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  1. run run to see my discounts on baby videos for black Friday!  thanks for your support me 

  2. ok I have two ideas!  eat 3 puddings custards fritters at my Thanksgiving dinner until I am full without being able to move or eat many milkshakes and fill with coke and mints?  What do you prefer Please help me b

    1. Caroline2305


      and in other news hehe!  run to see how I prefer food again


  3. run to see my new video! I did it with all the love thank you for supporting me with that I will continue to eat more and more
  4. Hi my loves!  I already uploaded the new video!  The one they asked me so much to do exercise hahaha but I gave up and ended up eating my cookie snack 🍪 I'm definitely a very gluttonous pig

  5. It was so shaking for me to do sit-ups or jump aha I definitely ended up eating my cookies with yogurt before bed! no more exercise and I better lie down to keep getting fat is what I really love


  6. today I went out to dinner haha my favorite plan



  7. lying here like the lazy pig that I am eating and resting, are you ready for my next video?  I am editing it will be wow!  while running and watching my other videos


  8. soon I will upload my new video dripping all over my body with nutella and chocolate while I eat a big pudding filling my belly to the limit!

  9. have you seen my new video?  go see me eating a lot with my friends

  10. this is the video I was hoping to record days ago! I got together with my friends and we cooked a lot of fast food! filling our mouths and eating really fast was so much fun


  11. Hello!  My loves today I have a new video for you, are you ready?

    1. bonscott


      could you do an exercise video in some tight clothes?

    2. Caroline2305


      Of course !

    3. bonscott


      That would be awesome watching you jiggle and struggle to do some basic exercises would be hot af

    4. Caroline2305


      Of course ! I already published my exercise video love just wait a few hours while it gets approved

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