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  1. Does anyone know her name? She's a professional model I'd think
  2. Wow, it really shows how absurd this whole BMI thing is. Not only overweight, but even obese! This girl is pure beauty an femininity. And given that she's for sure close to the 200lbs by now she is in the weight range of a solid obesity. What a stupid shit! The weight perfectly fits her and she's the proof that a girl should at least be overweight and never worry to get a bit obese as it's just the perfect weight...
  3. baroquerubens@yahoo.com

    Down in New Orleans

    Big Beautiful Bride
  4. baroquerubens@yahoo.com

    Down in New Orleans

    Big enough for a town girl's outfit
  5. baroquerubens@yahoo.com

    Down in New Orleans

    Learning from the urban lifestyle
  6. baroquerubens@yahoo.com

    Down in New Orleans

    Skinny Girl comes to Town
  7. baroquerubens@yahoo.com

    Down in New Orleans

    I really liked the sequence with it's cute style so I did some small story out of it; calling the heroine Olivia. She's a young girl from from the countryside, learning to know the urban lifestyle and getting fat in town... I hope the artist will not mind me using his pictures.
  8. baroquerubens@yahoo.com


    What's the trick about it?
  9. The filenames are clearly from FF site. Does anybody know her name or have een more of her?
  10. Question to all lovers of Weight Gain Stories written in German: Does anyone still have Schlaraffine's story 'Leibesdiener' Her website is gone and I didn't save any of the great storys? You can send them to [email protected] :thumbsup:
  11. Would be so happy to have some of her pics from 2002-2003 [email protected] THANKS! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  12. Yes, Please! I'd be really happy :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  13. Thanks so far!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  14. Anybody knows who she is?