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  1. I'm quite surprised you haven't told her that you liked her figure prior to her trying to lose weight? Why even consider getting married to someone who doesn't know what your sexual preferences are?
  2. easy just go into account settings and click the link that says delete account.
  3. At 2k followers on your youtube you should be just using adds on that platform and work on growing it for whatever ER/Health/Life content you've been posting on there. Many subs wont enjoy mixed content or "our lifestyle" content even if us FFAs are the superior to normies. You could be posting clips on curvage the commission to curvage is less than other sites and admins are nice. Patreeeon isn't the way to go, regardless had you gotten yourself a partner/feeder back when you were 200lbs you likely wouldn't be in such dire straights, but is what it is.
  4. Well you could do that but it's more fun to fatten up a skinnier girl and have her weight gain be your own trophy so to speak.
  5. Some people are just meek OP seems like it otherwise he'd tell his wife how he really felt about her weight gain. The doc trying to get the father to re-evaluate his kids eating habits is just like me telling a kids parent that their kid shouldn't be jumping head first into the shallow end of the lap pool. Morality has nothing to do with it, if I tell someone something and they don't seem to get it I'll say it once more and leave it be.
  6. -earplugs -you like giving oral congrats lol social blah blah; someone randomly asks you why you do something either tell them to fuck off or straight tell them and if they don't like it tell them to go fuck themselves, friend/family tell them you like the person and then tell them to fuck off if they don't like it. Jesus stares in the street because your athletic o_o yell across the street say wtf you looking at you bro. or just stare them down too.
  7. wtf even if you think she knows you like her gain, you should be honest or at least semi honest that you liked her before when she was soft and that you like her now just the same. Def buy her new clothes, this lifestyle isn't for being cheap if you want her to be eventually fat you need to be able to keep her well fed but also comfy. Although as those above have said some girls well just can't take being fat but you need to try to show her you appreciate her body. You could try some reverse physiology and apologize to her in such a way that you may have had something to do with her gain then follow up with how you enjoyed her figure and do so even more now, but after mentioning whatever you like about her figure you go back and say something along the lines of you hate how she is beating herself up about her weight and that if she really feels like she needs to lose weight you will try not to tempt her to gain anymore. ^ if you apologize and actually seem to mean it (even if its not your fault) its hard for people to be mad at you and actually you may be able to spark her curiosity if you spill the jelly beans on how you like how she has softened up. Lastly (100% unrelated but hear me out) if you have sex use condoms, otherwise you might have to fake a robbery if somethin bad goes wrong.
  8. Might be fun if your not in a long term job otherwise =/
  9. Make sure you got allot of $$$ saved away bro cause kids aren't cheap like at least 200k ea overall per kid.
  10. I just worried because like I've been sent nudes and stuff from my Gf via messages which i then saved on my photos and like yeah I've deleted them but after my friend told me that got worried that like someone would try looking for my deleted pictures and messages. But I guess if you say only cyber forensics analysts can do that stuff then thats probably okay?
  11. I'm going to be selling my Iphone5s on ebay but before I do that I wanted to completely wipe my phone and I mean like not just resets and remove my icloud account. Like actually delete everything. My friend said he took a forensics type class and that there are programs that can recover deleted messages/photos/passwords/other stuff from like iphones even if the stuff has been deleted but like I'm not in the law enforcement and so idk how I would do that. Does anyone know any programs I could buy or places I could go to have my iphone actually wiped so then people can't retrieve my deleted data? and I don't mean this either
  12. Tbh numbers and sizes don't really mean too much, so if she goes above a size 12 well then that's fine. As you get older your preferences will change and in all likelihood size 12 girls will be too skinny for you. But I'm sure you will like the way she will look regardless
  13. Honestly this doesn't seem fair to you, I've been with a girl like that who hated herself for being chubby not even fat. It doesn't work out in the end tbh, your better off leaving her and just nicely saying sorry things didn't work out. There are plenty of fat/chubby girls whom I've met who enjoy their tummy being touched and even a few skinny girls have been whiling to gain weight only to find out that they actually liked some of their softer parts in the end. But before you leave her, figure out where you will be staying prior otherwise could be very awkward.
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