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  1. Some people use iCloud to backup their stuff, some use Google Drive or DropBox, some use an external harddrive. @John Smith just puts everything on Curvage lol! XD XD
  2. i like it but it's also kinda sad. she probably got depressed and couldn't do her singing/ modeling jobs anymore there. in japan it's really strict. i like it but i'm sad imagaging what she would have to go through.
  3. Might wanna take care of the bathroom mold love. So it doesn't harm your health.
  4. definitely hotter. haters be like she's too skinny. she's too fat. i'd say she's hotter in 2019 than 2016.
  5. Incredible gain. Holyshit she's smoking hot.
  6. She should just stop hiding her tiny pooch under those high waisted. Just wear a low waisted jeans and let those tiny pooch jiggle and spill over the jeans!!!!
  7. i agree. i perfer her at a much lower weight when she was still insecured lol.
  8. Looks more like a competitive eating or beer pong team decided to try working out for a day. Haha those pudges.
  9. She protecc. She's atack. She's also getting fat.
  10. christ. to be her current body and weight is absolutely perfect. i wish she doesn't gain more but i'm sure i'm in the minority on this one. a bit chubby is just the most attractive to me.
  11. she went from a slim fit ballet freshman girl to a thicc beer drinking late night burger taco munching college junior. ❤️
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