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  1. Does she make videos similar to the quality as she did before? Loved her stuffing videos. Seems you can't get a full view of her like before
  2. Has there been any updates? Has she gotten even thicker
  3. I may have jumped the gun, still looking it up, but so far so good
  4. I think I may have a lead Season 1, Episode 6 Kibbles & GritsNOVEMBER 18, 2001 Jeremiah stops making his special chocolate pudding cake after he sees a woman he used to date who has gained weight. Meanwhile, Clay gets a date, Royce has a fling with an attractive dog-walker and Michelle starts to bond with Eric's pooch, Betsy. Jeremiah: Bill Bellamy. Clay: Daniel Pino. Royce: Mike Damus.
  5. Where is this from? And where can I find more??
  6. I'm debating on subscribing, does anyone know how often she's planning to post a month?
  7. Yes she has, you can find it on her c4s. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/106888/16746176/carmen-lafox-the-fattest-cheerleader
  8. Could it be true!??!! She's back!!! 😃 She just released two new videos and she's fatter than ever AND to top it off........She's pregnant!!! 😛 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/58963/muffinmaid/
  9. @Carmen Lafox With all the shutdowns and closings, at a time like this. We could really use a glimpse of what's in store for us to cheer up the mood lol
  10. Wow! Just when I thought this day couldn't be better, we just got blessed of a shout from Carmen. I can not wait to see what's in store. Best of wishes and hope your studies are going well Anticipating your next update. Hope you're still as FAT when you left us OR bigger than ever before ❤️
  11. Will 2020 start off with a major comeback from the one and only...
  12. Could this be true? Am I dreaming? Tay, it would be truly incredible if you returned
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