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  1. Wow, I don't know if it's the angle or if you've piled on a ton during this visit, but you look way fatter than last time you posted. The way that dress is bunched up between the various balls of lard that make up your figure now... it looks like it should have gone down to your knees, but instead 🥵 And that band of fat along your jaw line has really packed it on too, as have your cheeks. You're starting to get that round, slightly squinty fatty face, and your double chin is prominent even looking straight ahead.
  2. Now the question is: does Torrid have a maximum size, and are you going to have to some day stop going there?
  3. Your boobs look like when a little kid puts water balloons in their shirt... I think you're finally too fat for them to keep their perk: they've finally finished the slow (well, not that slow... can you believe you did this in a year and a half?) transformation into swinging udders, just settling in and absolutely filling up any top you wear. It really helps make all your outfits look even more incredible on you.
  4. Sometimes I think you work as hard at being a giant obese blob as you used to work at being a slender, toned hottie. Only instead of pushing yourself through that extra hour of yoga or whatever exercise you used to do, now you just push yourself through that extra pie. Of course, this work is probably a bit more enjoyable. "Do what you love, never work a day" etc.
  5. Wow, that is barely hanging on by the middle couple of buttons. You are looking massively pregnant, almost spherical. And those sleeves look like they're getting tight too!
  6. You're on dating apps? Man, if I was single I'd be setting my location to LA hoping for a match! 😛
  7. Even in a plus size dress your stomach is still pushing out the fabric, with the outline of your navel clear.
  8. She's got to be made of mostly cellulite by this point. God, Ellie, I don't know your exact weight/gain amount, but you've gotta be like 30-40% lard at this point. Just think, when you hit 51% you'll be literally more fat than woman.
  9. Quite a change! Got any pics from between? I always enjoy seeing progressions.
  10. Oh, I don't doubt you'll pass beyond the 8s in short order. You've obviously filled all the extra space in there, judging by how much fat, soft Ellie spills out the second you unzip them (another thing I fantasize about seeing: that little flop of your overfed belly coming free). If it's getting hard to keep buying new clothes, maybe you need to just buy a few sizes up next time. Sure, you'll look a little silly wearing 14s cinched up to stay on your size 10 hips -- or at least size 10 fat area where hips are buried -- but imagine the shock everyone will feel when they realize that you're planning for this (though maybe a couple who knew you before will briefly wonder if you lost weight back toward what they remember as normal), and then later, wow hasn't it only been like a couple months since that girl's clothes were all loose? How did they all turn tight so quickly? And imagine the thrill when you first manage gain/eat until you feel your stuffed gut push against that new size! (wish I could cheer you on and bring you additional helpings as you hit that goal)
  11. I appreciate that you call your old self "mini". The new you is really sinking in! It's an incredible transformation, and it's been a privilege to watch it finally fully and completely happen. And if gives me warm fuzzy feelings when I read how pleased you are with the whole thing.
  12. Sounds like "talked into" is rather overstating it then, eh? More like seizing any excuse to overdo it even further. But of course you know exactly how much food it takes to just drag you into unconsciousness under a huge pile of oily calories. You probably repeat that test regularly... and I'm sure the amount is higher every time. I doubt it'll be too long before you can finish another meal like that, and keep going. You're going to wake up fatter every single day, and soon you'll do your little ritual with these size L clothes, before putting on your day-to-day XLs that you used to think of as basically tents back before you let go.
  13. Impressive you can still stand up to take a butt photo after a big dinner, a pre-dinner meal, and a post-dinner dessert. Not too long ago that would have been so much food it would incapacitate you. Wonder how much food I’d have to feed you now before you couldn’t even get up off the couch? And I think I speak for the thread when I say we’d get you a better camera just to watch your jiggly bouncing waddle show off your total lack of tone. I’d love to see that flabby dimpled ass bounce around as you attempt to do something vaguely athletic and realize the fat is weighing you down way too hard.
  14. My favorite thing to hear. 😍 And since I know you definitely mean all the way to capacity, it's even hotter to think you're training yourself so that "capacity" is a little more every time.
  15. That thigh touch is getting closer and closer to going all the way down! Wonder how long until you have to waddle because your legs chafe if you try to swing them straight forward past the other. At least there's plenty of space to put a tray of snacks. Which are probably just extra meals at this point. Those frappucinos you're sucking down like water have enough calories to be a light lunch for someone who hasn't embraced their future as a glutton. And that gut! Unbelievably doughy and shapeless, spreading over your legs, expanding into bigger and bigger rolls. It's really starting to pile up in the front: you're going to have a double belly soon. If you really want to feel your lard move, go home and do a jumping jack naked in the mirror. (at this point one is probably enough to tire you out, otherwise I'd say more) I can only imagine how much bouncing, jiggling, flying around there's going to be all over your body.
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