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  1. I haven't checked in with you guys in awhile! I currently weigh 246lbs. Only 24 lbs away from my goal weight ?
  2. No that's me? Hahaha. Left and picture on the right is in the same bathroom.
  3. I have an old thread called, "Falling in love with my chubby belly!" I made a timeline of three photos from 130-210 I believe. I can't remember. But it's on there
  4. I have an old thread called, "Falling in love with my chubby belly!" Where some old pics/gifs reside there
  5. Yes! My favorite place to shop is Target. But now an XXL won't even fit me. My XXL winter coat won't even zip! I get lucky sometimes with the stretchy and flowy shirts there. Pants? I just wearing leggings I hate pants haha.
  6. My progress! Mid July - 2 weeks ago I threw in a booty pic. Enjoy my loves xoxo (last pic is Mid-July)
  7. Hey everyone! I've missed you all! College has been kicking my ass. All my weight is gravitating towards my thighs and ass. But, I don't see a problem in that one bit. I've been gaining like crazy!! My diet consists of fast food and cookies. A lot of McDonalds and Chipotle. My updated weight is 236! I have some progress pictures if anyone would like to see. Let me know xoxo Naomi Measurements: Ass: 53 Inches Belly: 52 inches Waist: 47 inches Breast: 48 inches
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