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  1. Man, glad you're back. And even more so, glad to hear that all is well. Thoroughly missed your updates. I like the thought of Lady O's ingrained fat girl lifestyle. Sounds pretty much perfect. Please keep us posted from time to time!
  2. Wow! Your curvy body gets all the praise - and rightly so. Just want to add, your face is so damn pretty, too!
  3. Wow, your girlfriend is looking gorgeous! She has gained noticably over the recent months. Great ass, cute belly! You two should do more vacations...😉 Having outright told her that you are really into her curvier body will boost her confidence and (kinda) asking her to get even thicker might prove to be rewarding eventually. And bigly! Even if she didn't jump on in right away (unlikely anyway) that suggestion will likely work its slow magic by implicitly giving her permission to indulge, taking off any pressure to adhere to society's beauty standards, and consequentially diminishing any motivation to properly change her habits and loose weight. Just make sure she doesn't run out of clothes. That is important. Oh, and I support the idea of her going back to the gym. Will keep her happy, healthy and hungry. Win-win-win!
  4. Wow, what a body! And what a fantastic display of backfat! Bet you love sinking your hands in it. And look at that poor bra! Desperately clinging to its last notch...😀
  5. I like the idea of still viewing a skimpy bikini as appropriate beach/pool-wear for a chubby girl. Is it self-confidence or denial? Anyway, looking mighty hot. The thought of your girlfriend pigging out on vacation - because, well, that's what you're supposed to do on vacation, right? - and her growing ass eventually eating those blue bikini bottoms towards the end of your trip is quite intriguing! BTW, did the general Christmas indulgence manifest itself in additional curvyness on your girl's body? Oh. And thanks for providing these exquisite updates!
  6. Thanks a lot for updating us on your wife's journey. Truly missed your posts and glad to hear all is well. More than well, actually: pretty much perfect! Has her attitude towards her weight(gain) changed over the last year? Kind of normalized being a big girl? From what you tell, she at least seems to have developed some typical fat girl eating habits - without showing much apprehension, self-consciousness or restraint. Very promising, indeed! Oh, and like the idea of her hitting the gym occasionally. Great appetite enhancer, keeps her curves, and gives her a boost mentally. Win-win-win! Lucky guy!
  7. Man, her work colleagues are right: she truly has a perfect bubble butt! Hope she doesn't mind if it keeps growing even bubblier! Thanks for updating.
  8. Great update, man. Oh, and great BOOBS! What's her indulgence level these days? Already in holiday mode? Still on her shakes?
  9. I for one love your updates. Nothing better than a natural feedee discovering her true self and giving in to the magic of indulgence!
  10. What's her weight these days? Back in April when you started this thread you wrote she was about 210. She has put on some noticeable pounds since then. And smiling so happily. Great work, man!
  11. Haha, I was just about to emphatically suggest new clothes! There is hardly anything more supportive of a steady, uninterrupted gain than comfy clothes. Keeps your girlfriend happy, relaxed - and diets away. It's worth noting that she herself finally took the step to start upsizing her wardrobe. This is no small feat psychologically. It basically means admittance that continuously trying to stuff herself into too tight pants is a farce that leads nowhere. All in all a big first step towards a bigger future. Though she is most likely completely oblivious of that path ... 😉
  12. Wow, great update! Any idea how much she's put on recently? The way she's been eating, her gain must be getting noticeable by now. Keep the snacks coming, man, so she doesn't fall dry. And please keep us folks here posted!
  13. Wow. No doubt, lady O is a true fatty now! Which leads to a tricky question: How comes? Stepping back a bit: About 4 years ago, if I get this right, she hit her than all-time high of close to 220 pounds. Somehow, though, she found the motivation to loose about 25 lbs. Plus, she managed to exert quite a bit of discipline keeping her eating habits in check. For several years, from what you shared, she hovered around 200 lbs for most of the time, or somewhere in 190s. Until recently. Then, somehow, inside lady O a switch got turned from diet on + indulgence off to diet off + indulgence on. Which led to her blowing up ever since. Why? Any idea? Would be great if you could give some colour! Kinda like outa thin air, six months ago, she got hooked on those cream shakes and hopped on the burger-fries-pizza-taco-24/7-train with no exit in sight! Doubtlessly, your lady is perfectly aware of what's happening. All those new tiger stripes on her belly don't lie. Yet, she seems too complacent to put up a fight, even a half-assed one. Instead: "I want Burger King!" Wearing that white dress while shopping! Showing off her rolls for all the world to see. And that new big, soft belly of hers. (Man, what a sight!) Exclusively wearing comfy, stretchy clothes and huge panties that look capable of accommodating a dozen+ more pounds. Kinda preparing for the inevitable future gain. I mean, this makes all of us curvage pervs here very happy, and you most of all, obviously 😉, but I am still wondering what caused that switch to switch?! Is it the recognition - derived from years of her own futile attempts - that diets don't work anyway and are not worth the hassle? The lure of laziness, comfort and indulgence? The acceptance, or resignation rather, that she is going to get seriously fat anyway? The certitude that, being married to an FA, she will never loose attractiveness in her husband's eyes by gaining more weight? So, might as well give in?! What caused this sudden U-turn in her attitude? Oh. And those BOOBS! I mean, her belly usually takes center stage, grabs the most attention. But THOSE BOOBS ARE A PRIME ASSET! Make sure, she knows! Thanks for sharing!
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