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  1. lovecurvefat

    Mackenzie Dern

    1. She's quite cute and hot for a fighter. Her along with Ronda Rousey my favorite. Both happen to be quite soft at a certain point in time as well. 2. It's understandable to miss the weight by a pound or two. But over seven pound sounds kinda intentional and ridiculous.
  2. Almost back where she started lol. TBH I prefer her at a lighter weight (which was still "plus size" mind you)
  3. lovecurvefat

    Justine Legault

    Well she's Legaultly hot! It's her face that really makes everything even better.
  4. lovecurvefat

    Priyanka Chopra, Indian Movie Star

    she is absolutely stunning
  5. lovecurvefat

    Meghan Trainor

    Trainor forgot to work out with her Trainer... 🙄🙄🙄 Eyerolls I know I'm lame. Lol This one is not thatttttt bad though. Love, thanks.
  6. lovecurvefat

    Danielle Gibson

    1. Seems like a naturally skinny, small-boned girl who had been skinny most of her life until she let herself go after marriage. 2. Belongs in the skinny legs, arms, and fat belly thread too haha. 3. Definitely hasn't borrow her husband's trainer and nutritionist. 4. My favorite body type is this skinny-fat body ❤️
  7. lovecurvefat

    Lauren Jauregui

    Damn her boyfriend looks horrible
  8. lovecurvefat

    Angela Simmons

    well, someone hasn't worked out in a while ❤️
  9. lovecurvefat

    Tana Mongeau

    i'm actually a professional photographer. she definitely photoshopped a shit ton before. you could see clearly at the waist. she didn't do a good job at photoshopping. but also i think she probably gained as well. i dont think her photoshop skill was good enough to make her 50lbs lighter. maybe 25lbs and better proportion, but not hide that much weight.
  10. lovecurvefat

    Cuban Doll

    Definitely a little cute party belly
  11. lovecurvefat

    Rachel Bloom - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" TV show

    She has such a decadent body I would do her so hard
  12. lovecurvefat

    Mads Pettis

    she sure gained a little. and pretty hot. but still pretty slim (except her boobs lol which is probably fake?)
  13. lovecurvefat

    Amanda Pflugrad NBA reporter

    i wonder if her increased weight makes her look much older, or she's actually quite a bit older. so many potential 'titles' or 'analogies' 20 vs 28 before vs after single vs in a relationship haha. cute though. she's like those hot chick in college who's left herself go and got soft. ❤️
  14. lovecurvefat

    My long sims4 weight gain story

    surprisingly nice! keep the chubbier pictures coming!
  15. lovecurvefat

    Regiane Alves - Brazilian Actress.

    brazillian women are thicc!