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  1. Tonight Doudrop was seen at a be a star event (making her return look a lot more inevitable) Ignore the obnoxious marker marks. It was an event filled with kids and nobody wants to see that on curvage. Anyway, doesn’t she just still look huge? I’m so excited for the rumble now! Expect more pics to drop as they get released. This event literally just happened within the hour so things will most likely come out over the next 24 hours
  2. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Gigi’s thiccer than a snicker and a highlight of NXT
  3. Big enough to the point where her body causes someone’s back to give out when trying to do a lifting spot with her. Or they just botch her elimination and get eliminated instead
  4. A mere 2 days away from the return of Doudrop Screw the name debate, I just want to see her in nice revealing gear and looking as big if not bigger than usual
  5. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Her belly isn’t even hanging over in the slightest
  6. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Oh yeah liv is definitely thiccer than Bayley..
  7. I wish I want her to get the most attention possible though. Better be be dominating in the rumble, and possibly being a main roster champ sometime down the line, then being on the developmental show. Even if she gets a tag run out of it
  8. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Bayley has definitely packed on weight. Any NXT vs present day comparison is hot just from that alone. But she’s not like huge or anything. She’s big enough to where nobody is gonna say she’s skinny. But she’s not exactly even on say Nikkita’s level who’s 10-15lbs away from being considered a lower sized BBW. I’d still say Bayley is probably around 155lbs by this point. Thin enough to look small with the right angles, but thicc enough to look big compared to a skinny person
  9. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    I don't think Liv is a pound over 130. She's a slim girl who's just not that toned
  10. I’d be satisfied if Kaitlyn Marie stayed around this size. Thinner than she was but still sort of big
  11. I swear if her return is being KLR’s partner tonight I will be pissed. She better not get demoted
  12. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Imo Liv is pretty thin. Bayley definitely has a good 20lbs on Liv and I’d still consider Bayley to be a thin-ish woman
  13. New Doudrop selfie Hope Doudrop returns at the Rumble. Whether in the female one or pulling a Nia and going in the male one..preferably both. Would love to see her throw some women out and just dominate.
  14. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Bayley isn’t really that big, but this stomach comparison between Dakota and Bayley really showcases how big Bayley is. She’s probably the biggest thin woman they got
  15. BlubberyGut

    Female wrestlers

    Harlow has got to be too big at this point to share a thread with Liv Morgan. Great pic btw thanks for sharing
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