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  1. @Duke321 I never do this, but who is this?! excuse my ignorance.
  2. You're still looking pretty and well-fed. But you need to feed that body!
  3. Congratulations! And I'm glad it's working out for you. She is beautiful!
  4. And we have missed you! The weight is looking amazing, as you always do.
  5. I'd gladly look forward to anything with you and your sexy body and smile!
  6. Wow....Miss Daytona is gorgeous. She is so incredible looking. Those hips and everything! And that jiggle when she walks.
  7. I'm excited for every update! And I hope she has a well recovery, but her sitting around for a few weeks sounds good. This girl can eat! and wears it so well.
  8. Shadow14


    I think she should totally use Clips4Sale. It works fairly well i think. and i'm really glad she is back. her dailymotion is still frequent for me. i hope she still does videos kinda like that and not the somewhat trashy always-naked ones. that's my opinion.
  9. I've got that exercise video of her and its a pretty good one. I The only thing is, I expected her to talk a bit more about her weight and size in it more. She is so pretty, though, and carries her weight well. And she doesn't really do any really dirty videos, so she still has respect.
  10. I returned to this thread several times today, hoping to see more photos or videos. I'm glad she is back. And, from what I put together from comments and stuff before her old account was deleted, she and Cheyenne aren't friends anymore. Or at least as close. I do hope Summer and her are though. She was always my favorite of the three for sure. I didn't mean that to sound in a creepy way. She always seemed cool and I thought she was the most sttractive. Also, I like that fb comment above. I hope there is more of those.
  11. You're really pretty and have a great body. I was hoping for a few more body shots though.
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