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  1. This is really hot. Love your updates! Any idea how much she gained recently?
  2. Love your updates! Also, your wife seems totally at ease exploring her newfound indulging lifestyle.
  3. Kudos! You are definitively handling this well by introducing her slowly to her new lifestyle. She seems to be getting truly comfortable! Providing her with ample opportunities to indulge while respecting her own decisions and making her feel special is the way to go. There is no better basis for a sustainable gain. Thanks for posting, and keep us updated!
  4. Great new, man. Congrats! Keep us posted!
  5. Those new pants don't look particularly roomy. The next size upgrade might not be too far ahead! 😀
  6. Congrats, man, on the healthy child and your beautiful, voluptuous wife! Does she keep indulging or has she cut back? Anyway, keep the house well stocked with her favourite snacks, but it seems you're in no need of advice in that department. 😉
  7. Thanks for the update! You've handled this very well, obviously, and built your lady a comfortable nest. This and being patient usually pays off best. If you care to elaborate on her very substantial, albeit unintentional, gain over a relatively short span of years, starting so skinny and all... Well, I guess I wouldn't be the only one interested! Does she comment on it? How does she take outgrowing clothes? Anyway, keep us posted!
  8. Exciting to hear! She seems to make her peace with her fat body, slowly, step by step. Crossing the dreaded 200 pound mark without freaking out or loosing her appetite (and humor) is great news. Mentioning matter-of-factly the intent to give up clothes because "they are never going to fit again" is just another sign of coming to grips with reality. Contemplating a third child to justify her fat body is even a way of planning her future as a fat girl! By the way, I second your idea of your wife gaining a bit more during the holiday season to get a few more pounds under her belt, so to speak, and establish 200 lbs as the new floor. Lucky guy! Keep her happy and thanks for sharing!
  9. At long last she seems to relax a bit and even rediscovers the pleasure of indulgence. Good news! May she stick to her mashed potato diet for a long time!
  10. Ah, see, while she is trying to watch her diet, patience and a hands-off approach is the best you can do. Once the diet is over provide opportunities. Usually works best. Thanks for updating!
  11. Well, I don't know whether she's gained weight recently. What I do know is: she is looking gorgeous! That glorious, soft belly of hers is to die for. Not to mention those thighs. Matched by impressive boobage. Keep spoiling her, and, if advisable, keep her off the scale!
  12. You look so happy and comfortable being a fatty! Fantastic progress. You've grown such a cute round belly! Very much appreciate your update!
  13. Thanks for updating. And congrats to your beautiful lady for still being on track! Take your time!
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