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  1. Exciting to hear! She seems to make her peace with her fat body, slowly, step by step. Crossing the dreaded 200 pound mark without freaking out or loosing her appetite (and humor) is great news. Mentioning matter-of-factly the intent to give up clothes because "they are never going to fit again" is just another sign of coming to grips with reality. Contemplating a third child to justify her fat body is even a way of planning her future as a fat girl! By the way, I second your idea of your wife gaining a bit more during the holiday season to get a few more pounds under her belt, so to speak, and establish 200 lbs as the new floor. Lucky guy! Keep her happy and thanks for sharing!
  2. At long last she seems to relax a bit and even rediscovers the pleasure of indulgence. Good news! May she stick to her mashed potato diet for a long time!
  3. Ah, see, while she is trying to watch her diet, patience and a hands-off approach is the best you can do. Once the diet is over provide opportunities. Usually works best. Thanks for updating!
  4. Great news! Back on chips, her defenses crumbling. Looks like your assiduous work over last few years is finally starting to pay off!
  5. Great prospects, lucky dude! And who knows: she might well come to like herself curvier once settling into the post-wedding, married-wife lifestyle.
  6. Nice story. She doesn't seem too obsessed with being skinny, but rather relaxed weight-wise and accepting of your preference. Chances are, she is up for a big future, once you're married and all. Meanwhile, if my math is correct, there is still about a year of happily indulging. In other words, those 6 months of toning up won't tone things up as much as intended. 😀 Keep us posted!
  7. You sure that scale is correct? 226 sounds a bit off. She might be scared off for naught and her "diet" completely superfluous!
  8. Well as far as I am concerned, I'm interested in anything you are willing to share!
  9. She might not be thrilled by the prospect of filling her closet with a larger size, but getting her act together and facing her ghosts can be quite liberating. Besides, comfortable clothes do have their benefits. If you succeed in keeping her spirits at least halfway up to ameliorate her shopping experience, she'll be making her peace all the sooner. Her appetite seems to be alive and well, at least! Oh, and there IS some enticing magic in the combination of food and sex...
  10. Well, you know your wife better than I do, for sure. But to me this looks like a woman in desperate need of fitting clothes, who finally resigns to order jeans a size up. Her continuing indulgence (getting up at night to devour a sizeable piece of pie) attests to this assumption.
  11. Not that I'd be complaining if you posted pics, but I'm perfectly fine reading your updates. Thanks for sharing! Hope her diet fizzles soon, though.
  12. Just chiming in to thank you for the regular updates. Makes for a fascinating, continuing read! Besides... is her diet officially off?
  13. Has she mentioned any New Year's diet intentions? I mean, technically she is still below the dreaded 200 lbs mark, so there is no immediate need. But you never know with women... In case she does not feel motivated to slim down some, 2019 could truly shape up interesting!
  14. So hot! Your lady has turned into a dedicated foodie already. 😀 Just for reference: Any idea how many calories she has consumed this weekend?
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