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  1. My wife's the same! Even asks me to I tie or untie for her now
  2. Absolutely stunning! Have you gained since your earlier posts? Certainly looks like it especially arms and bottom!
  3. I have been using curvage for years and posted many pictures. How can I load a short video of my fat belly ?
  4. Wow! What size are your boobs now?! Looks like they have gained their own but of weight or is it just an illusion? You have one impressive cleavage
  5. I have broken quite a few chairs over the years at home but once in public! The high stools are an issue that my wife has problems with. Before I had a car I used buses and trains and quite a few time s had to run for a bus but only if it was a very short distance but even that was hell. I used to end up being so breathless with my lungs hurting so bad, I could barely breath, I could barely talk to ask the fare and spent the rest of the journey gasping for breath and panting for the next half hour or so. Everyone on the bus will be staring at me what's the trying to get my breath back really breathing heavily and sweating loads. My legs and feet would feel like jelly for hours after and being a heavy smoker would set my cough in a fit. It was horrible.
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