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  1. Definitely feeling sick now... the doctor prescribed me "MORE" to help with the symptoms. Know where I can get any of that...?
  2. The next three chapters post-New Years have been uploaded!
  3. Thanks! Yes and no. There are tricks to getting consistent looks, but it also usually takes many iterations and then picking ones that look best. For example I generate dozens of images per comic page and then go through batches of them to find ones that look similar enough. The analogy I've used before is it's kind of like being a photographer taking maybe hundreds of photos and then sifting through to pick a few and editing those to finally present. Hope that makes sense!
  4. Simply gorgeous! And welcome Also you have very inviting eyes. Hope to see and hear a lot more from you to come!
  5. Simply radiant! You look like you exhude confidence in yourself which is magnetic, and attractive. Could I ask what got you started on your journey in this side of things a couple years back?
  6. A bit older now but the last two chapters around New Years! I haven't had time to get working on the next bits yet but hoping to this weekend finally.
  7. After seeing this and your recent shake drinking video, you look like you've gotten so big that I'm SHOCKED to hear you say you still fit your old swimsuits! I think we might need to see a try-on video as proof and evidence... When you look up the definition of "THICK" in the dictionary, these pictures of you come up. Unbelievably sexy how round, thick, curvy and FAT you're becoming. Always stay hungry and greedy for more. > : D
  8. Damn. I was noticing just how soft, round, and tantalizing your arms are getting now too as you lifted that jug. You've got amazing genes and really a body BUILT for roundness and gaining. Unbelievably sexy. Keep it up, and can't wait for the vid 😘
  9. You have an infectious smile and personality, I can't wait to see more of you, in every sense of the word!
  10. I've completed two more chapters over on my DeviantArt page and wanted to update here as well! Our heroine, Abby, has been eating nonstop over the holidays...
  11. SO HOT!! 🤩 You really know how to dress your bulging curves just so perfectly, it's so tantalizing and perfect. I'd love nothing more than to carefully relieve that tightly packed stomach by letting that button loose and giving that deserving belly a firm and thorough massage. Hope you're able to satisfy your incredible appetite over christmas! Can't wait to see how much more winter weight the season can gift you
  12. @CutieDonut lovely shot of you on the train! Striped sweaters with bellies poking through are a severe weakness of mine... Pregnant with a food baby--you'll be looking nine-months and really ready to pop soon Also wanted to say thanks for awarding me top fan of the week, I'm honoured!! Is there anything I need to claim/do? I tried looking through the thread history for other weeks but didn't find anything besides announcing--should we DM you? 🙂
    The one and only Shake Queen returns with her signature series and this instalment does not disappoint! Some great alluring angles, sexy fat chat, and some serious growth that you won't want to miss--if you've seen her previous shake videos your jaw will drop at her transformation since her last outings. Don't miss this one!
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