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  1. Forgive my ignorance but what do the ** represent. ?? Your looking huge and flabby in the pyjamas pictures. Such a sexy slobby wife succumbed to endless high calorie eating, decreasing physical activity and a growing double chin. Beautiful!! Do you just smoke ** or tobacco aswell. Anything stronger?
  2. I love a girl with pretty feet and toes ! Especially a sexy wife gaining loads of weight for her feeder. Any chance we can see more of your feet. Pretty painted toes, squashed into strappy sandals? How has your weight gain affected personal care such as pedicures and shaving ☺️??? ❤️
  3. Lovely to see you. I love your little roll of backfat that has formed under your bra band. Your big belly looks lovely and soft. Looking forward to seeing more of you. Best wishes Sam
  4. I would love to hear more about the smoking habit and why you started? How many ciggies do you get through a day now?
  5. Your just amazing and so incredibly fat and sexy. I notice the pretty pink toes. Can we see a close up of them ? Doing your toenails must be a real struggle now??
  6. Wow 😳 that is amazing, is there a story behind the gain?. Your girl looks beautiful and the extra weight really looks good. So soft and flabby.
  7. Wow that looks amazing. How did the do it? And how long did this take?
  8. So amazing to see how she has very happily but accidentally fattened her self up. Super cute Inc her plump pretty painted toes
  9. Your rolls of back fast in that side on pic of you in the bikini 👙 is sensational !! How did you grow such a big bulging floppy belly ???
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