys how the dynamic of our relationship is shifting now that she outweighs me by 50 pounds and can just kind of effortlessly move me around however she feels like. She was weighing herself every morning for a while there but still eating ravenously and without reservation throughout the workday. She went from having 350 calorie salads for lunch and dinner to polishing off whole pizzas and then immediately going back to the kitchen for dessert. She’ll decide to order Chinese food “for dinner tonight” and then add something to the order “for lunch tomorrow”, which usually means a total of 4 large entrees show up that will all have somehow disappeared by the next morning. She’s just insatiable, and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  3. This was how she emphasized her point that she was “too fat to suck it all in now”. I told her she was just halfway to the six pack she always wanted. This is how her belly looks when she isn’t directing every ounce of will into her abdominal muscles
  4. My girlfriend has put on about 50 pounds since we started dating, with probably the last 30 of those in just the past 6 months. Some of her family came over recently, and they were all taken aback by just how big she’d gotten in that short time. They gave her some good-natured teasing over the fact that she can’t even get up off our couch without first rolling to one side because her gut is too bulky to let her bend forward enough. She’s gained weight so quickly, and working from home has made her so sedentary, that her muscles haven’t been able to keep pace, so now at 230 lbs she legitimately gets pinned down by her own weight in even a slightly reclined seating position. We discovered the other day that she literally cannot get out of our hammock without my assistance to haul her upright. I didn’t expect that sort of thing to start happening for a while yet, and while we agreed that we need to work on her strength, I have to say the experience really got us both going.
  5. Thank you for politely fielding that one. You’re right, playfully transgressing the taboo is part of the appeal in this for both of us, but I also truly cannot comprehend the thinking that would lead someone to call out the use of a word meaning “luxuriously self-indulgent” in a fat fetish forum of all places.
  6. My girlfriend and I have only been dating for a year and a half, but in that time she’s blossomed from a classically curvy hottie into a delicious devotee of self-indulgence. I’ve never fed her or asked her to gain, I’ve just stoked her passion for food by giving her constant encouragement and showering her with enthusiasm for her swelling softness. Her confidence is higher now than its ever been, but she still occasionally struggles with body image issues, so I convinced her to let me post some pictures here, knowing that in doing so she’ll finally have enthusiastic and undeniable proof that there really are a ton of other people out there who find her sexier now than ever before. — Years before I met her, she was fit, trim, and obsessed with maintaining every toned inch of her skinny former high school athlete's physique By the time we met, her passion for food had already filled out her curves in all the right places As our relationship progressed, she started to pay less attention to her fitness goals and even more attention to satisfying her culinary whims. Bike rides and macro tracking gave way to gaming binges and family sized takeout orders. After months of fitful exercise efforts and failed attempts at dieting, she decided to give up on fitness entirely, having finally accepted that I’ve only gotten crazier for her the more she’s given in to her natural instincts: gluttony and self-indulgence. Let her know what you think of her progress, and don’t make me look like an asshole for wanting to try this out!
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