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  1. I been curious about this for awhile now, can visa gift cards be used to purchase videos and other content for sale here? I've been debating on getting a gift card or going through the headache of getting a reloadable debit. Also is sales tax a thing I need to factor for the online purchases on here?
  2. Decided this was worth updating at least one more time. With information she has started hitting the gym again posting snippets to insta. part of this ride was fine while it lasted for now, we'll se where things end up come the holidays.
  3. You can try that archive data based site we can't mention.
  4. Not the best of doing caps, tried my hand at it though.
  5. Update time, it starts getting good when she dances to her song for a bit. Note watch the video in the vertical position.
  6. It's easy to ignore when they're in the background, it's just when stuff gets posted and they're in the front or part of the focus things start getting awkward. I usually don't cry about it that much. Better safe than sorry.
  7. The persistent use of kids in the vids make it feel like it should be removed.
  8. She was told about us and thinks we're a shaming site. Also she opened up about why she gained weight; it's best no one starts any new threads.
  9. Tbh I think she will go on that one diet she was on before, it was more than a fast than a diet where she didn't eat anything for two weeks probably longer.
  10. I'm not terribly surprised, she used to play for her high school basketball team if wiki is to be believed. You guys should see Laurens tiktok vid with her sis.
  11. I have a couple ideas but the tamest and least dark is like a spoiled princess video.
  12. Gave it a quick thought, how about a stuffing with the number one combo of every brand fast food place so we can try and get it to number one video on curvage? Also there's a Viking reacting to one of your vids on YouTube.
  13. Anyone follow her on the channel awsome twich? Does she do face cams?
  14. What made you decide to migrate over here? If you don't mind me asking if you can say?
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