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  1. Paparazzi what the fuck are you doing? Go out there and get those money shots
  2. I wish there were a lot more candid pics of her out and about with the belly peeking out if her shirt, outfits clinging on to dear life trying not to burst out of their seam
  3. I hope she's talking about chunky peanut butter. She's thick, but she can go and get a lot thicker and should
  4. By far your greatest clip yet! As usual you keep outdoing your last set and increasingly with each pound looking more ravishing and beautiful Looking forward to see the results of those shakes in the near future
  5. This is going to be very good...really good
  6. Is there more parts like this in the movie? As well are there any videos or episodes, movies or scenes with this kind of stuff?
  7. wow, i know im not the first one to mention this, but she's incredible hot. Anything more? Especially progression pics would definitely turn this legendary.
  8. Forget stones lad, I know she'll easily pack boulders 😁
  9. I would love nothing more than to see get pregnant and this time let go and the pounds pile on. Unfortunately sucks that she can't due to health reasons. What has she even been up to lately? You don't really see her around much anymore, I miss those bikini and booty candids
  10. Shar never ceases to amaze me! Each posts and new videos are gold, pure gold! Keep downing those shakes and satisfy your hunger and every cravings
  11. https://twitter.com/SophiaRoseBBW?lang=en Once she hits 1k followers, we'll have a new paysite to go to. Came across this link. Is it true that she is making a comeback and will open a new video store once she hits a certain amount of followers? I can't believe she's returned if this is all true. She's always been considered short but really sweet. Didn't put too much content out but whenever she did it'd amazing. I hope she makes a return and comes back and becomes bigger than ever before and more than what she'd imagine.
  12. https://fantasyfeeder.com/videos/album?userId=313566
  13. IvannaEattaLott on FF
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