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  1. Hope you haven’t stopped gaining SC!   You have some awesome videos.  Hope everything is ok with you.   Hopefully you’ll post again with some nice gains!

    1. Bombers20


      Yes, I couldn't agree more!

  2. We miss you so much!

  3. If you were to release photos of you between 110 and 120 pounds, I would love to become a full on member

  4. Hey, this is so sexy! You started out very beautiful of course, and every video since you just look more and more amazing. I have to say, I’ve been turned on by the idea of this for a long, long time... BUT you’re the first girl who has turned the fantasy into a reality in exactly the right way. And I mean that!  I’m a newbie on here, so Curvage unfortunately won’t let me send a direct private message yet... I figured I’d send you one this way! Feel free to direct message me back if you can, or whatever’s best. Are you looking for a feeder, or an “encourager,” by the way? Literally, I’ve always dreamed of a beautiful fit, thin, blonde, athletic girl knowingly and purposefully gaining weight, turning herself on in the process, as her once skinny figure grows and gives in to all her desires.... Seeing her, from the very beginning, explore the result of every single new calorie as it turns to new fat. I’ve especially always been a “boob guy,” haha... So your videos are just THAT much better. Hope to hear back!


  5. In this follow-up to my last video, I’m in bed wearing lingerie after realizing that none of my clothes fit my growing body. Even though I already stuffed myself with thousands of calories at dinner, I treat myself to some dessert and then become so aroused by my soft, stuffed, fattened body that I begin touching myself all over and exploring the changes to my body. This is your chance to see how it has grown so far…I have new side rolls, visible cellulite on my legs and sides, and my breasts have gone up a full cup size and can barely fit into my bra. Even my face is fuller. After realizing what a pig I’m becoming, I decide to rub some lotion all over my round belly to avoid the stretch marks that I know are an inevitability. Because with all of your encouragement, it’s only a matter of time before I’m much, much fatter…


  6. Working on filming Part 2 of my latest clip tonight! Thanks to all of your encouragement, I've gotten noticeably bigger since I filmed Part 1 😉








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    2. Bruno49


      Joey Tribbiani Flirt GIF


    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Fantastic. You are looking so cute and sexy.

    4. V8_DJ


      OMG, how have I only just found you, wow 

    5. Scandinavian_Curves


      @fattony20 Hard to believe but true, there was a little over a week between filming the two and I just can't seem to stop eating...

    6. Expanditor


      See that just makes me more impatient to see this next part now😅

    7. SVegan


      I love your new sections of the body.

  7. @ExpanditorThat's a great idea, thanks for the suggestion! It's tough for me to speak freely in my house at the moment since I have a bunch of roommates, but I'm thinking of renting out a hotel room so I have the freedom to tell you all exactly how big I've been getting and how much bigger I plan to get 😉
  8. I truly can’t stop stuffing myself with fattening food and it shows. The pounds are showing up everywhere—my jiggling, cellulite covered thighs, my bulging gut, my gigantic breasts. In this narrative style clip, my friends invite me out for beers. I lie, telling them I’m eating a quick salad, and instead stuff my face with thousands of calories worth of fast food. When it comes time to get ready to go, I realize that not a single one of my cute outfits fits over my stuffed, overfed body. I try on a few different options, each one showcasing my gain, and then finally give up once I rip my pants. I decide that a fat girl belongs in bed with brownies, and so instead of joining my friends, I lie in bed in lingerie and continue to stuff my face.


  9. Been stuffing myself for days...can you tell?


    1. pgtip00


      That's a very nice little squishy belly you're building there.

    2. Scott12


      So lovely 😊 keep it up! 

    3. Bruno49


      Episode 1 Applause GIF by Friends

      Great Job! Excited to see you keep growing 🤩

    4. Toonmaster1996


      Looking amazing!

    5. virgoseyes


      very nice! would you want to see a morph of this one?!

  10. Posted my first clip late last night, and I'm genuinely so overwhelmed by how supportive and encouraging everyone has been since then! I can honestly say I've been walking around with a smile on my face all day after reading your reviews, comments, and messages. 

    If you haven't checked out my first ever clip yet, please do! It features stuffing, exploring my new curves with lotion, and trying on (and ripping) an old pair of jeans. I think we can all agree that I have a long way to go before I'm as big as I'd like to be, so all $ earned will be spent on a week long fast food binge leading up to filming my next clip ; )






    1. ForTheLoveOfThickWomen


      Yes. The clip was awesome, and you are gorgeous. 

      And that’s the best way to sum it up. 

      Excited to follow your content! 

    2. buck_sumo


      A fast food binge sounds like the perfect use of funds. Will definitely have to check this video out.

    3. SVegan


      Very sexy 😍

  11. Lately I've put on weight, and people can't believe it--this formerly athletic, size 00 girl is finally letting herself go. In this multi-angle video you can see I'm still skinny, but you can also see a hint that beneath that slim exterior is a fat girl just waiting to come out. For the first time in my life, I can grab a handful of my stomach, my thighs are covered in cellulite, and my B cup boobs have grown into D cups. This clip is an exploration of my newly emerging curves, but also a starting point to look back on when I'm over 200 pounds. Watch as I finish a two person pasta dinner complete with Coke and peanut butter cake. Then I rub my soft, bloated belly with lotion and grab my newly grown love handles. Since I'm completely stuffed, I lie down and give myself a belly and boob rub. Lastly, I try on a pair of size 2 jeans that I can barely pull up over my chubby thighs and fat ass. At one point, you can hear the seams ripping--my fattened body is too much for my pants to handle. I can't wait to rewatch this clip when I'm officially an obese girl...I hope you'll decide to follow along on this journey with me!


  12. Hi everyone! I recently became a Curvage model and I'm so excited to share my gaining journey with you. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to get bigger. I think that women with curves are so beautiful and sensual, and my traditionally attractive, fit, super-skinny body never satisfied me. Unfortunately, gaining doesn't come easy for me---throughout my life I've always fluctuated between 100 and 110 pounds. Any additional pounds took A LOT of extra effort, and they'd always come off quickly. At least until the past year, when I was able to put on ten pounds. Since then, I've added another five. Now that I know I'm finally capable of gaining, I'm not stopping. I've been eating thousands of extra calories a day, and I'm determined to finally reach my goal of becoming a fat girl. I can honestly say that gaining this weight has been one of the hottest experiences of my life--I've outgrown and ripped so many pairs of pants, and I constantly feel my stuffed belly bulging over my waistband. I have a noticeable double chin when I look down, and my thighs rub when I walk. I've been trying to stuff myself into my old size 00/0/2 jeans, despite now being a size 8/10. I know that to others, I'm still traditionally skinny; but believe me when I say that as a former size 00, this weight makes an enormous difference. I've never not been the skinniest girl in the room, and now I'm the girl with the round belly sticking out farther than everyone else's. I'm the girl who used to be a B cup and is now a D cup. I'm the girl with undeniably thick thighs who can't stop stuffing herself like a pig every single day. I'm here because I want to have fun, turn you all on, and turn myself on. I've watched countless BBWs grow over the years on sites like FF and Curvage, and now it's my turn to join them. It's genuinely an honor and a HUGE turn on to share my content with you. I filmed my first clip that I'll be dropping soon--it includes a stuffing, rubbing lotion all over my body, and trying on a pair of too-small jeans. I hope you're not disappointed by the fact that I'm not a true fat girl yet, but I can guarantee that I'll get there very soon, and I really believe that half the fun is watching a tiny fit girl give in to her gluttony and become an obese pig over time. I hope you'll join in and witness the transformation!
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