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  1. Pretty feet and toes too; can't fault red nails. I like that she often has open toe sandals on.
  2. Hiya I have a number of photos I have stored in the gallery which is fine but I have many more on my profile under attachments that I wish to store in the gallery too ! is their a way of storing these images in the gallery too without having to download each to the local computer and then repost in the gallery? Just want to store all my photos together rather than having them in two separate locations. Thankss
  3. WP_20190724_10_50_37_Pro.thumb.jpg.66869031bf96f69fe914494ca734f122.jpgPut on weight again!  😄 A few photos plus my shocking statistics from a recent weigh in on an in store scale, BMI etc machine. Don't think i will do very well at the Drs tomorrow for my yearly Type two diabetes check up. Almost officially poor levels if body fat! 










  4. Amazing. love her newly developing fat rolls
  5. When your Diabetes has got your left hand constantly tingling because your have been overdoing on junk food, sweets and chocolates all week 😄 Weight up too 

    1. rotwang


      See a doctor immediately.  I'm diabetic also, and the hand tingling is a warning perhaps of something dire. A STROKE, HEART ATTACK, or other calamity is what I'm talking about.  Age does not matter even if you're in your 20s. "A word to the wise is sufficient."


    I love being a 14 stone overweight heavy smoker! Feeling the effect of 24'years of overeating, not exercising and sometimes smoking up to 20 ciggies a day on my fitness or lack of 😄 and screwed up lungs.

  7. you do look amazingly flabby and soft babe. I love the easy your thighs are so big. Certainly looking forward to seeing more of you
  8. love seeing all these gorgeous overweight ladies proudly displaying their fat bodies for us to enjoy. Thank you all

  9. any one here also enjoy watching pretty girls wearing pretty sandals, toe rings and sporting fresh pedicures. As a man I have started getting pedicures myself every few months and love having my toes looking tidy with clear glossy polish.
  10. You are such a sexy and hot fat girl x gorgeous fat belly and beautiful big tits. Your face is pretty. Even your sexy feet and toes excite me ! I would love ❤ to suck your toes babe xx

    1. garythesnail


      You sure know how to talk to a lady.:wub:

    2. DailyDose


      "open bob, send vagene"

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