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  1. She stated that jack loves her as she is, she may come round to being confident as she is but till then best to not post stuff here unless it's in a very positive light
  2. Hope she just keeps growing
  3. At what time does she address the weight
    Absolute fat goddess. Your family will be in shock as you balloon even further
  4. My girlfriend has always been a bit chubby but i think she is getting alot fatter, i can feel a bit of a double belly coming on, i dont have any before pictures unfortunately
  5. She is starting to get a double belly
  6. I wasnt there I'm just going off what she said, she can drink ALOT for a girl of her size
  7. We checked her BMI yesterday she's officially overweight
  8. Yesterday she couldn't get her zip on her pants up, she keeps teasing me when I play with her belly saying why are you playing with my fat
  9. Nope she drank like 8 leters of gin in total, 60% without mixers, we're from Newcastle so we can drink alot
  10. She's now starting to get a little double belly, last night she drank 12 thousand calories worth of gin
  11. Today she went back to college and her tutor said she had gained two stone over summer
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